Brando in 1964. Caine is the sophisticated con-man, elegantly separating the rich from their wealth. and Martin plays the interloper who invades his patch in the Sud de France. The two become allies. then rivals. and finally agree to settle their differences with a con-men's wager. Despite the obvious skill of its stars. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels fails to stretch them or to take itself seriously enough. and thus does not fulfil its full potential. It‘s an amusing and enjoyable. but ultimately bloodless entertainment.Glasgow: Cannon Parkhead. Odeon. Grosvenor. Edinburgh: Dominion. Central: Regal. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I Exorcist 2: The Heretic ( 18) (John Boorman. US. 1977) Richard Burton. Louise Fletcher. Linda Blair. 1 10mins. The horror film that once turned heads receives an unworthy sequel in this silly mumbo-jumbo about priest Burton trying to understand the demons still lurking within the hapless Miss Blair. Strathclyde: UCI Clydebank.

I Georgia's Friends (15) (Arthur Penn. US. 1981)Craig Wasson. JodiTheler.Jim Metzler. 115 mins. Despite the title.the central character here is Yugoslavian immigrant Wasson. and the film charts his progress and friendships through the social turmoil of Sixties America. Literate. often old-fashioned interweaving ofcomplex relationships and politicised observation. which doesn't always work but finally amounts to a goodish wallow. Two rather than three kleenexes. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Le Grand Chemin (15)(Jean-Loup Hubert. France. 1987) Anemone. Richard Bohringer. Antoine Hubert. 107 mins. Nine year-old Parisien Louis is dumped on Anemone‘s turbulent Breton household while his mother goes into hospital to have another baby. and during his summer in the country is instructed by a village tomboy in the ways of the adult world. Memorable evocation ofchildhood

confusions over birth. sex and death. Glasgow GFI‘.

I Highlander (15) (UK. 1986) Christopher Lambert. Beatie Edney. Sean Connery. 111 mins. A handful ofimmortals battle through the centuries to win a mythical prize. A curious mixture of romance in 16th century heather and car chases in present day New York. the film is an inelegant. often ludicrous. but enjoyably daffy fantasy adventure. Lambert seems more at home with the contemporary passages and only the ever wonderful Connery has the requisite style for the kitsch Scottish scenes. Strathclyde: Paisley Arts Centre.

I Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) (Steven Spielberg. US. 1989) Harrison Ford. Sean Connery. Alison Doody. Denholm Elliot. 127 mins. The third and supposedly final instalment of Spielberg‘s bumper blockbuster series. in which the archaeological adventurer is joined by his father (Connery) for a romp through the Middle East in search of the Holy Grail. hotly pursued (as ever) by the Nazis. A rather dodgy would-be Christian morality and a more-of—the-same-ish plot are offset by strong performances from Ford and Connery and technical bravura. Glasgow Cannon Clarkston Rd. Cannon Parkhead. Cannon iSauchiehall St. Edinburgh: Cannon. Dominion. Central: Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon. Odeon Ayr. Odeon Hamilton. UCI Clydebank.

I It‘s Alive (18) (Larry Cohen. US. 1974) John Ryan, Sharon Farell. 91 mins. Don‘t look now but there‘s a killer baby on the loose! Cult fave Cohen‘s schlocky winner is all the more effective for playing it dead straight. thanks to Ryan‘s sterling performance and a fine Bernard Herrmann score. Edinburgh Cameo.

I ll Lives Again (18) (Larry Cohen. US. 1978) Frederic Forrest. John Ryan. 91 mins. Just when you thought it was safe to look in the pram. there‘s not one but three (count‘em) killer babies on the rampage in

Cohen‘s. er. freewheeling sequel to It's Alive. For fans of the psycho-toddler genre that Mr Cohen has made very much his own. Edinburgh Cameo.

I The Karate Kid Part 3 (PG) (John G. Avildsen. US. 1989) Ralph Macehio. Noriyuki ‘Pat' Morita. Thomas Ian Griffith. lllmins. ln thisinstalment Daniel (Macchio) and his coach Mr Miyagi (Morita) are driven apart when the young martial arts expert agrees against his mentor's advice to take part in another karate tournament. but the source ofthe pressure placed upon him can be traced back to unscrupulous millionaire Silver (Thomas). whose hobby seems to be turning innocent young lads to nastiness. The fight sequences. as ever. are the highlights. but the signs are there ofa certain running out of creative steam. Glasgow: Cannon Parkhead. Odeon. Edinburgh: Odeon. Central: Cannon. Strathclyde: Cannon. La Scala. ()deon Ayr. ()deon Hamilton. UCl Clydebank. I Kick Boxer ( 18) {1' (David Worth. US. 1989) Jean Claude Von Damme. Dennis Alexio. 105 mins. At the International Karate Association‘s Kick-Boxing Championships in Long Beach. California. the brothers Sloane battle it out in pyjamas and bandaged feet. In the wake of Karate Kid} are we witnessingthe revival of the Kung Fu movie? To be Bruce Lee frank about it who needs it'.’ Glasgow Cannon Sauchiehall St. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank.

I Koyaanisquatsi (U) (Godfrey Reggio. US. 1983) 86 mins. Trippy mosaic of contemporary man‘s misuse of his environment. No narrative or commentary. just Philip Glass‘ rippling. evocative score. A hallucinatory. late-night experience. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Land Before Time (U) (Don Bluth. US. 1989) 86 mins. Latest animated feature from Disney graduate Bluth follows the fortune oforphaned



71.3., I




Brontosaurus Littlefoot. who loses his mum to the claw s of a nasty Tyrannosaurus Rex before teaming up with a gang of similarly parentless wee dinos to undertake the hazardousjourney across country to the safety of the Great Valley. Classically drawn and chockful of edifying moral lessons. this is solid entertainment perfectly tailored to the demands of its target audience ofvery young children. Glasgow: Cannon Parkhead. Cannon Sauchiehall St. Edinburgh: Cannon. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. Clydebank UCl.

I The Last Ol England ( l8) (Derek Jarman. UK. 1987) Tilda Swinton. Spencer Leigh. Spring. Derek Jarman. 90 mins. l’art autobiographical study. part examination of post-Empire Britain's decline and fall. this expressive vision of a country edging towards anarchy exudes a technical bravura placed wholly at the service ofa singular painterly sensibility. Edinburgh Cameo.

I Licence To Kill (15) (John Glen. UK. 1989) Timothy Dalton. Carey Lowell. Talisa Soto. Robert Davi. 133 mins. The latest Bond flick has Timbo Dalton once more attempting to act himself back into the shoes of vintage Connery and a straightforward though rather low-powered narrative drive that involves the credible machinations of nasty South American drug dealer Sanchez (Robert Davi). As for the lasses. there‘s ‘I’lain ()ld Bimbo‘ bimbo Soto. the Latin playthingof both men. or there‘s ‘Woman ofthe Eighties” bimbo Carey Lowell. who‘s allowed to have a brain and be feisty; sometimes both at once. In other words. the same old routine. only with more gratuitous sadism and an eye-catching truck chase. Glasgow: Cannon Parkhead. Odeon. Edinburgh: Dominion. ()deon. Central: Caledonian. Strathclyde: UCl Clydebank. I Little Vera ( 15) (Vasili Pichul. USSR. 1988) Natalya Negoda. Andrei Sokolov,

#_J The List 18— 2-1 August 1989 67