Sahlflz 1AM".

Issue I captured quotes from Clint Eastwood.

Since then The List has continued to pull in and print

comment from all quarters. In this, Issue 100, we pick some ofthe best.


BELIEVES . . . i

‘We all agree that the very worst Labour government

is better than the very best

Tory government. and once you come to that conclusion then what do

Billy Brant). in Red Wedge days, stumbles overthe

you do .’

Kinnock quandaryllssue 8,

24Jan—5 Feb 1988)

‘I get bored shitlcss by these people fucking going on about what they did when they went to Nicaragua.‘

Charlie Reid, Proclaimers (Issue 53, 30 Oct-12 Nov 1987)

‘People are wantingto look successful and they‘re not expressing individuality so much because they‘re scared. They want to look as if they have a job.‘ Katherine Hamnett. (Issue 54,13—26 "091987)

‘lntelligent people can see the difference between

what happenson screen and what happens in real life. Literal-minded people cannot. and I'm beginning to think that literal-mindedness is the supreme curse ofthe world.‘ John Cleese, (Issue 79 14—28 October 1988)

‘For some reason. many of the locals seem to be ‘. obsessed with the toilet habits of the camp. and

talk about

"contamination". 1 think they are subconsciously

expressing their fears about that bigger structure on the other side ofthe road. but cannot bring themselves to say so.‘

Jane. Fastane Peace Camp (Issue 10. 21 Feb-6 Mar 1985)

‘Thatcher the Milk Snatcher. For that woman to take milk away from schoolchildren strikes me as evil. really evil. '

Ivor Cutler (Issue 22, 8-21 Aug 1988)

“When you see an advert on television for a shiny new car and it's driving through the Highlands and it looks really noble. what we should really see is the same car in a traffic jam in London with the lead in the exhaust rotting a child‘s brain.‘

The unleaded Ben Elton (Issue 89, 19—23 March 1989)

‘I consider myselfa patriot. but 1 don‘t think that means avoiding talking about all those people who are being neglected in America. Nor does it mean presuming that our country has the right to meddle in the affairs of South America.’ Johnny Cash (Issue 93, 5—18 May 1989)

OOPS. . .

‘I think in any circumstances a good read is better than a good film.‘ Bill Forsyth. noted film director (Issue 55. 27 Nov—1O Dec 1987)

"I‘he fact that the last album did not take off made some of the songs a joke. “(‘andybar Express" was basically

saying be a sucker for success, so the whole song makes me look like a dick because it was a flop.‘ James Grant. Love and Money (Issue 78, 30 Sept-13 Oct 1988)


‘lt's trying to celebrate a time when the parents of the kids today were taking a lot more risks and being a lot more adventurous. rather than just accepting what is handed down to them by the record companies. who are so completely in control it‘s not true.‘

Julian Temple, directorot ‘Absolute Beginners' (issue 13, 4—17 April 1986)

‘This tnovie was like Napoleon's retreat from Moscow. I tried to get as many people back alive as possible. In the end. we just built a monument to the fallen.‘

Terry Gilliam. on thetrials of making ‘Baron Munchausen' (Issue 90, 24 Mar-6 Apr 1989)


"There‘s one moment where we met up w ith two gorilla groups at once. That's about a fifth ol the world's total gorilla population in the shot at onCe. with three silverbacks all charging each other. and our Sigourney [Weav er] right in the middle of it all. But try as we might. w e just couldn‘t find a way of integrating it into the rest ofthe narrative,"

Michael Apted, director oi “Gorillas in the Mist' (Issue 86, 27 Jan—9 Feb 1989)

‘Tben someone said there was too much violence. so there was a question of what to do with all these pimps and hookers. Some of the “pimps” Could play doctors, but they still didn't believe a black woman could be a nurse or a secretary.‘

Margaret Avery (‘The Colour Purple') describes

Hollywood's racial stereotyping (Issue 20. 11-24 July 1986)

"I'hey xerox your head, your body. your attitude. your smile. You become the alibi of a system which uses you without giving you anything. But it isthe

2The List 11— 17 August 1989