I The Accidental Tourist ( 15) (Lawrence Kasdan. US. 1988) William Hurt. Geena Davis. Kathleen Turner. Amy Wright. 121 mins. Macon Leary (Ilurt) isa successful writer of ntollycoddling travel guides. but his placid home life is disturbed when his wife (Turner) walks out on him. Left to his own devices. he soon finds himself falling for kooky dog trainer Muriel (Davis). and as he becomes increasingly attached to her unconventional manner and sickly little son. he begins to realise that even the best prepared traveller mttst be ready to face the unexpected detour. Hurt‘s impressive performance is at the centre of the film‘s quiet domestic strengths and its absorbing depiction of everyday Baltimore lives. Glasgow: GFI‘.

I The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (PG) (Terry Gilliam. ITS. 1‘)SS)John Neville. Sarah Polley. Eric Idle. Robin Williams. 126 ntins. Gilliam's fabulously expensive 18th century fantasia begins in a city under siege from the Turks wltere the populace are being entertained by a theatrical extravaganza based on the tall tales of Baron h/Iunchausen. whereupon the lad himselfappears to give a first-hand account of his adventures and save the day. Gilliam's extravagant visual sensibility guides this occasionally misfiring manic epic through its sticky patches. but there is so much to look at and enough genuine laughs that his relentless campaign against mediocre convention is ntore than justified. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre.

I Aliens ( 18) (James Catneron. US. 1986) Sigourney Weaver. Michael Bieltn. I37mins. Revived from a 57-year snooze in deep space. Warrant ()fficer Weaver is cajoled into joining a marine rescue mission to the planet that is home fortltc original alien beastie. L'nrelentingly paced with a terrifically gutsy performance front Weaver. this nerve-shredding sequel not only matches its predecessor bttt cannin surpasses it. An Oscar winner for special effects. Strathclyde: AMC Clydebank it).

I Another Time, Another Place ( 15) (Michael Radford. UK. 1983) Phyllis Logan. Gregor Fisher. 10?. mins. Carefully measured rural wartime drama as a farmer‘s wife's unremitting slog in the Highlands is momentarily relieved by the billeting of Italian POW's and the prospect of romance. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I BeacheS( 15) (Gary Marshall US. 1988) Bette Midler. Barbara Ilershey. John Heard. Spalding Gray. 124 mins. Two eleven year old girls meet on a beach in Atlantic City and become lifelong friends despite jealous arguments and diverse lifestyles. C.C. Bloom is a loudmouthed actress'singer bound for stardom (not a very taxing role for Midler). while Hershey‘s Hilary Whitney is a prim moneyed beauty trying hard to resist conformity. Midler makes good work of the star-vehicle script and is ably supported by Hershey. But make no mistake. this overlong female buddy movie is the schmalziest tearjerker you'll see in a while. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Dominion. Strathclyde: AMC Clydebank It).

I Blood Simple (18) (Joel Coen. US. 1983) John Getz. Francis McDormand. M. Emmet Walsh. 99 mins. Walsh excels as the seedy Sheriff investigating a simple murder that hides a devilish Texan chronicle of double-cross in this enthusiastically executed attempt at contemporary film noir. Edinburgh Cameo.


Running On Empty (15) (Sidney Lumer, US, 1988) Christine Lhati, River Phoenix, Judd Hirsch, Martha Plimpton. 117 mins. Fifteen years after his parents attempted to bring the Vietnam war to an end by bombing a napalm laboratory- and paralysing a janitor in the process, Danny Pop wishes to pursue a life and career independent of their life on the run. Running On Empty is his story.

It admirably combines elements of the road movie with those of the family melodrama. All his life, Danny (and his younger brother Harry) have had to alter hairstyles, names and personalities in an effortto remain anonymous, yet fit in with whatever town their parents have brought them to. They can’t stay anywhere for long.

Although this is explained emphatically throughout, the picture concentrates on one particular transition, allowing us an insight into how the family survives. Socially aware, intelligent, highly efficient, the family atmosphere is warm and occasionally very happy. But its success is entirely dependent on the


E,” P"

fact that it is self-contained. It would be

virtually impossible for Danny’s parents ever to see him again should he assert his independence, so their dilemma embodies and heightens the situation faced by all families.

Running On Empty is splendidly acted, especially by River Phoenix, who behaves like a cross between James Wilby and Mickey Rourke. It is not Lumet's most stylish outing, but he is at his best with the most reticent scenes (such as the meeting between Danny's mother and grandfather). Title and plot could be variously construed, butthis notably quiet American film is always concerned to talk to us about social responsibility. If is easy to criticise for some stock sentimentality about families—our response, he itto cry or cringe, is always tugged towards the haunting manner in which Lumet instils a frightening situation with elements thatare highlyfamiliar. (Douglas McCabe)

From Friday 28. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Strathclyde: AMC Clydebank 10.

I Bugsy Malone ([1) (Alan Parker. UK. 1976) Scott Baio. Jodie Foster. Martin Lev. 93 mins. Musical spoofof Prohibition era gangster films with an all-child east. Familiy entertainment pure and simple, and a true original with it as well. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I The Burbs (PG) «Dr (Joe Dante. US. 1989)Tom Hanks. Bruce Dern. Carrie Fisher. 102 mins. See panel. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. Central: Caledonian. Strathclyde: AMC Clydebank l().

I Commissar (PG) (Aleksandr Askoldov. L'SSR. 1967) Nonna Murdyukova. 1 1() mins. Askoldov’s humanist masterpiece that revives the poetic eloquence ofearlier Soviet masters like Dovzhenko and Eisenstein. The story concerns a Red Army officer experiencing the suffering and the bravery of a Jewish community during the Civil War ofthe l920s. sensitive subject matter that saw the film shelved by the authorities for over twenty years and its director unable to find work. Glasgow: GET.

I Crossing Delancey (PG)(Joan Micklin Silver. US. 1988) Amy Irving. Peter Riegert. Jeroen Krabbe. 96 mins. Career woman Izzy (Irving) is happily single in New York. when her grandmomma decides to take the matter ofmarriage in hand. and hires Hannah the matchmaker

to get her ltitched.

The proposed match of pickle vendor Sam (Reigert) does not at first appeal. but gradually hearts melt. and the film moves to a romantic conclusion which sidesteps scltrnaltz at evey turn. and wins through delightfully through strong scriptingand sympathetic performances. A must for incurable romantics. Glasgow: GFI‘. Edinburgh: Filnthouse.

I Da (PG) (Matt Clark. US. 1988) Martin Sheen. Barnard Hughes. William Hickey. Doreen Hepburn. 102 mins. Successful expatriate playwright Charlie Tynan (Sheen) returns from the States to Ireland on the death of his father (Hughes). and finds himself reliving the past with his da. his ma. his own younger self and the inscrutable old eodger Mr Druntnt (Hickey). his first employer and mentor. Though he argues almost incessantly with irrepressible old man Tynan. they eventually arrive at a touching reconciliation. This is a quirky and episodic movie with touches ofdistinctly Irish humour and a real flavour ofthe Emerald Isle's lush countryside. Hughes is wonderfully lovable and ignorant; though the Sheen character is remote and a little hard to identify with. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Dangerous Liaisons ( 15) (Stephen Frears. US. 1988) Glenn CIose.John Malkovich. Michelle Pfeiffer. Keanu

Reeves. 120mins. Christopher Hampton adapts his stage version of Chodcrlos dc Laclos‘ novel for the screen. with Americans Close and Malkovich starring as the central pairing of Madame de Tourvel and the \'icomte de Valmont. two treacherous 18th century aristocrats weaving a web of erotic duplicity around one another. British director Stephen Frears makes a notable Hollywood debut by guiding his east through a difficult set of narrative pirouettes. and the crisp dialogue is handled with a certain asperity. Yet for all the pent-up emotion on screen, little fervour seeps through to the audience and the result is a rather coldand calculating piece of work. Glasgow: GFT. I Danny The Champion DfThe World (we (Gavin Millar. CK. I‘)S‘))Jeremy Irons. Robbie Coltrane. Cyril Cusack. Samuel Irons. ‘)7 mins. Roald Dahl'sstoryof corrupt property baron and pheasant-slayer Victor 1 Iazell (Coltrane) given his conte-uppance by resourceful nine-year old Danny becomes a farttily movie in more ways than one. Gavin Millar. whose past work includes Dennis I’otter's disturbing Lewis Carroll piece [beanie/tilt]. has gone for wholesome entertainment this time. and cast father attd sort as father and sort in the central roles. with young Sam's grandpa Cusack as the avuneular Doc Spencer.

Charming and w arntltearted. with enough subtlety to keep the grow n-ups amused. Glasgow: Cannon Saucltiehall Street. Strathclyde: AMC Clydebank It). I Dark Passage ( PU) ( Delmer Daves. L's. 1947) Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall. Agnes Moorehead. 1()h ntins. Iiscaped cortviet Bogart is suspected of murder but artist Lauren Bacall believes in his innocence and lets him hideout at her apartment until the work of the plastic surgeon improves his getaway prospects. Ifnlikcly tale from a David Goodis novel. though the subjective camerawork ofthe first half hour still looks pretty nifty. (ilasgow: (iI’I‘.

I Death Japanese Style ( 18) (Juzo Itami. Japan. 1984) 'l‘sutonto Yamazaki. Nobuko Miyamoto. Kin Sugai. 124 mitts. The Tokyo funeral of a ()9 year old patriarch recently the victim of a fatal heart attack is a catalogue of cottfusiort and disarray as the contemporary Japanese have tnuch difficulty irt mastering the complex etiquette and ritttals of traditional ceremonies. Itami's debut feature. released here on the back of 'Itunpupu but tnuch more successful itt Japan. shows the familiar scattershot humour much in evidence. yet at the same time managesto touch a genuinely elegaic note amidst the frenzied satire. Glasgow: GI’I‘.

I The Deerhunter( 18) (Michael Cimino. CS. 1978) Robert de .\'iro. Meryl Streep. Jon Savage. Jon Cazale. 180 mins. The Vietnam war has the effect ofdisrupting the lives of a small steel town. as various friends go off to face the horrors ofwar artd return with erttotional scars. Daring triptych structure. the first part ofwhieh displays a rare sympathy for the traditions and rituals ofthe emigrant community. marks this out as a Cimino movie. as he explores his favourite theme ofAmerican idealism being stretched almost to breaking point. Superb performances all round. Glasgow: GFI‘.

I Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ( PG) (Frank Oz. CS. 1988) Steve Martin. Michael Caine. Glenne lleadly. l 1(lmins. In this remake of Bedtime Story. which starred Niven and Brando in 1964. Caine is the sophisticated con-man. elegantly separating the rich from their wealth. and Martin plays the interloper who invades his patch in the Sud (1e France. The two become allies. then rivals. and finally agree to settle their differences with a con-men's wager. Despite the obvious skill ofits stars. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels fails to stretch them or to take itselfseriously enough. and thus does not fulfil its full potential. It‘san amusing and enjoyable. but ultimately

14 The List 28 July 10 August 1989