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I Sport is listed as diary: by Sport. then by day. than by event.

ATHLETICS ' Friday 21—Saturday 22

IScotrailSeniorChampionships t51111111111111S1111rtsS1.1tl111:11.( 1111.1.7i1‘w11tt l\’~.11l.1;e.11l’atkheau (illsguy “11:1:

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11.11111e1i\ eye 111s

CRICKET .' Saturday 15

I One Day International. Scotland v AUSIrallallannltwnt11'11111 \\l1e11ll1l1e111..11.'s;'1.1ll1ee11tz.

.\111l\(1111.1111.1.111esentettSewtlantinfiia \alVyes'. [11111111. :1:.11111.1;'.111:st \11ts.s'::1'e

.11 the end 111 la111e. lte ‘11'1.1:1:e 11:; 11: =1



111111l1le111le111.1111111.1l1st111111111‘1.1ll.1:.15 s11:11 Se11ttS111gt 1,111.11” \‘su '31.1ts11‘..1111s1111‘11111ls1'111 1123.. Stem \‘1.1111'3:, \11s11.1l1.1 s111::11:1:l11:111 l11:'l.1111l1,(1111.111.l1 1:1


11:1:11s1111311s e111ket 111l .111e.1sl‘11:.z 11:13 .1311ls'. 3111.11 111111111111'11111111l1te:.:ie111111.:1;1...'l.z~ 1111ss1‘1le111-[1.11111111111111] .1\l11l\1‘111i. lltl‘s‘ 1.111s \l11".ll1l 111'! llal‘S 1:111 'eatil 111111l1 1111111111' 1.111 111.11 \111111111111ee :11ana1'edtalasewyy l{.11:.'11sl 1

RYDEN EAST LEAGUE ICuparvKirkcaldyl111111 121:1»..1 ~11 I “111111

IStenhousemuirvRoyal High 13:. 1:: -'.. la1l1e11l “111:1: IWatsonianstarlton111.:1-151 1 ls’wad. l'1l111111111'l1. IEdinburghAcadstreuchie l1 1.v-~:1:1. l’laee.Stuekl‘ztdee.l1111,?1'1r1'ltfl “11:11 I Herlotstrange 1 1111111 11 11 ;1~ 11:1. 311-112. R1111.l 1l111t111reltfl 111:1: STODDARTCOUNTY CHAMPIONSHIP IWestLothianvStrathmore County l1111'l1.1ll.l111l11l11'11‘.1_T11111

I Fileshire vAyrshire \111\.111.- l’ 1:-, l)11111e1111l111e.111111



I Dundee HSFPv Kirkcaldyl1.111:11:.11.- .v\1l1111.1tl1 l\’11.111. I 1.11111;\ 11111:

I ClydesdalevPerthshire County 11111111111 l1eat1111 l\’11.11‘.. 11l.1\;11\1 11111. IAberdeenshirevPoloc\1.11.:;111111:. .v\l1e11lee11.11111.

I Uddingston vWestolScotland 11. .




111i11‘.'st1: .1 :1.

Saturday 22

HALL WESTERN UNION I Clydesdale v Uddingston 111-11 Ile‘ttlilll l\)1‘.11l.

I Ferguslie vAyr \le'tkle'! l,'~_'\ l’.11sl_'

1.1.1s.1111.1..i 911:1.

I ITI‘ltt IWestotScotlandeelburne11.1:12111111. (IIL‘SEK'III.l’k'k'l\llee'l.Itl.1\.'t"1‘-.l i\1‘.11

IDrumpelliervKilmarnockl .1li:'l111111, (11.1tl1111lf;e.l l\11111 IGreenockvPoloc1111-111x11 11:1<rua;e Stteet.(11een11el1. 51:1. RYDEN EAST LEAGUE

I Grange v Stenhousemuir 11,1. -1


MGIAREA CHAMPIONSHIP. SEMI-FINAL l I Central v Strathclyde West 1 he 1 11st.

l .1Il‘1'll 11:11'Y11'l1l'. W111: ll1e111l1e1 sentt111:.1l_l1et\1ee1t\11rtl1a111l 111 l.1l\e 1‘laee «111. the illth .11 \111es11le1 11l1111111‘. l\’11.11f.l d111l11111:h


l111111111t1':. 11‘11'11

I Royal Higthirkcaldy 1115151 I Race Days laestlax. 111113.111 ma

l 3.17:” 1:.‘:' “1111 \1111115111 S?1.1‘.111eldS1.11?1.1:11.l<11tl1e1ulen IWatsonianstupaerusin. 1 111:111111: 1111.111 111.1s_-.11.~1 111.~;.>1;.-1.1::.1.~e11111.. lx‘t 1'. l1i11.=‘;;t.'::.. “11:1. lileMl 11. 7:11 .1 ltz'ats 1.1.1 .1111I If 11,1“I IFreuchtevHeriots l' 1' 11. 1‘1». 1:. :1...1. satiny. 111- .111. 11111111;11\11.11

I111 “1111:. 1111.4111351113111.11 1‘11111S.11:111i.11\ ICarltonvEdinburghAcads lye l’ 1:;11-111 s11z1s11 ' <111~:1:

11:1;_.l 11l111 1

llfli. ' 31001111111 counry CHAMPIONSHIP Ed'nburg IAyrshirevWestLothian 131111.11 I Race Daysl m] m.

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1:11 t11eet111;'s.1 '-\e'1'l\. 111‘.

Falkland Palace. Royal Tennis Falkland Palace RoyalTennis Court.

450th Anniversary Tournament. Mon 1010 Sun 16. Falkland Palace. File.

Openingtimesvary. Forexample. on Sat15.the Palace and garden willbe opentothe publiclr0n12pm. andthe courtlrom 4pm.

There are abou130 Royalor'real' tennis courtsinthe world. andthe one at the Falkland Palace in File is widely recognisedto betheoldest. Builttor KingJamesVin1539. itcelebratesits 45Uth anniversary this year. and to markthe occasion. a week-long internationaltournamenthasbeen organised. involving 24 amateurteams trom Scotland. England. Australia. the USA. France and elsewhere. plus eight professionals who will be competing in theirowninvitation singles eventon Sunday16. Scotland will be represented byteamslrom Falkland Palaceitsellandlromthe Sun Courtin Troon.the only otherRoyalTennis courtinthe country. On Sa115. lurther regal interestwill be provided byHRH Prince Edwardwho will be attending the amateurlinals. presenting trophies. openinganew. permanent exhibition andtaking partinadoubles match ortwo.

As wellasbeingthe oldestcourt and the most northerly. Falkland is unique inbeingthe only open aircourtinthe Palace andgardensthemselves are worldandtheonlyremainingexample wellworthavisit.(MikeWilson)

The more populardesign. the ‘jeu dedans'. is synonymous with younger courts. such asthose builtinthe 19th century. when the sport enjoyed a briel revitalisation intortunes. ltisbelievedthatRoyalTennis originated in medieval France and reached Scotland belore England. thanks tothe AuldAlliance. The peculiararray olbuttresses. sloping roots and wall alcoves which adorna court serve notonlyto complicate playingthe game butalso scoring points. Unlike moderntennis. the physicalsurrounds canbe usedto divert the course of the ball. and in some cases extra points can be gained by strikingthe ball againstcertainparts olthe court. Thisgivesrisetothe suggestionthatRoyalTennis is ‘a combination ollawntennis. squash. cricketand chess.

Masochists will beturtherdelighted to learn that the game is played on llagstones. with a solid ball (which can pickupspeed as itbounces ottthe walls). using a racket with a small. asymetrical head.

Underthe aegis olthe NationalTrust. the Falkland Palace courthas been recently renovated. and of course the

ol the ‘jeu quarre' style 01 construction.

l'hursday . l’i'iday and Saturday.

l’1111derl1all Stadium. Beay e1‘l1all Road. l‘d1nl111111l1 There are ten raeest II 1111 Saturday 1 111 eaeh 111ee1111u. s1att1neat T..‘11l11n1l" 1511111 Saturday 1.

GOLF Thursday 20—Sunday 23

IThe 118th Open Championship Rnyal 'l’r1111n. .'\y'l\ltllL'. Rail l1nl11s 11'illl1e 1111e1ate1l1111111(ilas111111.l’r‘es1111el11and 11the1 areas. 111th I111seste11'11111; passe11ee1‘st1111n1l1estati11n111the1g11ll e11u1se .-\d1111ss111n 1111ees 1111 the praetiee days are: Sunday LI. \l11111lay L11; luesday U1;\\e1lnes1l;11 {11 'l'l1e1111ee1111aday 111‘ke'1 d111 1111; the ehan111111nsl1111 isil l. 1yl11lea HS seas11n11eke1111ll111‘111'1deentry 1111111 Sunday 111 Sunday \\ 1th the l1nks e11111se at l'11111n 111'1111d1111; the se'tt111111111 tl11syea1”sl11111sl1()11e11.p;111111ts yyill he es11ee1ally lseen 111see Sandy I y'lepIek l111nselt 1111 1111111 the d11ld1'111ns and make s11111es111t11lse1'11111s ehallenge111thee1'ent 11l11eh he 111111 at Sand111eh 111 1085 and 11l11el111as 111111 last yeai at R11yal l.ytl1am andS1;\11ne‘sl1_1Se1el1alleste111s.llayinu 111e111att11ely .1l1and11ned the IS 11111111.

[.1 le has 1eae1ed I11 seeI111111pi11l1al1|y 11111 1nuehad11ee111al11d111e1111111e1‘pereeiy'ed 11111l1le111s 1111l1l11s \1’111111. l)1s1111l111111ly . his 11111s1reeentsueeess a e11111se 1'ee111‘dl1ut 1111 t1‘11phy 111 the (X11111lls l11sh ( )11en e111l1ed111e'111111ies111th11seuntanked

play e1 s 11 I111 lead ( )11en 111111'na111ents after the 111st 111111111 11nly 111 tall .111 ay as they tail 111s11s1aintl1e11‘111111al111111e111s. \Vhenthe ()pen 11as last staged at 'l'11111n. 111 l‘lSZ. an .1\111e11e;111. lt11l1('l.111111e11.sped111111a 5-s1111lse lead alte1 3(1h11les.1111h .111"an1l 1111.111111 1111e1111na“Sand”?andl11sethe 11111111a1nentl1y -1sl1111s. \\'1tl1.\'iekl'.1ld11 thteatenin}; 111s1s eep the l111at'd elean this 1ea1 l 1le needs 1111111d1he s1111 111 1111111 11l11el11111nl11n11l1e l'S .\las1e1s 111 PISS. 1les1111e heinu l111nlse1ed at the lhth

Thursday 13

I Hamilton Park l’111tl111 ell R11a1l. llain1lt11n. l asy aeeess l11 the MS. MW a11d.-\'71 ('lul1 tlll.11addi1el1 L4 5” 111.11ld11el11 e11neess111ns .11ailal1lel ll11s e1en1n_~a111ee11n1:.k1el11111!11tt att1 ~1511111. signals the start 111 an estensty e 111ne1a1y 111 1.1ee 111eet1nus111e1 the 11e\t 1‘11111111‘111 11eel1s lle1e's l111111nu that I11 the end 111 11. 1111as11‘teheape1 111le;11etl1ee111111111


I Hamilton Park 111111111111 1111.111. ll.11111l11111 .-\n11tl1e1‘ e1 entne 111eet 11 1th the 111st 1.1ee @11111ll1 .1111 1511111.

Saturday 15

IAery'hitlettsR11ad..-\11 (ilttltzlll. 11.1dd11ek15lpaddueke1111eess11111s ayailahlel 'll11sllat11111111111l1e11111sat T l‘plttalhllealtttesllte\leeea l11111k111.1l1e1s( lassie


IAyr\\l1nle11s1111.111. .\11 \‘111l1the111s1 e1e11latf ill11111.the111.11111.1eesatetl1e lennent [11111l11a11dtl1e l11te l11111l11111al1e1sS111111t111111l11


I AYI’ \\ lllllells l{11.11l. .-\\1 \I111el lal 1.11111}; I111 lllt' I 1l11s1'11‘.\ l .11!

l111l11l.11111.1l»1e1s. 1111111111'1111113 .11 .‘


IHamiltonPark1111111111111111.111. ll.11111lt1111 t1 illpni

Thursday 20

I Hamilton Park 11111l111ell 1111.111 lla1111l11111 11 11111111

Friday 21

IAyr\\lntle-11s1111.111. \11 111111-1~:111.11-1


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