true. scaryidentity ofthefat cats currentlyrunningthe world. Meanwhile. asthe picture shows. atypical Taysidenewsagents. (displaying effortsfromthe local publishing empire. the Thomson organisation?)displaysits lull range oltitles.Showing atGlasgow and laterat Edinburgh Cannons. See Film Listings.


The Stereo MCs. brighteninguptheSiam Clubin Glasgow on Saturday 22 and The Pleasuredome. Irvine on Sunday23. are not. as one mightimagine. thelatesl hipimponlrom New York. buttwoladsfromBattersea via Nottingham [Rob 8 and The Headland one Sardinian-Canadian DJ


The City Cafe hosts a major exhibition oldiverse prolessional photography ontourlrom London. compiled bythe Association ofFashion Advertising and Editorial Photographers. The prestigious collection recievesa large numberol applicants and has previously included the work ofDavid Baileyand Terence Donovan. lthas been broughtupfrom London by Creative Forum. an Edinburgh based organisation which aimsto encourage higherstandards and bettercommunication withinthe Scottish design community by arranging exhibitions. workshops. talks and social events. The Forum isthe largestgroup

of its kind outside London. 'LSee Art Listings.

trained Cesare. whose singles “.I‘Jhat ls Soul and lit: new ‘Ur‘. Tl have whipped up a riatrorrwrrle lr' latest in their handful of lith ajlfidclf'dlrl',l).\

UllU-‘atlitli‘y’ they have .1

ll‘t‘r‘tlr'tllllalttr'. and (holds MUCH I: finance tri'rni‘iherr iirliioi: laud .ntlia as they Litr si.+ai:..r'rearr rap Their frrrtlrennrrngll’ '334578'

due out in Augustlrom

island Records. is aural proofthat a while British Variant


or. hip-hOp can be at


eastamusingand diverting. though onlytime will tell how durable it proveslobe.

Their live objective. they gay. is 'to create an rijkienbi‘rip travelling v=arel.rn.~se. taking responsibility for every detail. sound. visuals and door policy. T o recreate and revitalisethelive performance of dance rntrsic.' See Nightlife listings.


Having reeeix'ed \'er_\ little in the was of \ITU\\ and ice so far this summer. seulptur .-\nd_\ (ioldswrrthy has \'er_\‘ kindly meanised an

exhibitinn tn remind us \\ hat it lmrkx like


snowballs. whieh with remarkal‘le titrresight he enmpleted ttaek in l’el‘ruars . will en UH shtm at

the tramway lrnm Zh'lul} until ..

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melt presumably During; the txw \xeekx trr m that this enthralling j‘l'rtee‘\\ is taking place he hupes the art Irwin}; j‘tlitiik' will \ isrt his inereasinels puddledrlxe displat sex eral times. in

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Ntrrth l’nle. is nu stranger In the ephemeral nature ttfartwnrks t'ashinned ifk‘fii ree and \\ ill

presumalth nut be selling; any ml ill\\\ttl'i\\ alter

the sntm . st rrr_\' show is UV“.


OnThursdayfllAugust. we'll be publishing our 100thissue. and we‘re throwinga party atThe Pelican. Cowgate. Edinburgh. so ourreaders (that‘syoujcan helpus celebrate.

Plansforthe party are naturally shrouded in mystery. and won'tbefully unveiled untilthe night itself. But be warned that anything mighlhappen— and anyone mightturn up. Already confirmedare Doug Anthony Allstars. who‘ll be performing some oltheir quaintAustralian love songs. patisserieguy Arnold Brown. third stream jazz ensemble Rachaka. Funny FarmerBruce Morton and Thunderball Personality Fred. who'll be providing hisinimitable clubmix. Whispers unconfirmed byour fastest-burrowing mole suggestappearances by Fay Presto. John ‘Siadwell‘ Sparkes and Stella Artoisin person.

And The List‘sguestlist doesn'tendthere. Some veryinteresting people will

a * o? «l /\J g. 0/ Kiwi 3y ' F] ruff" Q1}

be around, withthe Edinburgh Festival only three days away. Talking of which. we‘llbegearing ourselves up for the three weeks ahead. during which we'll covertheartsin Edinburgh andGlasgow weeklyinsteadof fortnightly. Watch out for our Festival specials on it]. 17. 24 and 31 August.

[it 31'.“ ill! life 1/ .' .7 \ (1‘.tI‘l'tifl’ii.lfll.iJ',‘l if “i " l/IM' \llll})\(/ri.;‘flv\f’Af"’1/'1//1Lr/: \lr't't'i /.:':/i/rn.':'/i. “h /r"//


Atatlme whenthe word ‘revolution' seamsto be imbued wlth more significancethan ever before, here are some ofthe many uses oftheterrn.

lThe WheelA technological revolution at thetime. though itseems pretty straightforward now, the wheelwasthetirst application of rotary motion tohuman needs.

I Evolution. Bursting onto the intellectualscene inthe mid-nineteenth century. the Darwinian evolution revolution changed ourway ofthinkingforever.unless youlive inthe Bible beltof the USA. where thatkind of thingisnotallowed. lRevolution in Nicaragua. Alroubletorn Latin American country. Nicaragua has been beset by Spanishand American imperialists. and byyoung ultra-rightwing British Conservatives. All oflhese havebeenbeaten otf solar. Long mayitoontinue. lThe Colt45.A revolutionary weaponfor tworeasonszt. ltwasa dramaticdevelopment. 2.A bitofitrevolves.

lThe BeatlesAn album called Revolverand songs called Revolution and Revolution No 9. combined witha degree ofsuccess unprecedented in itslackof moderateness. makethe Fab Fourfairly revolutionary.

lThe Munich Putsch.Adolf Hitleradopteda revolutionary approachto thebusiness ofstaging revolutions when. in 1926. he attempted to overthrow thegovernmentofGermany by staginga piss—upina beerhaH.

lThe LongPlaying Record. Thirty-three revolutionsperminute. IWhirling Dervishes. They rotate. revolve. They go roundand roundandround. l Revolution. ltwas onlyin the late eighteenth century. whenhistorians came up withthe conceptol ‘revolution' thatwebegan tothinkofpolitical upheaval inthislight. Previously allsudden changes ofgovernmenthad been attributedtothe influence ofthe stars. a heavyhead-cold. thegods. therebeing no 'R' inthe month etc.

lThe French Revolution. Youthoughtwe had forgotten. How could you? It is 200 yearsthis weeksince the Fallotthe Bastille.

iilei l\l ii

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