I AS THIS IS being written, The List’s Glasgow rock ed John Williamson is living tile in the last lane at the 1989 New Music Seminar in New York, the most essential event in the rock business calendar. He’s In the company oi Craig Tannock (Tower Studios), Tam Coyle (promoter) and Sandy Semeonoll (BBC radio producer), who make up the delegation lor New Music World a live-day event to be held in September 1990 in the City at Culture, celebrating the independent music network throughout Europe and America. It will be opened and closed by two major concerts, and in between will take place a multitude ol events (including a three-day seminar chaired by pop proiessor Simon Frith) hosted by leading independent musicians, promoters and distributors. More news, and a report trom John Williamson, coming shortly. I MEANWHILE, budding rock stars, promoters, agents and the like are advised to check out a series ol rock music seminars, run by the Music in Scotland Trust in association with Tennents Live! to help 18-25 year-olds who intend pursuing a career in music. Each seminar has a panel oi prolessionals Irom diilerent aspects oi the music industry, and runs lrom 11am-3pm, with a bullet lunch provided. The seminars come to Edinburgh’s Calton Studios on Thursday 3 and Glasgow’s Videodrome on Tuesday 8, and anyone interested should contact Shauna Campbell at Tennents Live! or John Dingwall at MIST, both on 041 248 6636.

I Bradiord: In Liverpool (Foundation). Shockineg craitsmanlike homage to the city and the Merseyside values oi classy pop that can be, and often is, played on acoustic guitars. Air-conditioned luxury coaches and ludicrous contract riders beckon. (AM) I AR Kane: Pop (Rough Trade). The Iuss surrounding AR Kane’s emergence last year didn’t hide the tact that their ilrst LP was a mlsh-mash ol good ideas only hall realised. ‘Pop‘, as the title suggests, is their sweetest, most

songllke eltort to date. Whetherthey’re led up with trying to blow people's minds, oriusttancled a hit single remains to be seen. (AM)

I Dawson: Romplng Egos (Grult). I thought this brand oi scratchy caterwauling had had Its day with the briei popularity ol the Ron Johnson indie label three years back. But no, records are still made that sound as tiercely discordant, and in Glasgow, too. (AM)

I Working Week: El Dorado (Ten). The Latin heart is still there, It bolstered by


an unattractive percussive base aimed at radioland and danceiloor, but the song lades out beiore it’s done more than provide a rather lnconsequential backing tor samples oi Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega. (AM)

I Under Neath What: Bad Karma Chameleon (One Big Guitar). Playing second Iiddle to Fields ot the Nephillm can’t do your image much good, but ‘BKC' is more Stones than Sisters, with a Ilrm nod to Hendrix in the guitar solo. (AM)

I Cutting Crew: Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Siren). ‘I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight’ speeded up a law notches. Can’t iool us. (AM)

I SUK: In My Dutstretch (SKRAM - available lrom Avalanche in Edinburgh, Rat Records in Glasgow and Stereo One, Paisley). Textural guitar-based rock trom a group who sound like they're trying their hardest to be inventive, but the weak choice ot song (which could have been improved, it not rescued, by a more robust production) doesn’t carry it. Since they claim both sides cost a staggering £37.74 to record maybe we shouldn’t be too hard on them. (AM)


I Bob Mould: Workbook (Virgin America). The ilrst solo album by Husker Du’s guitarist and co-slnger has been awaited excitedly by those who considered that hand one oi a select law this decade which struggled with rock's glorious history and actually came out on top. ‘Workbook’ is a quieter, more subdued set than anything which came beiore —the acoustic instrumental opening side one heralds that much - but Mould's songs are it anything more pained. Now that he isn’t sharing songwriting with Grant Hart any more (later Huskers sets swapped lead vocals like tennis serves) he has lull rein to develop his

candid and moumtut themes, and though the combination oi less immediate tunes and morose navel-gazing disappointed at ilrst, ‘Workbook’ is staying on my tumtabie until the needle wears It llat. (Alastair Mabbott)

I Sleeping Dogs Wake: Understanding (One Little Indian). in the last 18 months One Little Indian has shown itseil to be one oi the more necessary independent labels, with The Sugarcubes stepping outside the accepted language and logic oi pop, and Kitchens oi Distinction laughing at them irom within. To say that Sleeping Dogs Wake's charms are not quite so obvious is to imply that they are there at all, under the atmospheric howling and portentous proclamations. (Alastair Mabbott)

I Amon Duul: Die Losung (Demi Monde). All my lite l’ve studioust avoided Amon Duul, but with hippy deities Gong plotting an assault on the live scene what better time could there be to plug Into the cosmic consciousness? This is In tact the last studio recording ol the late Hawkwind vocalist Robert Calvert, and sadly he could have wished tor a better monument. Alongside members oi Van Der Graal Generator, The Groundhogs and T’Pau’s Mick Chetwood Calvert’s voice has a creepy edge, it you can stay rooted long enough to take It in. It’s not that ‘Dle Losung’ Is a particularly obnoxious record, but typically sutters Irom the sexless and drug-enhanced sell-importance (space rock’s own lorrn oi machismo) that make you wonder who could really love it. (Alastair Mabbott)

Undemesth What

I Chris and Cosey: Trust (Play It Again Sam). Chris and Cosey once comprised one hall oi noise terrorists Throbbing Gristle, and since the sound 01 splitting gristle they have continued to make records - less conirontatlonal, but still battling and olten sensual, bedsit dance tracks. They seem warier oi embracing acid house than their lormer partners now In Psychic TV, but their pulsing backing tracks suggest an lnlluence that might attract a wider audience. Perhaps not with this album, though. (Alastair Mabbott)

Chris and Cosey


1. DEL AMITRI: Nothing Ever Happens (ABM LP track)

2. TWO NICE GIRLS: l Spent My Last Ten Dollars (On Birth Control and Beer) (Rough Trade LP track)

3. SKIN GAMES: Blood Rush (Epic LP) 4. ASTER AWEKE: Aster (Triple Earth LP

5. GLORIA ESTEFAN: Don’t Wanna Lose You (Epic 7in)

6. THE ADULT NET: Honey Tangle (Fontana LP)

7. LOUISE RUTKOWSKI: Hurt (demo) 8. B00 HEWERDINE & DARDEN SMITH: Tell Me Why (Chrysalis 12in B-slde)

9. INDIGO GIRLS: Kid Fears (Epic LP track)

IO.THE MARINES: Say Goodbye (CBS Iorthcomlng single)

46 The List 28 July 10 August 1989