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Next year Glasgow l)ecomes Cultural Capital ol Europe. l Vncter tlie patronage o‘l Her Majesty Tlie Queen, tlie city will l)etl1e plattorm tor Britain's and Europe's most signiticant anal amlfitious cultural event, attracting tlie world’s attention to tlie liistory, cliaracter anct dynamism ot a great European city.

Tliousancls ot special events are planned tor “990 celeln‘ating tlie tact tliat Glasgow is a centre ot European cultural signiticance. \Vitli its vast range ol tacilities and artists now justitial)ly claimed to be tlie most extensive outside London, tlie city will otter a year—long programme ol unprecedented scale, concentrating as mucli upon popular culture, sport, taslnon, design and lieritage as on tile mainstream and contemporary arts.

To receive regular anct up—to—clate programme inlormation on 1990 just write to tile stLtI‘CSS l)elow lor inclusion in tlle Glasgow 199(lMaili11g List.

Glasgow 1990 Mailing List, Festivals k‘llice, City Cliamlwrs, George Square, Glasgow C12 ll)l '.

Tel: 041—227 5—129. Fax: (Ml—.227 5533.