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DEDICATED MUSICIANS To form slcuz) . jazz} group ; DEPI ITE DIRECTOR CO-ORDINATOR with twice to match for“ i . o _ pnmmcqml} “mun-l“ U The Glasgow international Jazz Festival is now firml ()\Cr-lnn.llctng_U\ (ml) r establishedasoneofthepremieriazzeventsinEurope.and


will play a major part in Glasgow's celebrations as Box N097/E/1.

European City ol‘Culture in 1990.

Tbe_l-‘estival Coordinator will fulfill a key role in the continuing development of the Festival. working closely Withthe Director on all aspects ol‘programme planning and co—ordination. and assuming major responsibility for all administrative and financial matters.

We are looking for an experienced and self-motivated arts administratorca ableoftacklingthischallcngingpostwith

' to assist in the management of one I of Scotland's fastest IActors.musicians.technicians growing charities.

etc wanted l'or Socialist theatre company Phone U434 (“H.425

i Experience / ablllly to supervise staff and broad I experience 0! training others in the field of HIV /

AIDS and drugs. JOB WANTED H I Ca, Dnver. Salary {12.000 approx a high degreeo efficiency and enthusuiasm. Although a

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andcxpcricnccd in l Comp'e‘ed apphca‘w” returned by 7‘“ JU'Y- advantage. a sound background in arts administration is administration and clerical For apphcm’on form phone 031‘557 3885. mm'mponam'

.. .4 , . .. , a . - - . A full job description will be available for short-listed ““"‘"F'“”“i" "“"‘.>‘““"“" ' . Fm ","O'md' enqu'r'es coma“ candidates.andinterviews will be beldinthe third weekol illlilIHIL‘QIIllllllti.L‘illlllgilllti ' Brmn I)cvhn or Maureen Moore. “I” A “muons in 'flun‘. '“h a m" CV ‘0: Ah. t'iiiiipgisximiiitcIiiitllrc.\cck\ l . .. . d Stanbri ge. Festival Director. Glasgow International Jan

rc\\;ll'dlni_'cmplinmc‘nl. f . 7 h” '5. a {0'3 Vertisemem’ Festival. 46 Royal Exchange Square. Glasgow 61 3AR. by Box‘NognE/z Prewous applications are being processed. hjupy,

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For Sale: Desirable apartments in one of Edinburgh’s busiest streets.


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