' Eileen and Mike Hares Place. 15—26 Aug (not first Fringe appearance is to most children as present a new production. Sun). 5.05pm. £1 .50 (£1 ). professional storyteller Professor Doom In BBC s A Marvellous Mess. for Jean Guillon. lle‘s WlZBlT. This year as children aged 3—7 years. reckoned to be France‘s Willi Wonka Written by Eileen who is A best at beguiling listeners (undoubtedlv Roald out front, ever ready to amazing Dilhi‘S most famous adapt and improvise, techniques and incredible character) he gives a depending on the mood of facial expressions. Not one-man show. (suitable the young audience, I listed as a children‘s {Of 7 yCZIfS UpWZfl'dS) . Mike remains behind the Ever wondered just what ; event. the Tales of tellingof Charlie Bucket‘s scenes as manipulat0i_ the tooth fairy does with Provence are in a similar t visit to the Chocolate When an attic gets a all those teeth? Now is vein to St Exupery‘s The Factory where he meets clear-ou{ a" song ofthings your Chance to OUt in Prince. suitable for thL‘ Oompah-loompas and come to tight; m old Pips and Panda and the children aged 6 upwards. his fellow Golden Ticket puppet booth iS found. Tooth Fairy. a puppet Monsieur Guillon weaves winners. greedy spoilt and of course some Show for younger Children tales about witches and brats who get their just puppets. just waiting to (up to six) presented by _ fairies. a land where it i desserts. Props are limited perform and listen tothe Jill and Ian Purvcs. The _ rains macaroni. and a E to a table and four chairs. audience join them in a Show features Ultra ViO'et philosophising wolf. ; the table becoming the singalong. Come on stage lighting, muste» 1* bit Of Blood and Honey boat to sail along the after the Show for dressing magic and large scale Productions hope to : chocolate river and then , up time With thc puppets. puppets. Fringe regulars. teawaken interest in i the glass elevator. Playing i I A "anemia; ".33 the Purvcs noticed last storytelling by taking the ' about 15 characters. Rob l (Fringe) Over the Top year thal many Ollheif Show out to schools after Inglis “1‘05 l“ mfwc : puppet Company, Church audience brought along the Fringe Monsieur around the audience to . of the German speaking toy pandas to see the Guillon‘s moustache ts - create the feeling of being i Congregation (venue show. so this year. says teal by the way, ‘in the factory‘. Rob says i 103)6671619,1Chaimcrs lan Purvcs: ‘Wc're .‘l’ales of Provence there‘slasurprisc in the j - t - - ~ . Crcs’ 12-26 At, not pandering to popular (Fringe) Blood and interva . . . Sun)‘ 11. lsamiig demand’ - bring along Honey Productions. . Charlie and the i 3 Raymond Cook from your: panda and you WI" Street Theatre (Venue 4]) C'IOCOIalB Factory (Fringe) Jonathan Swift‘s satiric - receive a badgc- 225 7294. 19 Hill Street. Rob Inglis. TIC Toe at MB BOOM i . - . . , I Pips and Panda and the 14 A.qu sep (not gun), Lllllc Marco‘s (Venue 98) ' dass'c’ n “mom-an - Tooth Falry(Frin c) 10 45' -23 A 25 229 7898 Grove Street 12 Bobbing up and down the ; show using a combination P g - dmt "8- 0P. _ i ' - . . : - _ - - - . urves Puppets. St 4.45pm. £4 (£3.50). Aug 2 Scp (not Sun). country from his Borders ; Olhfe Size SPtllmSImdgc J. t.Ch h H " 113m £3 (£2) base is Magic Bob. just off style Puppets. Shadow f When You find a 800d cmcs $81 23631 i i to Cardiffand planning to PUPPClS‘ "lime and {Om‘u'a' 5"“ to it! 5‘ i cmile' h it 10.26 _ put in appearances in St i jesting- ShiPerCked Andrews Mermaids were Aw“ c" ow‘ , . . . - - - - . ug(notSun).l1am.£3 Andrews and Glasgow , Gulliver finds himself in a a success at the [988 £2 T. R 0899 20631 before materialising at the f land of cute little folk but Fringe with a free ( ‘c c“ ' CLATTERBASH Fringe. His new show (for i as the story UthidS they adaptation ofJ.R. _ Eat your heart out Kylie. age 4 upwards). ‘A ' Show themselves to be Just Planché's Beauty and the What about an evening of stand-up cabaret for : as intOICI’aht ahd Petty as Beast; meriting a visit Renaissance and children.‘ says Bob. ‘is ' {till-Size humanS- The from John Craven‘s Medieval music? , street entertainment l 50-minute show is aimed Newstouhd‘ no less. This Edinburgh Renaissance Picture a small bioughhihdoms" an hour , at 5—1 l-ylearfoldt: yfourtiger year the; present iAmqut for Phoalld Dshl Band give a show of 0 come y. magic. singing Ones “’1 enjoy 6 a" 35y comica venture e ans. ames as ive a li hthearted music . , i _ ' and dancing with lots of i and humOtir While Older Captive Princess (for all Cinderella-like existence (cghildrcn especially ‘lr'r'vail "f 3‘ glam htS audience participation. children WI" appreCiate ages), a story ofstolcn with his ghastly aunts welcome) played on over Machine which uses up all :1; Bogmtianks aloitgifide I {he ii‘ony behind the jmels. Evil villainsjairy Sponge and Spihcrevcr forty authentic h d gilElslélllbeSIl-i::1i;§ldnl a ic o as one o t e . 8U 5- mot ers. custar ies. since an an r r ino ate u instruments wit wcir busigest children‘s i I thlmVet l" “min” sad jokes. plug-ugly p his parcntnghen he p names like sackbuts, CmaS‘mPhc When he entertainers around. (Fringe) Lambeth sisters and a beautiful meets a strange. old man tcbccs, crumhorns, damages 3 SPeek" campy Wearing a lampshade for ! Children's Theatre. princess. Sounds like a in his garden an incredible nakcts, violins, recorders “(him nWaiting his a hat. he zooms to earth to j Pleasahee (Venue 33) 556 chance to boo and hiss adventure begins in which and tromboncs in ye olden C lattcrbaSh mummie- dio his one-mah-hand get. i 6550. 20—27 Aug. 2pm. £2. iaantg-sitylc ancfl thlclrc's egcosinteirs it) man-size iimesfhe one End a half in 5m in craz unar . ree e in so 'e to a ir an a oot- hour 5 ow inc u es 3 - dittgicsgand giving noisy _ boot (argd ti cati). y wleing caterpillar. and come up and look session ""5 "Cw Pmducmm “07 impersonations 0f trains A M I The Captive Princess travels in a luscious on stage where the 5— 1” year'mds) and elephants. Magic Bob (Fringe) St Andrews size-of-a-house peach. audience is invited to chat Shoestring “PCCt their Meets Mr 300m (for a” University Mermaids. Trick or Treat Theatre to the players and give the “"diPPCC i," do a 1‘“ "f “('8' ticnqliifc an Back at the Fringe for a Eginbur Cfllcsc 0‘ A" COmPany adbd 'thC original instruments a once-tiger. admitted frctiiif mu 7th year' puPpcwcrs -~ - ( cnucy dummn iiiesiro0 home truths. singthe accompanied by three . i V A I dciicious iaic‘ suitable for scais. say the band.“ village songs. jig about children!). V \ . a" the family (even “you Someone aiways says .i I and. most importantly. Iflagic 809': Back!!! W i do,“ like peaches). (“an think rd enjoythis 3 wave the sacred canopy. (Fringe) Gilded Balloon "" “‘— "" ""-‘ v There's a facc-painting kind of music but i i _- Be involved! Theatre (Venue 38) 226 session at the end Ofihc . The Racks" Show . The Machine 2151. 14. 15. 21 . 22. 28. 29 show to, anyone who (Fringe) Edinburgh (fatastroiplie (fringe) Aug. 1 1am. £2. fancies the insect look. Renaissance Band, Shoestring(hast Oxford). I Millie Bob Meets Mr lJames and the Giant Epworih Halls(Vcnue BMW“ Thc‘m“ (ch‘c 300mm (Fringe) Slime Peach (Fringe) Trick or 63). 25 Nicolson Square. 49) 22519893‘ 2 F‘irrcst venue. ll—l3. 18—20. Treat'rhcatrc Company. it) Aug 5pm; 23 Aug‘ Road. -8 Aug—2 Sep. Aug; 1-] SCpt. at Little Mai-Co's llam- £2-50- (Venue 98) 2297898. . Grove Street. 14-26 Aug _ ' (not Sun). ll).45am.£3.5() i GULLIVER m (£2). 1 CHARLIE AND LILLIPUT , -. ' -

Aftcra successful visit to : Edinburgh at liastcr. 5 , Lambcth (‘hildrcn‘s I

TALES or FACTORY Apreviouswinnerofthc

i Festival Times Best Solo

i _ ! THE CHOCOLATE .i i |

Theatre ('ompany (aka

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Rob Inglis will be familiar

Fresh from the Avignon Festival and making his

40'l'hc List ll 17 August 1989