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We wish to congratulate the Nicaraguan people on the Tenth Anniversary of their Revolution. -

We applaud the advances made in education and health care and regret that such vital work has been cruelly undermined by US. funded Contra aggression; aggression which was ruled in violation of international law by the World Court. '

We recognise the grief and sense of loss inflicted on thousands of ordinary people by the war and we condemn the U.S. blockade and the lack of economic aid from much of the international community.

We regret that our own government has failed to recognise that there have

. been genuine improvements in the livesof poor people in Nicaragua since

the overthrow «of the dictator, Somoza. The elections to be held next year will give foreign governments the chance to see for themselves the g - democratic processes taking place in Nicaragua and we hope that the'U.K.‘

will take the opportunity to send observers. ~

. .We look forward to a deeper friendship between Scotland and Nicaragua. ' ., When President Ortega visited Scotland in May he said; "Scotland‘has ~ '

alWays supported Nicaragua",- Wepledge to continue the WOrk‘of building this support and look forward to another ten years of co-operation between .

the people of Nicaragua and the people of Scotland.


. g It is important for our government to aware of the above letter. Please write to- : Howe and Chris Patten, at the House'of Commons, London, SW1, and also write to yc'iur local _ MP-andMEP. * - '

If you are interested in becoming-involved in Central American support work, get in touch with the organisations below: '

SEAD; Campaign Coffee; Scottish War on Want, 266 Clyde Street,

Glasgow 01 .

_ , Oxfam in Scotland,

. .36 Palmerston Place, ' ' - Edinburgh Solidarity Campaign: " c/o 25 Nicholson Square,

Scottish Medical Aid for. ' Edinburgh '

Nicaragua, 23/25 Elmbank Street, Glasgow _

West of Scotland Central America Network,

PO Box 18,


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Britain Cuba Resource Centre, c/o. Maclntosh,

7 RoSlynv-Terrace,


Justice and Peace h. c/o 112 Oxgangs Bank, Edinburgh , .