FAMILY UnulSundayZ

I Gerry Cotile‘s Circus BellahoUston Park. Glasgow. Info: 227 4880((‘treater Glasgow Tourist Information). Fri 5pm. 7.30pm: Sat 2pm. 5pm: Sun 3pm. £8 £7 £6 (children £6 £5 £4). Thrills and spills under the Big Top with the Witney family on horseback. Kashmir the tiger. clowns Brum. Rum and Marie and a llama called Dudley.

FESTIVALS Until Tuesday 4

I Rosiov-On-Don Week. Glasgow. See paneL

I Dalalaika Music And Dance Ensemble Henry Wood Hall (Fri 30. 7.30pm). George Square Beer Garden (Sat 1. 12.30pm; Mon 3. 12.30pm). Princes Square (Sat 1.3pm; Sun 2.3.30pm). Kelvin Hall (Sun 2. 1pm). Theatre Royal (Mon 3. 7.30pm. £5 £3). Banqueting 1 tall. City Chambers (Tue 4. 12.30pm). All free except Theatre Royal as shown. lnfo: 227 4157. Wild times with fifteen Cossacks. twangling balalaikas. wheevling by an squeezeboxes and maybe just a wee dod of vodka.


I Soviet Trade Seminar City Chambers. George Square. 227 4-172. 9.30ant—4.30pm. Free. by prior arrangement with Glasgow Chamberof Commerce. George Square. 204 2121. A continuation of discussions to examine prospects of trade with the Soviet Union.

Tuesday 4

I Koniakty- Contacts McCance Lecture Theatre One (Strathclyde University). 16 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2912. 9.30am—12.15pm12—4pm. Admission by free ticket. bookable by calling the above number. An open forum to discuss recent developments in society. the Economy. culture and education in the post-permrmika Soviet Union.


I Edinburgh Bisexual Group: Newcomers' Night Lesbian And Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 557 3620. 8pm. Free. Regularfirst-of-the-month session. which welcomes new members and pays them special attention.

Thursday 13

I Edinburgh Bisexual Group: The Economics


r _k‘;y~

OK, who's heard at Rostov-on-Don? Well, it's a major industrial and administrative centre about 300 miles south-east at Moscow, situated (surprisingly enough) on the banks at the River Don, and it's also one at Glasgow‘s iour twin cities.

Trade links between Glasgow and Rostov have been established overthe past liiteen or so years, and will be enlarged upon at business seminars during the "Rosiov-on-Don Events in Glasgow' week, Thurs 29—Wed 5. But the week's main purpose is to encourage cultural and social links.

Rostov is the artistic heart at south-east Russia, containing theatres, classical music ensembles, museums and a rather staggering 400

t . -. , a 7 . u a. v ‘1 r. '1 " y

libraries. Accordingly, there is a broad-based programme or exhibitions and perlormances, lrom costume and photographic displays at Kelvingrove Art Gallery, to music, film gymnastics and Cossack dancing (see Listings sections) at venues throughout the city. With the twinning’s future in mind, children’s participation is also encouraged, with an exhibition of books and drawings, and cartoon shows.

80 forget the load queues, the Stalinist purges and the icy Siberian wastes in Doctor Zhivago - when glasnost comes to George Square, when the balalaika boys get going and the vodka starts llowlng, we might just find a dancestep or two in common.

oi Sexuality Lesbian And Gay Centre. 58a Broughton Street. Edinburgh. 557 3620. 8pm. Free. Open discussion on who buys the condoms and other. weightier matters.

Wednesday 28

I Launch at Edinburgh Paper Recycling Scheme City Chambers. High Street. Edinburgh. 225 2424. 9.45am. Free. Very good to see EDC getting its act together on paper recycling. which can save substantial numbers of trees and generate profits and employment. How long until GDC follow suit‘? Paper Banks (which operate like Bottle Banks) can be found at twenty sites around Edinburgh. as follows: Safeway. Cramond Road South. Piershill Terrace. Maybury Drive. Glasgow Road; Scotmid. South Queensferry. Chesser: Wm Low. Boswall Parkway: Wester Hailes Community Education and Shopping Centres; Asda. The Jewel; Magnet & Southern. Brunswick Road: Ainslie Park Leisure Centre; Edinburgh University. Potter Row; Kirkliston Library. Station Road; Drummond Community Education Centre: Curriehill Primary School; Slateford Heritage Centre; Dump Sitesat Fillyside Road. Old Dalkeith Road and Braehead Quarry. Corstorphine.

HEALTH Monday 12

I Herbal Medicine For Your Kitchen Cupboard Body And Soul Bookshop. 52 Hamilton Place. Edinburgh. 226 3066. 7-9pm. Free. A guide to the medicinal qualities of household herbs. led by Dee Atkinson. consultant medicinal Herbalist at Napicr‘s Dispensary.


I Walkman-Guided Garden Tours Royal

Botanic Gardens. lnverlieth. Edinburgh. 552 7171. Available 10am-5pm Mon—Sat; 11am—5pm Sun. from foyer of greenhouses. £1(50p).

Saturday 1

I Mountain Bike Ride Starts and endsJohn Menzies. Bridge Road. Colinton. Edinburgh. Info: 346 2685. 10am. Free. Bring sandwiches. puncture repair kit and durable calfmuscles. . .

Sunday 2

I Kite Flying llolyrood Park. Edinburgh. Info: 447 6985. 2pm—5pm. Free. With stunt kite display and competition and parachuting bears (honest!). with an invitation to bring your own participating bear. Paul Carline of Wind Things presides.

Sunday 9

I From Little Acorns. . . Mugdock Country Park. Craigallian Road. Near Milngavie. Glasgow. 9566100. 2—3.30pm. Free. A guided walk in the Park. with special attention paid to the wide variety oftrees to be seen.

OPEN EXTRA Friday 30, Saturdayl

I Billy Graham Live By Satellite St Silas Church. Park Road: St David‘s Church. Boreland Drive; Eastwood High School. Capelrig Road;Shaw1ands Academy. Moss Side Road; Findlay Memorial Church. St George's Cross. Glasgow. Info: 423 0742. 7.45pm. Free. The international Southern States evangelist to end all international Southern States evangelists addresses a live audience at Earl's Court. London. but is available through the technology that brought you the World Cup from Mexico to a wider congregation throughout the UK. Trained counsellors on hand to deal with the fire he will ignite in your soul. This man is on a mission from God . . .

W or @351“



Aerobatics, Parachutists

RAF Harrier, Tornado

WW2 Dogfight Spitfire/Me109 & much, much more.

Sponsored by the Walker Group and Westerwood Management Ltd

in association with 'The Scotsman'


10.00am -5.30pm

Please (adult £3.5 )

+ tickets (child £2.00) Total £ .... Cheques made payable to Cumbernauld Airshow and send to Airshow Office, Cumbernauld House Cumbernauld G67 3JH Tel 0236 721155 Name .

Address ................ ............. ........... ..

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