, rum/Q». 11 . » ~r I

1. Batman(12) Fri. Sat. Mon 2.10pm.5pm. 7.50pm; Sun 6.50pm; Tue—Thurs 5pm. 7.50pm.

2. Police Academy 6: City Under Seige (PG) Fri. Sat. Mon 2pm. 4.05pm. 6. 10pm. 8.25pm; Sun 7.30pm; Tue—Thurs 6.10pm. 8.25pm.

I CALEDONIAN Almondvalc Centre. Livingston. 0506 33163. £2.20 (Child/OAP£1.20).

1. Licence To Kill(15) 1.30pm (Fri.Sat. Mon only). 5pm. 7.30pm.

2. Batman ( 12) 1.45pm (Fri. Sat. Mon only). 5pm. 7.45pm.

I CANNON Princess Street. Falkirk . ()324 23805. £1.

1. Batman (12) 2.05pm (not Sun).5pm. 8.05pm.

2. Karate Kid 3 (PG) 2.20pm (not Sun). 5.20pm.8.10pm.

3. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) 1.50pm (not Sun). 5pm. 8pm.

I MACROBERT ARTS CENTRE Stirling University. (1786 61081. £2.20(£1.60).

Die Hard (18)(Sun 20 only) 7.30pm.

The Naked Gun (15)(Wed 23 only) 7.30pm. I REGAL North Bridge Street. Bathgate. 0506 634 152. First evening perf: All tickets£l .20. Main evening perf: £2 (Child/OAP/Student/UB40£1.20).

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (PG) 2.30pm (Sat only). 5.30pm. 8.15pm.


I ARTS CENTRE New Street. Paisley. 041 887 1010. £1 .50 (£1 concessions). Highlander ( 15)(Thurs 24 only) 8pm. I CANNON Titehfield Street. Kilmarnock. 0563 37288. £1. 1. Batman (12) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.30pm. 5.40pm. 8.25pm; Sun5. 10pm. 8.15pm. 2. Karate Kid 3 (PG) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.30pm. 5.40pm. 8.25pm; Sun 5.10pm. 8.15pm. 3. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) Fri. Sat. Mon—Thurs 2.05pm. 5.40pm. 8.15pm; Sun 5.10pm.8pm. I KELBURNE Glasgow Road. Paisley. 889 3612. £2.20 ((‘hildJOAPr Student/UB40 £1.20). 1. Batman ( 12) 2pm (Sat only). 5.45pm (not Sun). 8.25pm. 2. Police Academy 6: City Under Seige (PG) 2.30pm (Sat only). 6.30pm (not Sun). 9pm. I LA SCALA Hamilton Street. Saltcoats. ()294 62051 [D] by priorarrangement. £1 .80(Child/StudentXUB4090p; OAP 50p). 1. Batman (12)5.30pm.7.50pm. 2. Karate Kltt 3 (PG) 5.55pm. 8pm. I DDEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr. 0292 264 049. Bar opens 5.30pm every day. [D] (cinemas 2 & 3 only). £2.75 (Child under 15/OAP/Studcnt/UB40£1.50—no concessions for last performance Fri and Sat). Luxury seats available in Cinema 1. price £3.25. 1. Batman ( 12) Fri. Sat 10.30am. 1.05pm. 3.40pm. 7pm. 9.30pm; Sun 1.05pm. 3.40pm. 6.25pm. 9pm; Mon—Thurs 10.30am. 3.40pm. 6.25pm. 9pm. 2. MacAnd Me (U) 11am (not Sun). Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) Fri. Sat 1.15pm. 3.50pm.6.55pm.9.20pm; Sun~Thurs 1.15pm. 3.50pm. 6.35pm. 9.10pm.

I 3. The Land eeIore Time (U )(not Sun)

10.058m. 11.30am.

Karate Kld 3 (PG) Fri. Sat 1pm. 3. 10pm. 5.20pm. 7.35pm. 9.45pm; Sun—Thurs 1.30pm. 3.50pm. 7pm.9.15pm.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I ODEON Townhead Street. Hamilton. 0698 283 802. [D] (cinemas 2 & 3only). Fri/Sat£2.50(Child/OAP£1.40); Sun-Thurs £2.30 (Child/OAP£1 .30). Mon-Fri until 6pm UB40£1.

1. Batman (12) 11.50am. 2.40pm.5.35pm. 8.25pm.

2. Karate Kid3 (PG) 12. 15pm.3. 15pm. 5.45pm. 8.30pm.

3. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) 12. 10pm. 2.55pm. 5.35pm. 8. 15pm.

I UCI CLYDEBANK Clyde Regional Centre Clydebank.04l 951 2022. Perfs commencing before 6pm: £1.75. All evening perfs: £2.50 (Child£l .75). Batman (12) Fri 1.45pm. 4.25pm. 7pm. 9.35pm;Sat 11am. l.40pm.4.15pm. 6.50pm. 9.30pm: Sun—Thurs 1.45pm. 4.25pm. 7pm. 9.40pm.

Karate Kid 3 (PG) Fri. Sun—Thurs 2.30pm. 5pm. 7.20pm. 9.55pm; Sa12. 15pm. 4.45pm. 7. 10pm. 9.45pm.

Licence To Kill (15) Fri. Mon—Thurs 4.15pm.7.25pm. 10.10pm: Sat 1.15pm. 4pm. 7.25pm. 10.10pm; Sun 1.30pm. 4.15pm. 7.30pm. 10.10pm. Mon—Thurs 4.15pm. 7.30pm. 10.10pm.

The Land Belore Time (U) Fri 4pm. 5.55pm; Sat 1.50pm. 4pm. 5.50pm; Sun 2pm. 4pm. 5.45pm; Mon—Thurs 4pm. 5.45 m.

Police Academy 6: City Under Seige (PG) Fri 5.40pm. 8.05pm; Sat 3.30pm. 5.45pm. 8pm; Sun 2.10pm.4pm.5.55pm.8.10pm; Mon—Thurs 5.45pm.8.10pm. The Return ol The Musketeers (PG) Fri 5.30pm. 7.55pm. 10.20pm; Sat 1.30pm. 3.45pm.6pm,8.10pm.10.20pm;Sun 2.45pm. 5pm. 7.40pm. 9.50; Mon—Thurs 5.20pm. 7.40pm. 9.50pm. Mac And Me (U) Fri 2.45pm; Sat 12.30pm. 2.40pm. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) Fri. 2pm. 4.40pm. 7. 15pm. 9.50pm; Sat 1.55pm. 4.30pm. 7. 15pm. 9.50pm. Sun—Thurs 2pm. 4.40pm. 7.15pm. 10pm. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (PG) Fri. Sun—Thurs 2.45pm (not Fri). 5.15pm. 7.35pm. 10.05pm: Sat 5pm. 7.20pm. 9.55pm. Kick Boxer ( 18) Fri 5.30pm. 7.45pm.

10. 10pm; Sat 2.30pm. 5. 15pm. 7.40pm. 10.05pm; Sun 3pm. 5.30pm. 7.50pm. 10.15pm; Mon—Thurs 5.30pm. 7.50pm. 10.15pm. The 'Burbs (PG) Fri 8. 15pm. 10.40pm; Sat 8pm. 10.35pm; Sun—Thurs 8pm. 10.30pm. Beaches ( 15) Fri. Sat 10pm; Sun—Thurs 10.20pm.

Spiderman (U) Sat 10.30am.

See also Strathclyde Lates.

I WMR FILM CENTRE Batik Street. Irvine. 0294 79900. £2 ((‘hild £1 ; ()AP— Mon-Thurs only £1.50). Junior Club matinee (Sat only) £1 (Child 70p). Family ticket (2 Adults. 2 Children) £5.

Batman ( 12) Fri 7pm. 9.30pm: Sat 2.30pm. 7pm. 9.30pm; Sun 8pm; Mon. Tue.Thurs 6pm. 8.30pm; Wed 1.30pm. 6pm. 8.30pm. Mac And Me (U)(Sat only) 12.30pm.


I DDEON Burns Statue Square. Ayr.

1. Batman(12) 11.55pm.

2. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) 11.55pm.

3. Rain Man(15)11.55pm.

I UCI CLYDEBANK1D Clydebank Regional Centre. (Over 18s only).

Fri 18/Sat 19:

Batman (12) Fri 12.10am; Sat 12.05am. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade (PG) Fri. Sat 12.25am.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (PG) Fri 12.25am; Sat 12.15am.

chlt Boxer ( 18) Fri. Sat 12.30am.

Angel Heart ( 18) Fri. Sat 12.20am.

The Exorcist 2: The Heretic ( 18) Fri. Sat 12.30am.




I Open Space (BBC2) 7.30—8pm. The argument is put forward by the Howard League for Penal Reform that fartoo many people are being held on remand-— the number has risen by 130 per cent in the last ten years especially since a high proportion are found not guilty or given non-custodial sentences. Contributions by figures like John Mortimer QC.

I Empty Nest (C4) (F930pm. And the American comedies keep on cqming! This new offering stars the superb Richard Mulligan (Burt from Soap) as a widower with three grown-up daughters and a host of marriage proposals. Despite the atrocious Stateside version of Reggie (Perrin) anything that Mulligan appears in is worth trying.


I The Channel 4 Debate: Football Crazy? (C4) 10—1 1 .30pm. The issues facingthc game today are examined by a panel representing fans. players and government. Fittineg followed by Proc?. a Czech film based on the real story of Sparta supporters going on the rampage on the way to an away match.

I The Trouble with Michael Calne (C4) 10.25—11.20pm. Repeat of the Aspel interview with the star. before an audience filled with faces from his past. Brrrrr!

I Mon Oncle Antoine (BBC2) 11.35pm-1.20am. Directly following an hour-long documentary on the 50th anniversary of the Canadian National Film Board. BBC2 presents one ofthe most acclaimed Canadian movies ofall time. Winner of the Chicago International Film Festival in 1972. it documents the coming to manhood of a yottng boy in a Quebec village in the 1940s.

I The Triple Echo (Scottish) 2.05—3.55am. Glenda Jackson gets horny while her husband is a POW in Japan. Enter Alan Bates. 21 deserter with a taste for farmers‘ wives and the Military Police on histail.


ICountry File (BBCI) 12.30-lpm (repeated Mon 4.35-5.05pm). Country File viewers have been writing in sothat their concerns can be put to the Secretary of State for the Environment. Christopher Patten. who will answer his critics on the programme.

I The Wonder Years (C4) 6.30—7pm. Unconventional American comedy more like a film in flashbacks than a studio-bound sitcom - which won an Emmy Award this year. focused on kids growing up in the early Sixties. Bound to be a cult favourite. so you may as wellstart watching now.

I Equinox: The Delender (C4) 7—8pm. Bob Diemert. believing the arms race is out of control. has always nurtured the dream of developing a flying tank - the Defender— that a blacksmith could build and a monkey could fly. Equinox follows him as. through tremendous adversity. he reconstructs the only flyable Japanese Zero fighter in the world. and test flies his creation. the Defender.

I Harry and Son(BBC1)7.15—9.10pm.

British premiere for the 1984 movie written by. directed by and starring Paul Newman. in which a construction worker. whose leisure time is spent writing and surfing. suffers blackouts and loses his job. then finds his relationship with his son considerably strained.

I The Nature oI Australia (BBC2) 7.30—8.25pm. While the team were making the series they were lucky enough to witness rainfall in Australia‘s arid wastes. some of which can be baked for 25 years between showers. Wildlife emerged that gave a glimpse into the wetter climate the continent once enjoyed.

I The Wannsee Conference (BBC2) 8.55—10.20pm. The Wannsee Conference lasted 85 minutes the length of this film. In the space of that time Hitler and his key personnel legalised the extermination of all Jews in German lebensraum. This award-winning recreation of the proceedings came straight from the stenographer‘s pen. and promises to be as gripping as it is repellent.

I The Endless Game (C4)

10. 15pm—12. 10am. Albert Finney and George Segal star in a major two-part murder and espionage story.


I Universe (BBC2) 7.45—8. 10pm. The single most popular film made by the National Film Board ofCanada. apparently. using special effects togive the impression of actually floating around in the cosmos. Narrator is. appropriately. Douglas Rain. who was HA L 9000in 2001: A Space Oddysey.

I We Love Rice but We Love Democracy More (C4) 9—10pm. Made by a documentary crew that was in China at the time of the Tianenmen Square massacre. this programme loooks at the underlying reasons for the unrest and the possible consequences for Ilong Kong.

I Families at War: The Regiment ( BBCI) 9.30—10.20pm. An uncommonlyclose look at the Green Jackets. based in Northern Ireland for 18 years now.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBC2)

11.15—1 1 .55pm. Tracey McLeod isjoined tonight by Private Eye's lan llislop. who will no doubt have his usual line in withering commentary.


I Sing Country (BBC2) 8—8.30pm. Eight weeks of highlights from the 21st Sing Country festival at Wembley Arena is kicked off by the ‘First Lady ofCountry‘. Tammy Wynette.

IAGitt olthe Gab (BBC2)9.50—10.20pm. The final part of the series looks at how gifted orators adapted to the microphone. Includes some outstanding examples; Dimbleby in Belscn. Gaitskell adressing the Labour Party. David Attenburgh and Alistair Cooke‘s TV commentaries.

I Festival Cinema (Scottish) 10.35—11.05pm. The List‘s Trevor Johnston guides us through the Film Festival in this second and final edition. I The Late Shltt (C4) 12.30—2.45am. A country double-bill. following mother-and-daughter duo The Judds on a five-week tour. and screening Willy Nelson'scclebratory gig in 1988to

7D The List 18 24 August 1989