Poor Liza was simply a stupendous piece of theatre. (‘omic without being parodic. tender without being mawkish.

the production effortlessly

absorbed the poetic vitality of Russian folk-art into Karamzin‘s highly mannered sentimental structure. without despoiling either. Much of the narrative was conducted in English. so a language barrier is almost non-existent.

Olga Lebedeva was a perfect Liza a china doll infused with dynamism and vigour and Vladimir Yamamtov as her lover a buffoon physical and comic by turns. The ensemble music was equally magnificent particularly Sergei Edenko. milking the extremes of melodrama from his violin. And a great finale - Rozovski himself regaling us with a song from his last Edinburgh show. (Andrew Pulver)

I See Ilitlist for venue


Theatre Lasenkan are one of several ‘new drama‘ groups in Japan trying to bridge the gap between the strict formalism of traditional Japanese performing arts and more progessive tastes. Kugekyin. a tragedy of fighting heroism and sacrifice written in the 16th century by Chikamatzu. the Japanese equivalent to Shakespeare. is an intriging combination of imaginative staging and Oriental exotic novelty. Live music on Japanese instruments. kimono-style costumes and a set of energetic and committed performances ensure that there is always something to grab the attention when you loose track of the convoluted plot (the programme provides a synopsis). Kana Torino is convincing as a ferocious. female Kagekyio and the rhythmical accompaniment heightens the tension throughout. Although there is sometimes a considerable amount of noise signifying nothing, partly due to the language problem. there

I i

are some very striking and poetic images here which lift the performance well beyond the confines of the cramped stage. (Simon Baily)

I Theatre Lasenkan (Fringe) Mandela Theatre at the Wee Red Bar (Venue 79) 229 1003. Until 26 Aug(not Sun) 5pm; 28 Aug—2 Sept. 8.30pm. £3 (£2).


Three black South African

' girls await the births of _ theirillegitimate children

in the maternity ward ofa

I township hospital.

Although this play. almost

inevitably.often fellinto

the quicksand of

' heavy-handed


propaganda. it never

failed to move on the personal level. Nomvula

Nene. Busisiswe Zokufa and Zandile Mthethwa

gave outstanding stylised performances in their

portrayal of the diverse

attitudes of women in the black townships. while the use of African spirituals spoke mountains more than any political speech

could ever do ofthe oppressed soul of black

South Africans. A play

that should be seen not only by those who care

about the anti-apartheid cause but by anyone interested in theatre. ((‘olin Teevan)

I 30 Where TO? (Fringe) Sabikwa Players. The Assembly Rooms. (Venue 3) 226 2428.11

Aug—2 Sept.bpm.£5(£4).



i The box-office staff will tell you Star Job is mime. l but that is rather a long

way from the truth. What Theatre de la Mic de Pain (breadcrumbs to you and me) serve up is an extended. souped-up. slapstick improvisation sketch performed with great technical verve and an unappealing La Cage Aux Folles-style of humour that is often both sexist and homophobic. Euro-yuppiedom is their theme. with assorted odd-bods competing for that star job. the plastic briefcase and portable telephone. Initially amusing characterisations

(disgusting greaseball. i prim schoolmarm. lascivious homosexual. etc) become increasingly one-dimensional in the repetitive game-show format (does it ever work?) The odd physical gag briefly pushes the show into higher gear— the final action-replay of the race to the finish isa real coup - but all too often the obvious talents of the Company are wasted on limp material and lack of structure. Genuinely hilarious moments arrive on occasion. but you have to wait for thcm.(SB) I Theatre de La Mie Pain (Fringe) Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 22b 2428.1149 Aug 10pm. 20 Aug 3.45pm. £5.50 (£4.50)


Winnerofthe 198‘)

American (‘ollege

Theatre Festival. ()smris

a powerful short play

about guilt. rejection and

betrayal which moves

between present-day New

York and Nazi Germany.

Ruth Sehmitt. back from

Germany on behalfof

B'nai B'rith. the


organisation. confronts

her father. ()scar. with her

discovery of Uncle

Ludwig‘s Nazi past. Oscar

Confesses his own guilty

secret -- his part in

developing new aircraft

for (ioering and in a

rapid series of flashback

scenes we learn the tragic

familyhistory. Unlike his

zealot brother. Oscar is

ambivalent and his

marriage to Anna

l precipitatesa terrible

l confrontation.

I 'I‘readingfamiliar

l ground. the play

. nonethelessthrowsinto

' dramatic relief the painful

3 choices forced on the entire Sehmitt family.

Oscar’s earlier rejection

ofhis Communist father is

i repeated in his daughter's

5 final decision. andthe

play ends on a sombre


note. Despite the admirable ensemble acting from a very talented cast. the dramatic . highlights of the play were i rather unfocused and 3 some of the poignant ' symbolism in certain key scenes was lost. With a week‘s rehearsals before its openingon 17 August however. these problems should be overcome and the promise is one of a rewarding hour of theatre. (Lily MacGillivray) I Oscaf(Fringe) Abbotsford: American Actors Alliance. Abbotsford Ilall (Venue 84).447 1122. Aug . Sept 2. 2pm. £2.50 (£1 .50).



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