I NEWS at an embarrassing situation tor the recent Music in Scotland Trust ' seminars, when theyvisited the Salton Studios in Edinburgh. The seminars were heavily sponsored by Tennents Live! (to the extent that at the Glasgow event every Inch oi wallspace, even the toilet doors had TLI posters), yet no one seemed to have told them that the Caiton Studios had recently reverted to being a McEwan’s pub, hence many litcEwan’s posters, and oi course, some oilending and non-removable McEwan's beertaps. The (eye oi brewery politics.

I lilOliE SUSPlOIONS oi anti-Scottish weighting in the most recent Gallup charts, when Gun and The River Detectives, the Iormer with the aid oi a ‘Top oi the Pops’ appearance, both dropped one place in the charts, despite showing an increase in sales overihe previous week. Meanwhile, in the unweighted (as tar as I know) Network Chart, Gun climbed to number 25, and the iiiver Detectives to number All, both considerably higher than the numbers 34 and 52 respectively that they clocked In the Gallup chart. Strange or what?

I THE DOLPHIN ARTS CENTRE, in conjunction with Test Department, dancer Lindsay John and pyrotechnic theatre group Elemental Arts, is to embark on the re-anlmatlon oi the neglected Douiion Fountain on Glasgow Green. along with a procession and concert on 29 and so September. For the musical content, Test Department are looking tor ten drummers (not necessarily proiessionai, just those with a good sense oi rhythm), six pipers and tour or live ‘physical periorrners’ —one Asian, two black and two white. Those interested should contact Gordon Nell on 041 339 2971, and the iirst meeting is at the Dolphin Arts Centre, 7 James Street, Bridgeton on Wed 23 at 7.30pm.

I THE LATEST BAND to be picked up irom the Edinburgh scene by a large record company, amid some months oi speculation and a ‘List’ prolile, ls Slice, who are, quite naturally, awluiiy chuiied. Singer Nick Robertson, his smiley acid T-shiri causing a ripple oi distress among ‘real music’ tans in The Doric, coniided that he expects recording lor Poiydor [Oil is W PHONOGliAml to commence immediately.

I AN INTERESTING RELEASE. expected beiore the and oi the year on island Records, is a compilation oi specially recorded tracks in aid oi the People For Ethical Treatment oi Animals cause. Further slgnitlcance ls given to an already worthy cause by the inclusion oi duets between Natalie Merchant and Michael Stipe, and the reunion oi Go-Go’s Belinda OarIlsIe and Jane Weldlln.

I THE NME seems to have dropped lts ‘Bollocksl' leature, which exposed

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I Various: The Bridge - A Tribute to Neil Young (Caroline). it’s okayto say you like Neil Young now. But mostol the participants in this outstanding collection are keener to remember the less overtly counhy-lnnuenced'rocker oi the Seventies than the backwoods Republican that graced the Live Aid stage, orthe leader oi polished nae band The Blue Notes that he became ior his last album.

Predictably, quite a law have strlven to emulate Young’s distinctive vocal, and, what's more, a number olthem succeed in capturing theshlver that the singer’s plaintive wall Inevitany evokes. Others just grab the song, wrestleittothelloorandiorceittolit them. The most delightful in that sense is Dinosaur Jr’s headlong tumble into ‘Lotta Love’, with a manic Artie Sinatra on vocals and an organ somewhere in the melee. i can’t remember the original, but it probably bears no relation to it at all.

Nick Cave stops and steals the show,

intonlng the barren ‘ilelpless’ like he’s

lived in and passionately hated Ontario all his llle. It's the sort oi expression oi torture that makes even the clock hold back its ticking until the iadeout. Apart irom these are excellent contributions lrorn Pixies, Sonic Youth, ilenry Kaiser - and those are lustthe highpoints. Bet hold oi this. (Alastair Aiabbott)

I Bow Wow Wow: The Best oi (Receiver). Bow Wow Wow's star burned briet indeed. Alierthe inspired ‘OBO coo coo Go’, a pertectshotoi

musicand attitude,theoriginalhurstol


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1 ' ,AnnabellaLeWin’as'an underage sex ‘ltlltenpl'ettylasteleaslllhaeaitlteen

anyeldertbanshewasetthe‘llnie. _ TheerestOireaiiydoesn'thavealotol songsthatmany peopiewillreaiiywaot to hearagaie, butthere are winners. like can and ‘Bo Wild inthe momnmanvmuw , (Alastair-leabbotti ' _ .


I Nee liaw: erggiEP (Basque). The . long-awaited debut vinyl release irom the Edinburgh guitar band its basic production not standing up to _ the moody intensity they can master live. Executives in the biz would say “i

; can'theera‘song there’, and,'w'ithout the immediacy oi a live appearance to

cover it up, I’d have to agree. (AM)

I Soup Dragons: Backwards Dog (new TV). Oi course The Soup Dragons have been wearing tie-dyed T-shirts tor.

. ooh,atieasiayearnow,oreincethey V

decided thatThe Kinks and The . Stooges would be a better combination to loliow than re-treading The ; Buncocitsgreatesthltthlsisthesort oi sub-grebo anthem that is great to

switchollthebrainto,buttheDragons '

areaiwaystooknowlngreallyto convince.(AiAi


Alastair tAabbott chooses the Listen! tilt List.

1. SYNDICATE: Keep (Elli LP)

2. VARIOUS: The Bridge -A Tribute to Neil Young (Caroline)

3. GAVIN FRIDAY: Next (island LP track)

4. ELEPHANT NOISE: Hearsay (demo) was OATEitAN: Ache (What Goes On B. BitDTilEli: Beyond the 16th Parallel (till a Broadway)

7. liEDIiEAD KING-PIN it THE FBI: Do the Right Thing (Ten 45)

a. WORLDWIDE: Weird Kind oi Love (Radio Clyde session) . ~ ~

9. SNELLEYAN OliPilAN: Shatter EP (ltough Trade 12in)

to. Bill BLUE 72: Firewater (demo)

I Ian Foster St James Oyster Bar. Calton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. Dylanish folk. I Seven Eleven Oasis. Victoria Street. 8.30pm. Free. Residency. Rock and blues classics.

I Eric Heretic and The Spooks Pelican. Cowgate. 225 5413. Comedian and band.

I dei Amltrl and Carol Laula The Mayfair. 470 Sauchiehall Street. 332 3872. 9pm. Should be stunning. ifthe new dels album is anything to go by. Apparently their recent live shows have included a cover version of Wendy and Lisa‘s ‘Waterfall‘. impeccable taste. Go early to see Carol


I The Organisation Napoleons. 128 Merrylee Road. 637 5328. 9pm. Free. One time while soulsters Pride. who have changed their name and evolved into a hard rock band just about. An interesting transformation. but not one which has boosted their chances of commercial success.

I Better Backwards and The Kim Beacon Band Saints and Sinners. 272 St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 9pm. £1. A good double bill. with the demo disco as well. Just to clear up any confusion. Saints and Sinners used to be The Buck. and before that it was Saints and Sinners! Talk about going backwards to move forwards.

I Bobby Wishart Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Residency.


I Biues’n'Troubie Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. See Sun 20.

I Sal Paradise Pelican. Cowgate. 225 5413. See Sat 19.

I The Tex Fillet Five Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free. Residency. Spoof country.

I Let Supremos St James Oyster Bar. Calton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. Wide range of covers from blues-based band. I lloakie Flnoekle Oasis. Victoria Street. 8.30pm. Free. Southern Hillbilly.

mumm— Glasgow

I Big Sur Fixx Bar. 86 Miller Street. 248 2859. 10pm. Free. Their first gig for overa year. See panel.

I Naiian Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Residency.


I Gong Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. First of two nights. it‘ll be interestingto see how many hippies come out ofthe closet for this one - combining the veterans with a new generation of acidhcads should keep the Venue busy if not heaving both nights. Mainman Daevid Allen. founder member of Soft Machine and of Gong's psychedelic jazz-rock fusion. released his 22nd LP this year— and that's with a seven-year break in a ‘new age centre‘ in a remote part ofNew South Wales. From the numerous permutations of the band Mother Gong and Gong Maison will be playing sets tonight.

I Nee Haw. Vatican Shotgun Scare and We Are the Men Pelican. Cowgate. 225 5413. Gig organised by the Edinburgh Musicians Collective. See iice Haw review in Listen!

I Tarn White and The Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. The graveliy-voiced Edinburgh blues singer— with echoes of Howlin‘ Wolf. Beefheart and Waits - should be a big attraction. so go along.

I Elephant Noise Oblomov‘s. North Bank Street. The Mound. 2200054. An impressive new demo shows that Elephant Noise are blending their incongruities into some very palatable and accessible rock. I The Booze Brothers Tron Tavern. Hunter Square. 8pm. Free.

80 The List 18— 24 August 1989