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A pair oi iree tickets to see YERMA on Thurs 17, Fri

18, Sat 19 Aug (7pm). Exchange this voucher at the

Lyceum Studio Box Office (Venue 7). Up to 4 pairs of

tickets available for each periormance. '88: <<



A pair oi iree tickets to see A FAMILY AFFAIR on Mon 21, Tue 22, Wed 23 Aug (11am). Exchange this

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A pair of free tickets to see THE FUNNY FARM on Mon 21, Tue 22, Wed 23 (8pm). Exchange this voucher at the Lyceum Studio (Venue 7). Up to 3 pairs tickets available for each periormance.


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A pair at iree tickets to see MILES AND MILNER on Fri 18, Sat 19, Sun 20 (10.50pm). Exchange this voucher at the Pleasance Box Office (Venue 33). Up to 2 pairs of tickets available for each performance


A pair of tree tickets to see A PARCEL OF ROGUES on Tue 22 and Wed 23 Aug (7.35pm). Exchange this

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FILM FESTIVAL 43" Only one pair of tree tickets available to see CHUCK JONES ANIMATION PROGRAMME 6 on Sat 19 Aug (1pm). Exchange this voucher at the Filmhouse Box Oiiice.

Edinburgh International Film Festival

- Only one pair at free tickets available to see TIME OF VIOLENCE on Wed 23 Aug (2.30pm). Exchange this voucher at the Filmhouse Box Oiiice.

Only one pair at free tickets available to see SISTERS on Fri 18 Aug (9pm). Exchange this voucher at the Filmhouse Box Oiiice.


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Space Panorama consists of two specially commissioned pieces. the first ofwhieh (carrying the lead title) is a celebration ofthe twentieth anniversary of the first Apollo I l moon landing.

Performed by Andrew Dawson who uses only his hands. it is executed with dexterity and precision and is a treat towatch. However. though the piece is directed with a great deal of humour. the story itself is sadly lacking in substance. Despite the potential none of the key ideas behind the show have been pushed far enough to extend beyond the mere factual the end result is a slight piece oddly lacking in imagination.

The second piece. Vertical Deserts. attemts an enigmatic story-line: a pilot stranded in the desert and on the verge of despair encounters a man in a suit. There are a few clever visual images in attempts at playing with male relationships but with the lack ofprecise direction in movement and characterisation. and an almost total lack of energy. it leaves the audience wondering about the general purpose ofthe piece. (Inge Hansen).

I Space Panorama (Fringe) Mime Theatre Project.(‘anongate Hall (Venue 5). 556 1388. until 2 Sept. 11.30pm. £4.75 (£3.75)


The idea ofcreating a ballet based on the life of Buddha was conceived by Edinburgh-based and Indian-born composer Naresh Sohal. whochose (‘hristopher Bruce of

j z

Ballet Rambert fame to choreograph the piece. because ‘he is strong in a narrative form.‘ Though Brttce has produced solid narrative ballets such as the impressive Ghost Dances. also performed in this festival show. one suspects that he may lack that something extra to pull off the awesome task. Naresh talks of the traditionally delicate relationship between composer and choreographer. Phrased bluntly. ‘choreographers are God‘ in the world of ballet. though he philosophically accepts that their task is tocreate from a purely personal response to the music. For him. the requirements of ballet on a composer means that ‘the musical judgement is all the time being conditioned by the scene to be carried Rhythm becomes an important aspect; somehow it should be

visible. audible to the

performer.‘ It will be interesting to see how East meets West in this production from a prestigious company.

I Gautama Buddha/Ghost Dances (Festival) Houston Ballet. Playhouse Theatre. 225 5756. 22. 24. 25 Aug. 7.30pm. £5—£l(i.5il. Swan Lake. 23. 26 Aug. 7.30pm. 36 Aug. 2.30pm.


Promising ‘experiences beyond experience'. Glen Theatre delivered high ham in the form of the The Masque a f Rosslyn. Their enactment of the history of Rosslyn ('hapel is wholehearted in its good intentions they have obviously worked hard on their costumes. and rounded up plenty of nice-looking children to add to the numberof bodies. But from the first

crackly tape-recorded fanfare. the first tap ofthe tambour or whatever. the performance ground out its inevitable. Sunday-school course: enthusiastic but often execrable mime and dance. precocious but sometimes quavering recorder playing.

The main thing in Glen Theatre's favour is the unparalleled grandeur of their location. The Chapel itself. a jewel oflate Gothic architecture. reputed to contain the Holy Grail inside the ‘Apprentice Pillar‘. It is worth the trip just to see the place. if you have never been before. and the proceeds go to the chapel‘s restoration fund. A completely worthy cause. and I suspect. what Glen Theatre are relying on to pull the punters. (Andrew Pulver)

I Masque oi Rosslyn (Fringe) Glen Theatre. Rosslyn Chapel (Venue 118) 14—16. 21—23. 28—30 Aug. 8pm. £4.5(I(£3.50)


Set in a dingy music hall. illuminated from above by five naked lightbulbs. a second-rate double-act dream of success. of Broadway and of attaining the ultimate in Show Biz- a dressing room with a personal shower.

A collage ofmusical numbers and dramatic interludes. Endangered Species is proof of a successful synthesis of artforms. Visually it is entertaining. with lotsof fa'ded glitz and suitabley bad taste costumess. As a piece of dance-theatre it is exceptional. due to the versatility and committment of the performers. In a caricatured lovers' brawl they hurl themselves at each other in a vicious knockabout session. Conversely they produce the perfect recipe for comedy in an hilarious ballancingduet; Sian Williams‘ polished teeth and smiles set against Emil Wolks‘ endearing physical ineptitude and awkwardness.

There are lulls in the performance. usually when the singing voices are too convincingly second—rate. but this is easily overlooked in the light of its undeniable strengths. (Tanya Webster).

I Endangered Species (Fringe) The Kosh. Theatre Workshop (Venue 20) 226 5425. until Sept 2 (not Suns). 8pm.£5 (£3.50).

I:ist August 1989