In the high tech world at cycling accessories one vital piece otequlpment tends to get overlooked. the basket. At present basket-makers in Scotland are about as rare as Edinburgh accents are at the Castle. though one weaver at least is determined that the traditional art should not only be continued but that it

should move with the times.

‘I started getting interested in basket-making whilst doing a course in woven sculptures at Glasgow School at Art.’ explained Carola Flockhart. ‘Mytirst ones were based on traditional peat-carrying baskets that would be worn on your back. then it really began to take over my work‘ the making at baskets that is. not peat carrying. The

nextlield was bicycle panniers. ‘I tend to make them not asthe sort ot Women's institute let‘s weave a wickerwork basket but as baskets have always been made; using materials

that are immediately to hand-obviously in an urban environment this means recycling such materials as rubberand cardboard waste products'. The results are both lunclional and decorative. pertect tor the town cyclist looking lora pannierwith panache. The next project inthe pipeline tor Carola is a similarly woven container to deposit children in whilst transportingthem by bicycle, something to keep the little baskets quiet and sale.

Carola will be exhibiting her woven wares atEdinburgh's Netherbow Arts Centre on the High Street until 20 Aug. (Ross Parsons)

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Glasgow’stoptashion emporium. The Warehouse. in conjunction with Schlitz. hosting a tenth birthday party at the Chatesherault Hunting Lodge in Hamilton. a building inspired bythe Palace otVersailles. A Grand Marquee will be erected in the grounds inside which comedien Arnold Brown (alias Bing Hitler) and crooning duo Stuart Michell and Paul Ellis will pertorm. David


Following its revival after the film Scandal ('hristine Keeler's career will soar to its zenith on 4 August at (‘inderella Rockerfellers when she judges a competition designed to find the Edinburgh girl who looks most like her. The lucky lass will win a night out with a Russian diplomat. . . er. I mean she will he sent home with a bottle of the new perfume. Scandal. Asked about the possibility of the youth of Scotland's capital trying to look like her she replied ‘Well it‘s fine. I have no objection to it. is that really what they want to do'.". The real reason behind her visit is to promote her book. Scandal as well as the video and now the perfume. all of the same name. Until the film shot her back into the public glare (‘hristine had spent her time ‘Being married twice. bringing up a kid. writing a book and getting the taxman off my back‘. As for the


Daphne du Maurier chilled hearts with her story olThe Birds. Hitchcock terrified wits with his screen adaptation of her book. Now. following the success of his Living Paintings and Going Bye Byes. artist Stephen Taylor Woodrow moves on to bring The Birds to Glasgow streets in what is bound to be a surreal and startling performance. Dressed in ordinary clothes but sporting the strange masks shown here. The Birds will ride the Underground. enter shops and infiltrate parks. 011 26—29 July. noon—5pm espect to see them anywhere!

is is I‘ Q - w 5‘“ .0-

Mullane. a director of The Warehouse leels thatthere are no clubs to getdressed uplorany more. sothey

I personal items otclothing.

: such as an original Gauttier string vest. or items they

i have designed. we are as

have provided the pertect 5 yet to find our,

excuse to dust 0" "‘8 glad i All proceeds trom the event 7808. Without makinflihe will be donated tothe

087W BXC'USlVe- = tashion industry'stund There will ol course bea 2 raising body torAlDS selection of fashion victims. Fashion Acts.

celebrities attending in ' Tickets tor the eventwhich

person. More notably. top takes place on Sun 30th designerslike Jean-Paul ' July, cost £15which Gaultler and Katherine includes a return coach trip Hamnett are donating departingtrom The designer memorobilia as . warehouse at 8pm and nrizestor a session of t returing at 1am. Phone ‘Bingo Glitterati‘ which will Susan Dargie or Lisa

be hosted by a certain very Millard on 0315581354lor well known TV personality. turther intormation and Whetherthese will be tickets.

existence of the perfume she seemed surprised: ; ‘Oh I don‘t really know about that one‘. A whiff i

ofScandal seems like a great idea for a perfume.

though hopefully the concoction will not be as i strong as the scent ofscandal that put paid to '






.'\s we look loryyard to our tour special lidinburgh l-estiy at issues (out eyery‘ \y eekl l. reamsol' literature bulge trom cyery orifice ofotlrfiling system. Below . w c e\p|ore some eccentric meansol'eomnlending show s to the press and the public.

IAaaaaaaaaargh! The Tunnel Club are not the his! company to be first in the book by book or by crook. Sadly . they have oycrlooked the Protestant liringe litllic. which lorbids the attendance of the lirst show one comes

I Bad Puns are principally the domain of medics and l'niyersity tunes. The cream ofthis year'serop incltldesTl'le Enema Within. Satanic Nurses and lcontinuingthe literary theme). Withering Looks.

I Deeply Pretentious Titles are amongthe liringe's great pleasures. Promising contenders on this front are l Witkacy anti Reclaim The Earth - Eve Feed The Snake. We exempt Akt-Orkra II on the grounds that PerformanceArtisan easy target.

IThe Straightforward Statement 0t Intent isan abiding success. when so many try to pull the wool. In this category . we recommend HOW To Kill . A Nasty Story and Hey Fatty. lTalking ot Pulling Wool. among the most devious lol‘ms is the Erroneous Quotation, Often this isa case ol omitting the word ‘not' lrom a portion oflast year'steyiews. Sonic companies es en resort to my eating spurious publications.

But only the truly desperate could consider the word ‘notable‘. ltew n lrom the incisiy e critical coltlmnsot l/lt' be an enticement.

I Suggestive or Wacky Titles such as A Bit Of Flutt ln YourGusset. ATable Called Vernonantl Smouldering Globules Of Love are. to be lrank. old hat; btlt we rather likdthe stitllltitii The Ugly Moo Moo. IThe BestCoup So Far how cy er. comes limit 600 And JESUS. \s ho send threatening letters toour (abaret editor on a daily basis. ‘.»\ttention Scum'. they read. ‘You are notlillig.' ll tlle threats continue. he says. he will lie lorccd to giy e them it quote lor nest year's programme.

The List 28 Julv 10 August 1989 3'