McTaggart...or MacTaggart?

There are two famous Scottish painters with the same name. William McTaggart, born in 1835, and his grandson Sir William MacTaggart, who died as recently as 1981.

But'if you guessed that they painted these pictures a century apart, you'd be wrong: they are both the work of the older man.

From early paintings almost Pre-Raphaelite in their brilliant colour and detail, McTaggart defi- antly evolved an innovative style that is strikingly modern in its freedom.

Long acclaimed as Scotland's greatest land-

scape painter but disregarded elsewhere, William

McTaggart is now reassessed in a major exhibition mounted by the National Galleries ofScotlandat the Royal Scottish Academy. He is revealed as an artist

who went beyond Impressionism.



1835—1910 ————-

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11 August to 29 October 1989. Royal Scottish Academy Princes Street, Edinburgh. Admission £2.50 (concessions £1.25). Cafe & Shop. Recorded Information 031—332 4939