I Victoria Park (C4) 8-9pm. The season of Frank Cvitanovich documentaries continues with a summer wander around a large but little-known park in the East End of London.

I The Golden Girls (C4) 10-10.30pm. A new series of the popular American comedy sees Blanche and Sophia competing for a smooth-talking Cuban gent.

I Omnibus at The Proms (BBCl) 10.30—11.35pm. A Russian evening, with Prokofiev‘s Symphony No. l in D Major, composed in 1917, followed by a new work, Alfred Schnittke‘s Viola Concerto, composed in 1985 for the soloist who will be playing it tonight, Yuri Bashmet.

I Gumshoe(BBC1)11.35pm—12.55am. The first film to be directed by Stephen Frears (in 1971), who went on to make My Beautiful Launderette and Dangerous Liaisons. Albert Finney, as a Liverpudlian bingo caller with dreams ofbeing a Bogie-style private eye (not another one!), heads a cast which includes Billie Whitelaw, Fulton Mackay and Frank Finlay.

I Cosmic Man (C4) 11.50pm-1 . 10am. You know how much we love our trashy films here, and this week's Attack of the Killer ‘B's offering, with John Carradine as a benign alien who lands in 1958 with black

skin and a white shadow - sounds like our cup of tea.


I Soul Sesslon: James Brown and Friends (C4) 10—1 1.05pm. The Godfather is joined by Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett, and, more ominously, Joe Cocker and Robert Palmer in Detroit.

I White lleat (C4) 11.05pm-1 . 10am. Cagney in top form as a gangster with an Oedipus complex and an FBI mole in his gang. A triumphant return to his psychotic pre-war roles.

I Elton John Live in Australia (Scottish) 12.30—1 .35am. Elton, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, and some utterly ludicrous outfits. Made in 1986, before he sacked his wardrobe mistress.

I Charlie Varrlclt (Scottish) 2.05—4. 10am. The wonderful Walter Matthau (anyone see his deadpan banter with Jack Lemmon on Wogan recently?) in one of his best roles, as the small-time bank robber who unwittingly gets caught up in something much bigger and uglier.


I Woodhlne Place (C4) 2-3pm. Put forward as the kind of programme that will revive forgotten childhood feelings and act as a reminder that it‘s not all a game being a kid, this is the result of following



Wishes The List all the best for the next 1 00 issues

the play patterns and relationships in a group of children for six summer weeks.

I Equinox: Fatal Attraction (C4)

7. 15—8. 15pm. How to break the motorist's love affair with the car that is congesting the country‘s roads to crisis point? That's the question Equinox is looking into tonight.

I The Rivet (BBCl) 7. 15—9. 15pm. Sissy Spacek and Mel Gibson are the farming couple whose land is threatened not only by a flooding river, but by the plansof businessmen to build a dam which would completely swamp it. Made in 1984 by Mark Ryland, who collected an Oscar for On Golden Pond.

I Forever Divided? (BBCZ) 8.25—9.55pm. British troops were deployed in Northern Ireland twenty years ago. Jonathan Dimbleby discuss the possible scenarios that might lead to a future solution to the problems there.

I Climate and Man (Scottish) 10.35—11.35pm. £600,000 has been sunk into this LWT three-patter, which concerns our relationship with the elements and how global warming, unstoppable , according to several highly-qualified interviewees, will affect our climate over the next few decades.

I The Doped (C4) 1 1.55pm—1.55am. This Cinema From Three Continents presentation, in Arabic with English subtitles, follows three Palestinians from different generations who head across the desert to Kuwait in search of work.


I Scottish Action (Scottish) 6.30—7pm. Another programme on the popular topic of infected food.

I The Sweeney (Scottish) 9; 10pm. Thames Television‘s let birthday celebrations continue with an episode of one of their most popular series, introduced by Dennis Waterman.

I Tell Them in Gdansk (C4) 9L10pm. A

documentary, centred around a party held for redundant shipyard workers from the River Weir. The story of their fight to keep the yards open is carried along by music from The Flying Pickets and satirical humour from Mike Elliot.

I Screen Two: Leaving (BBC2) 9—10.30pm. It‘s the summer of 1960,in Grecnock, and three friends are on the verge of leaving school and facing the decisions that will affect their futures. TV newcomers Kenneth McFadyen, Alan Summers and Gary Greer play the boysin question.

I Families at Wan The Choir(BBCl) 9.30—10.20pm. This film traces the lives since 1969 of six former members of the Protestant St Columba‘s Choir in Derry, and shows in what ways they have changed in response to the violence around them. I Scottish Action Special on Aids (Scottish) 10.35—11.05. A report from San Francisco, the city with the highest incidence of Aids-related deaths in the West, on what may be in store for this and every other country.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBCZ)

l l.l5—l 1.55pm. Tracey McLeod of The Late Show scrabbles around the Festival for items of interest. See Festival Media. I Below the Belt (C4) 11.30pm—1 . 15am. Mainly filmed in 1974, but not finished until six years later, when the final inputof cash could be found, this Robert Fowler film is based on the novel To Smithereens in which a waitress of slight build is persuaded to join a wrestling roadshow.


I Festival Cinema (Scottish) 10.35—11.05pm. The List‘s very own Trevor Johnston provides the coverage for this year‘s Film Festival in two weekly programmes. See Festival Media.

IThe Late Shiit(C4) 12.30-2.10am. A 1986 concert by John Martyn in Baden-Baden, celebrating 20 years in show business, followed by a concert

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I , o ‘siamng suow WHITE

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