Readers resident in Scotland may gasp at the news, but some of our visitors might for a moment forget that itis Glasgow, and not Edinburgh, which will be European City ofCulture next year. For their benefit, we offer aguide to getting around, places to visit, shops, eating and drinking while v151t1ng the western metropolis.

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I Tourist Information Greater Glasgow Tourist Board. 35 St Vincent Place. 227 4880. provides a variety ofservices including theatre bookings and sells some unusually tasteful souvenirs.

I Transport The Travel Information Centre at St Enoch Square (next to the Underground station) has full information on trains. buses and the Underground. Open 9.30am—5.30pm Mon—Sat. closed Sun. The information phoneline (226 4826) is open 7 days. 7am—midnight

( Mon—Sat). 9am—9pm (Sun).

Things To See

Admission free. except where stated.

I Blue Note Restaurant The Briggait. Clyde Street. 552 4840. Worth a visit due to the eerie sensation of being in the only open unit of the once bustling. fashionable Briggait shopping centre. which now stands deserted. Either gaze out across the Clyde or sit in the forecourt of a ghostly mall. Good food and music. Open 9am—midnight Sun—Wed; 9am— I am Thurs—Sat.

I City Chambers George Square. 221 9600. Although aprinciple

edifice of typical austerity.

it contains fascinating murals depicting the evolution of Glasgow into the Merchant City. Guided tours Mon. Tues. Wed and Fri at 10.30am and 2.30pm (NALGO action permitting!)

I Fossil Grove Victoria Park. (‘lydeside Expressway. A chance to revisit the city‘s

which captures all the splendour of the Victorian age. nestling among the neat lawns ofthe z

' Botanics. Plants grow 3 round posing statues and

goldfish ponds. providing a verdant venue for a

; leisurely stroll. Or you can

take a promenade alongside the River Kelvin Walkway if you are nimble enough to dodge the throng oflunchtime joggers. Glass houses open Mon—Sat 10am—7.45pm. Sun 1pm—4.45pm.

, IMuseum olTransport Dumbarton Road.357 3929.Somethingto

delight everyone in this hall packed with gleaming fire engines. trams and trains. model ships. penny farthings and motorbikes. Includes an old-fashioned swanky car showroom and a reconstructed cobbled Victorian street. A

colourful documentation

of the dominant modes of transport in the city. Open Mon—Sat 10am-5pm.

I Provand's Lordship Castle Street. 552 8819. Opposite Glasgow Cathedral. This is the oldest house in Glasgow. built in 1471 and anifty bijou residence it is too. They don‘t make ‘cm like this anymore. Decor is strictly authentic Auld Iloose style with period room displays and 17th

century Scottish furniture.

Open Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Sun 2pm—5pm.

I 8.8.Waverley Anderston Quay. 221 8152. Go ‘Doon ‘Ra Water‘ on the last sea-going paddle steamer in the world. Trips leave for Dunoon on the Argle Coast and Rothesay on the island of Bute every weekend with onboard entertainment (mostly middle of the road or

Glasgow. promoting local artists. Includes

. exhibition space. resource ' centre. slide library and a

shop which sells affordable prints

perhaps the most aesthetic

mementos of a visit to the city. Open 9am-5pm Mon—Fri. Closed Sat.

2 Sun.

Browsing and Buying

I The largestcityin a Scotland. Glasgow offers

a marvellous array of

2 shopping facilities. Ogle at St Enoch‘s Centre.the

huge. brand-new. glass-facaded mall which

now dominates the city

centre: ‘visual pollution‘

or elegant futurism? ' Decide for yourself. and try a wander inside. The

usual fashion chains line

Argyle. Buchanan and

Sauchiehall Streets‘ busy pedestrian precincts. Elsewhere:

I The Barras Gallowgate. Glasgow‘s official open-air and covered market is full ofbargains. and usually of people. Salesmen ply their wares with Glaswegian intensity. but you have to look hard to find the real treasures. The Square Yard is a good place to start. Open 9am—5.30pm Sat. Sun.

I Be Courcy's Arcade 5-21 Cresswell Lane. Offores Road. in the studenty/arty West End of town this contains a variety of

I quirky shops. selling knick

knacks and craft works. Upstairs features an astrologist. Lost in Music records with its second-hand bargain bins and Filmworld. which

I sells a vast array of movie I memorabilia. Open

10am—6pm Mon—Sat; 2pm—5pm Sun. I Paddy's Mantel

; Bridgegate. lfyou want to

Nonetheless. there is something to please every taste in window shopping. a fair proportion of affordable goods. and a wide range of catering to please different tastes and purses. Certainly worth a gander‘s for the extraordinary and elegant design. which has some stunning features. including glass elevators. Mackintosh-inspired wrought ironwork and a magnificent Foucault pendulum. There is also regular live music in the central court on Sunday and Thursday afternoons. Shops open 10am—7pm Mon—Sat; ll.30am-—4.30pm Sun; restaurants open

Ham—midnight (not Sun).

I Victorian Village 53 West Regent Street. 332 0808. This houses a dozen or so delightful antique booths crammed with lace dresses. Dinky cars and toys. silver cigarette cases and masses ofjewellery from gaudy baubles to precious gems. Prices vary incredibly but there should be something to suit everybody‘s cheque book. Open 9am—5pm Mon—Sat. Closed Sun.

Transport I Air Glasgow Airport.


The fare is £2.705ingle;

Local buses are hard to

. predictsince deregulation. but endless

i timetables are available from the Travel . Information Centre. and

there should be several routes to meet your needs. Fares around 25p—£1 within the city. I Taxis Usually plentiful. friendly and quite reasonably priced. Private : hire firms are cheaper 1 than black cabs. but their cars cannot be hailed in the street. Be warned that taxis are very scarce between 11pm and 2am on Thurs. Fri and Sat nights. Probably the best places to catch one at these times are Charing Cross and Glasgow Cross. both places where several major roads meet. The only guarantee is to order well in advance. I Trains Queen Street Station . 204 2844. Trains run on the hour and half-hour (7 days. but no 10.30pm train Suns) to and from Edinburgh at a cost of £3.90 single;£7.80 return;£4.90off-peak day return. Last train is 11.30pm or midnight. Check with BR for confirmation. Also serves west- and north-bound

Underground. Trains run until around 11pm. and fares are around 50p—£l. Full details from British Rail.

I Underground Glasgow‘s system is laughably small compared to London‘s. but is often the quickest and cheapest way of getting around central and west-central Glasgow. There are 15 stops. arranged on a circular route. and trains run in both directions. The circuit takes 25 minutes. so the maximum journey time is roughly 13 minutes. or 2 minutes per stop. The service begins at 6.30am. but unfortunately closes down at 10.30pm. There is a flat fare of40p.


I Greater Glasgow Tourist Board 35 St Vincent Place. 227 4880. can book accommodation to suit your needs. though it may take a while to find you somewhere suitable.

I Youth Hostel 10 Woodlands Terrace. 332 3004. A particularly attractive terrace building with an outstanding view. overlooking Kelvingrove Park.


I Bureau: de Change



116 122 BYRES ROAD

rather middle of the river music). Sails from Anderston Quay Fri. Sat 10am; Sun 11am. Rothesay £9.95; Dunoon

prehistory. in this natural museum of well preserved fossils. Open

8. Ham—8.45pm Mon- Fri; noon 8.15pmSal.Sun.

see the real Glasgow. ignore the tourist guides and get down to Paddy‘s. People offer practically

I anything for sale here.

GLASGOW 041 334 2666

92'l'he List 11— 17 August 1989