I Yokohama Boat Theatre (Festival) St Bride's Centre 225 5756. until 26 Aug. 7.30pm. 24. 26 Aug. 2.30pm. £5.50/£8.

GORILLA This is a composite and entertaining performance. You are witness to a complex of interlaced ideas and ‘media' styles a la Wooster Group. Thrust into a world of l Iawaian delight and animal desire. Dennis the Menace visits Pearl Harbour amongst the mythology of Eden and the atomic bomb. Yet despite all its potential bite this performance lacks an authority of presentation. It is without the hard edged decisiveness required of such work. The blandness ofdelivery was too all encompassing to challenge and excite. Nevertheless. when ‘Marlene Dietrich’ emerges from her gorilla costume this show proclaims its permanence as an act of faith in experimental theatre. Built in the tradition ofthe avante-garde its rye humour and open text give it an edge over most theatre. So go and see it if you‘re interested in this type of work and if you're not. there‘s a gorilla and more to entertain. I Gorilla (Fringe) Ace Art from Canada. Gilded Balloon Studio Theatre (Venue 38). 233 237. Until ZSept. l2.3()pm.£4 (£3).

- eovs LIFE

This 1987 play by David Korder shows the influence of Mamet‘s Sexual Perversify in Chicago. which to my mind it surpasses in characterization if not wit. Scott Kraft is superlatively repellent as Jack. the married (but not very) cynic who dominates buddies Phil. a whining hypocrite. and Don. who marries not to burn. The Walkman. worn to banish the world even without the tape running. and the pile of coats on the bed at a party are the symbols of empty relationships with a semi-Californian degree of awareness. However. the idea that Men Are Boys and some excellent performances did not quite carry me through the length ofthis show. Nor did they carry the numerous kids in the audience. most of whom left after an hour. I would say it‘s Not Suitable for Children. but after

observing a ten year-old in the cafe with his lager and his fag. what do I know about boys' life? (Wes Shrum)

I Boys' Life (Fringe) Festival Theatre USC-USA (Venue 102) 95 Causewayside . 25 .30 Aug. Sep l.4pm.£3(£2).


This entertainment by A. R. Gurney is performed by the accomplished Festival Theatre from the University of Southern California. A party is about to commence. thrown by a college prof whose quest for Perfection has taken this somewhat unusual form. The swellness of the soiree

attracts a social critic who wishes to write the Perfect

Review. But the one is

; likelytoprecludethe other. so the host invents

an Evil Twin to provide the sense ofbarely controlled danger the critic badly needs. The humour derives from a Theatre ofthc Obvious ploy, though saying precisely what‘s on your mind is not what you would expect of a flawless fete (or chrysoline crit for that matter).

Sometimes Broadway plays are more enjoyable without their professional polish. Here the motifof imperfection renders the rough edges gratifying. (Wes Shrum)

I The Perfect Party (Fringe) Festival Theatre USC-USA. 95 Causewayside (Venue 102), 24.29.31 Aug. 4pm. £3 (£2).


rcminiscencesofablack man who lived through


Now I‘m in favor offringe shows that play Dolly Parton at every opportunity. but it‘s sad that the audience for this Beth Henley play consisted mainly of Americans for whom Dolly was enough. The mourning refreshments of Wake were few. despite occasionally funny lines and a superbly-cast lot of characters. Excessive shouting and thrashing about in the first act subsides somewhat after the interval as the women trade stories in the bedroom and the ole boys gin up with the body in the parlour. A pie is brandished once. but lands disappointingly on the floor. Precise details ofJamie's death are a mystery, but I‘ll bet he was chasin‘ one ofthem

stump broke cows after his history manuscript was rejected. This marginal material leads you to think the best thing forthe widow would have been to forget the wake. take her clothes off. and run around the house naked. (Wes Shrum)

I The Wake ofJamle Foster (Fringe) American FestivalTheatre. Royal

Scots Club (Venue 57).

557 5091. Aug. 2 Sept.8pm.£3.75 (£2.75).


If you are at a loose end at 10. 15 in the morning and are in need of some very light relief from your serious fringe programme. the Sablier Theatre Company should at least make you smile. A group of clowns from Dijon. they speak in their own gobbledegook. bang drums. go rooty toot toot on the horn. kiss your hand profusely given the chance. They do a decent version of the Blue Danube and ifyou are lucky enough to be asked up on stage to try your hand on the triangle you will be richly rewarded with a pot of mustard from you know where. Probably more suitable for kids but it depends what gets you through the morning. (Lisa Baraitser) I La Fanfare (Fringe) Sablier Theatre Company. Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41 ) 225 7294. Until 20 Aug.

10. 15am. £3.50 (£3)

SMII IY’S BLUES Using a true story based on the taped

the second world war. the racist Fifties and the turbulent Sixties. Sass Theatre Company have managed to bypass most of the interesting material and in an obviously rushed, last minute project have produced a remarkably sketchy piece. Concentrating on Smitty‘s 23 year marriage to Rebecca. the play traces the birth oftheir son and Rebecca‘s rape and attempts to show their feelings of estrangement from each other and themselves. Thin and putrid writing combined with some very drab acting makes this a botch job to fill a gap. (Lisa Baraitser)

I Smitty's Blues (Fringe) Sass Theatre Company. Richard Demarco Gallery (Venue 22) 557 0707. Until 19 Aug,12.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50).




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