Third Eye Centre, Glasgow, Fri 15 & Sat 16 Sept.

Pearlman and Allen were last seen at the Third Eye two years ago, when they pertormed their own piece entitled That Was Fast, and indeed it was. Energetic and vibrant, the two danced together with a powerful mutual understanding, whirling across the stage in a vital and believable pertormance.

The New Yorkers return with a tusion ot dance and poetry in The Charlie Stories, a crime fiction in which characterisation is drawn through movement. The author 01 the story, represented by the voice oi actor Tom Caylo, provides a loose narration while the two dancers portray Charlie, Angel and the landlady, in what looks set to be a similarly dynamic performance. (Jo Roe)

The Edinburgh Dance Project A new season ofdance classes for all ages arid abilities commenceson 12 Sept with top qualin teachers. including the engaging Sheridan Nicol (Edinburgh's Dancer-in-Residence). Turn tip 15 minutes before each class in comfortable. unrestrictiye clothing. All classes are £2 (£1 ) per session.

Lunchtime Jazz with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 1pm.

Children's Jazz Class 9 yrs and aboye . with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 5pm.

Open Jazz Class (Level 2) with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 6. 15pm; Wednesdays 6pm.

AdultTap (Beginners) with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 7.3iipm.

Jazz (Advanced/Pro) with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays 1 lam.

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Lunchtime Tap with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays 1pm.

Children's Tap 9 yrs and above. with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays 5pm.

Open Jazz (Level 2) with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays 6pm.

Contemporary Dance Workshop with various teachers. Wednesdays 7.30pm.

Absolute Beginners Jazz with Raymond Kaye. 'l’hursdays 5.3(lpm.

Jazz (Elementary) 14 yrs and above. with Sheridan Nicol. Fridays noon. Contemporary Dance Workshop (Intermediate) with guest teachers. Fridays 2.30pm.

JuniorYouth Dance Company with Sheridan Nicol. Fridays 5pm. Experimental/lmprovisational Dance with Alan (irieg. Saturdays 1 lam.

I EPWORTH HALLS Nicolson Square. phone 2291071 for into.

All classes are taught by Tracy Hawkes. director 01 SPRING and a member 01 Khoros Dance Theatre and are £2.50 (£2) per session.

Contemporary/Jazz tor Adults Mondays 6.30pm: Saturdays 12.45pm.

Tap for Adults Tuesdays 6. 3(ipm.

Ballet lorAdults (Intermediate) Wednesdays 6.30pm and Saturdays

1 1.45am.

There are yarious ballet. modern. jazz and

tap classes for children front 3— 16 yrs. Anyone interested in joining SPRING l.othian Youth Dance (‘ompany should phone Tracy Ilawkes at the above number for audition details.

I GRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE 22 (iracemount l)riye. 658 1941). Allclasses are £1 .75 (911p) per session and are heldon a casual basis for women only.

Aerobics Monday Iii-1 lam. Free creche. Fitness Weights for over 40s Mondays.

lll- noon. Free creche.

Fitness Weights 14-18 yrs. Wednesdays 6-»7pm.

Aerobics Beginners. Wednesdays 7—8pm. Aerobics lnterrnediate. Wednesdays S—Opm.

Fitness Weights Wednesdays. 7—9pm. Aerobics Fridays. 11). ll)— ltl.5t)am. Free creche.

Stretch and Tone Gentle Exercise Fridays.

l l--l 1.30am. Free creche.

Fitness Weights Saturdays. Ill-noon. Free creche.

I ELCHAT From 13 Sept there will be a series of classes and workshops for all ages and abilities. allover Iiast l.othian. Phone Stephanie Sellie on (131 665 371 1 ext 244 for details.

DANCE ATTIC King's Theatre. Leyen Street. Phone Sheridan Nicol on 228 5401 or 22‘) 48-10. ext 133. for details.

Senior Youth Dance Company Auditions Wed 6 Sept. 5pm. Relaxed auditions are held for anyone aged 13 and over who would like to take part in the Senior Youth Dance (‘ompanyx No dance training is


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I Kids aims to provide into about eventsin and around Edinburgh and Glasgowtor children and young people. Please send details not later than 10 days betore

. publication.

Activities and Fun

I BLACKSHAW FARM PARK West Kilbride. North Ayshire. (1563 34257.

Tired of busy (ilasgow‘? Then have a day out on the farm. Blackshaws is a working (and playing) farm with daily demonstrations of dipping and shearing sheep. milking the cows and feeding the calves. Visit the peacocks. ponies. red deer. rabbits. ducks and donkeys. Tractor and trailor rides available and older children and adults can don helmets and ride round on three and four-wheeler motor bikes. Outdoor play areas arid under cover play space when wet. Take wellies just in case. Kids £1 .2(); Adults


As Edinburgh Zoo launches their major architectural competition tor a new penguin enclosure, we announce our very own penguin competition for all children under the age 01 fourteen.

Wanted! Ideas tor a desirable residence tor large tamin (over 100). Requirements; nursery accommodation (new arrivals number over 50 each year), swimming pool, spacious area tor relaxing and parading about torvisitors. No wardrobe storage required family wears wet suits and flippers all year round.

The ‘large tamily' are penguins who have lived in Edinburgh Zoo since l914, when the Christian Salvesen company brought some over from the Antarctic in their whaling boats. Three species, Gentoo, King and Rockhopper make up one at the largest penguin colonies exhibited in the world. The daily ‘penguin parade‘in the zoo grounds is one of the main attractions to visitors and some of the colony paraded nationwide - starring in one or the earliertelevision advertisements tor a well-known chocolate biscuit.

In July Edinburgh Zoo launched a £500,000 appeal, ‘Preserve Our Penguins' (P.0.P.) and now the Royal


Name ................................... .. Address ................................. ..

Age ...................................... ..

£1 .80. or £5 per car. ()pen every day except 'I‘tiesdays.

I EASTWOOD BUTTERFLY KINGDOM Rouken (ilen. 62(i 2118-1.

Tropical atmosphere created indoors to make hundreds of butterflies happy. Things that you‘d hate to find in your bath scorpions. tarantulas ~ are safely housed in the Insect Kingdom. l.eaye eardiesin the car. it's a hothouse. ()pen every day. “lam—5.30pm. Kids£l;Adults£1.5ii.

I KELBURN COUNTRY CENTRE ()n the A78 between Largs and Fairlie. (1475 568685. Plenty to do here. adventure trail in linchanted Wood. stockade playground. commando assault course. animal and pets” corner. pony trekking (must be booked).

Open daily ltlam—6pm. Kids £1 .21); Adults £1.S().(l-'amily ticket £6).

I WATERSTONE'S BOOKSELLERS 132 linion Street. 221 (Will.

Magic Workshop Meet Michael Breck. 1313("s ‘lfntied Shoelaces Show“ and

Zoological Society 01 Scotland and the Royal Incorporation ol Architects in Scotland have announced details or their competition open to architects in the UK to design a new penguin enclosure.

KIDS page would like our younger readers to send in a drawing or painting illustrating their ideas lorthe zoo’s new penguin home. Entries will be judged by one at the penguin keepers and the Kids Page Editor. Three winners will each receive a PCP pack containing sweatshirt, car-sticker and badge, a tamin ticket to the zoo, and a chance to teed the penguins.

Winners will be announced on 26 Oct, and their entries displayed in the new centre opening shortly in the zoo. Don't delay!

The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH11TE.


“The List 1— 14 September 1989