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I woke up. Quickly , I dashed into a of up to TWO HUNDRED AND Royal Bank of Scotland bank. "It . . . it's FIFTYOUID!” “TWO HUNDRED about my account,"|stammered timidly. AND FIFTY OUID!!!” I roared, “I want one!" CATAPULTING!

"Right!" a big bank bloke "Yes. That's 0. U. I. D." in black bags and bomber he spelt speculatively. barked. "Pull up a peasant “CRIKEY! That's good and SQUAT!" enough for ME!” lsquealed.

ldid it! “PLUS!” he boasted,

"You give us your ripping out FOUR FAT GRANT CHEOUE," he FIVERS. “How about some begged blatantly. "And we'll FREE DOSH!?!" pay INTEREST on your “OOOF!” l gasped CURRENT ACCOUNT if shamelessly, opening an you stay in credit." account. “YES PLEASE!”

“Stay in credit?” I “Thanks for listening,” pondered, puzzled as Pooh beamed the bank bloke. in a pot. “What's that?” “Have a nice day."

"It's when your quid's in “I WILL!” lyelled. I DID! the black," he laughed. “But I put my money on a curry.

. , , . ooorsroun FAT ravens: when It s not well give you mg ME! It was hot. Too hot. For ME!


The Royal Bank of Scotland

(lllr‘r upon to lint Hair lull mnc \tmlt'mx upcnmg .m .u \ mm: .unl \lvpmxtmp .I grant t lictlm‘ nr pnwulmu prowl tlmt tmunn l('L‘\ .m‘ bring PJlli lw SH ) or .1 LEA. ()wrtlrult up [0 £23”. for further llllUllllJllUll \VHIL' to 'I‘lw Rum} Hunk nl Stutinnd pit. .5!» \: Andrcw Squaw. Edinburgh HlZ ZYH.

The List 1— 14 September 1989 29