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Gun. Glasgow Mayfair. Sunday16. Gun arethatrarity onthe Glasgow scene. a band who have been signed to a major Iabelonthe strength oftheirtalentasa hard rock band. rather than a group playing attractive chart-orientated pop. In one form or another Gun has existed since1985. and were signedto A&M aftera great deal of persistence. as singerMark Rankin explains:

‘Initially wefound itdilticultlor people to take us seriously. because we weren‘tanotherpop bandfrom Glasgow. and there have been so many successful pop bands. A lot of A&R people didn'twantto know whatwe were doing. because itwas guitar-based rock. We spent a lot of timetryingto convincethese people thatwhatwe were doingwas morethan just heavy rock. We kept working away. we kept making demos. we kept going backtoallthecompaniesthathad rejected us. and eventually it just seemedto change.‘

With around 21 dates supporting with Texas and another24 ontheirfirst headliningtour. they‘ve made upfor thetime spentwriting songs and sitting throughproducerslookingforthe right one. ataskwhichtookafairamountof time.

lntheendtheyrecorded athome in Glasgow with Kenny MacDonald. who had producedtheiroriginal demos. and they're ‘very happy' with the end result. 'Taking On The World' isasolid. unpretentious LP. and in many ways a more satisfying listenthanthisyear's debuts by Texas and The Silencers. in thatGun succeed in doingwhatthey set outto. and don'tover-reach

themselves. Certainly they have a stronger sense of melody than out-and-out hard rock bands usually thinkis necessary.

‘I think we're just an honest hand. there is no glamourous image there. Really the thing that matters most to us is our songs. All the songs are written on acoustic guitar and vocals. they're just simple songs. and that's the way we class ourselves. as just a guitar band.

‘I think there hasn't been an internationally successful band with a rock feel to come out of Glasgow since Alex Harvey. Maybe with the exception of Simple Minds. who we really admire. They've managed to cross over. which we think is great. But with the exception of them there hasn't been a genuine rock band to come out of Glasgow. We'd like to break down that barrier.’



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INightlifeislisted asadiary.firstbyday (inthis section each otthetwoparticular days ofthefortnightaretreatedasone).then by city andthen byvenue. SpecialClub nights arelistedundertheirclubname Iollowed bytheirvenue. Aseparatevenue listlollowsthediarylistings. withaddresses andphone numbers. NBln orderto beas accurate as possible. only those discos able to confirmtheirprices and days arelistedin lhediary.Thevenuelistmaybeconsultedfor more nightlife location3~bulcheckwith venue. Please send information tendays betorepublication.

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“Is the second summer of love nigh?‘ is the question iD magazine is asking in the currentissue. There is already evidence ofthe smileycraze resurfacing in the South of England. but will it make it up North again? Probably not. especially if the Environmental Health Board have anything to do with it. They have recently closedtwo ofthe best venues —the Sub Club and Tin Pan Alley. Both should be opening up again sometime around October. but in the meantime Glasgowistwo much needed venues short and manyclubs are now withouta home.

The onlypartieswho seemtobe benefitingoutofthiswholefiascoare The Choice and Fury Murrys who both nowhavea monopolyonthe whole ‘trendy' market forthe lucrative summer period. Fury Murrys have already uppedthe admissionforColors by $31 (mind you they've reintroduced the wonderful halfprice Long Island Iced Teas!) and poached Blackmarket and Hustle from the Sub Club for Thursdays and Sundays respectively andtheTuesdaygaynightJoJosfrom Tin Pan Alleylnow originallyrenamed Jasons). Addedtothis Iotisa new Mondaynightclubcalled Freewheelin‘ which is advertising everythingfrom Iggy Pop to Blondie and REM. Another new Monday club is opening (you can tell it's summerwhen clubs start opening on a Monday night!) at The Choice called Club Salsa. Colin Barr will be yourhostas usual and he'll be playingthe bestin world music. Just thethingforthose hotsummernights! (Colin Steven)

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