TUESDAY 5 Glasgow

I Glasgow Songwriters Cooperative Glasgow Arts Centre. Washington Street. 221 4.526. 8pm. 2nd oitwoweekly meetings. Definitely not restricted tofoik song. All songwriters welcome. For more details phone Brian Rutherford. 956 1783 or Danny Carroll. 64? 2814.

I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 1011). 8pm. Free.


I Penicuiit Folk Club Navaar Hotel. Bog Road. 8pm. Singers‘ night.

I leeass Cellar No 1. Chambers Street. 9pm. Guitar. keyboards and biuesvocais in great new basement wine barvcafe music

I Seannachie Ensign Ewart. Lawnmarket. near the Castle. 9—12pm. Free. Good Scots band plays weekly residency.

I Miro L'Attache, basement of Rutland Hotel. West End. Resident folk band. flutes. fiddles and mainly lrish.

I Feel/Calais Canny Mans. Morningside Road. Evening. The girl writes the contemporary sounding songs. the guy plays second guitar.


I Merchant City Folk Club Blacklriars. 45 Albion Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. 8pm. Flees Gallagher and Paul Guadros.

I Foik Session liait Bar. Woodlands Road. 332 1210. Evening. instrumental music on fiddle. accordion etc.

I Scotia Folk Scotia Bar. Sttickwcll Street. 552 8681. 8.3(ipm. Live acoustic music. Tonight Ian Walker.


I Edinburgh Folk Club Osbourne Hotel.


it's well understood that the iolk club description oi a singer pertormlng 'contemporsry songs' means that they were either written in the early aeventles or sound as it they were. Anti-war. socially conscious end with a tendency towards navel gazing. the songs can perhaps be made Interesting by the singer, sometimes the melody, more rarely the lyric.

or the handlui oi true crattsmen stlll plying theirtrade (I tirst heard him singing at Carllsle Art School In 1989) round the club or iestivai circuit, Alan Taylor Is one at the most sell critical. ills Phd studies in ethnomusicology help. And his researches into the philosophy oi song writing. Not that the academic approach will neccessarlly create a good song. out it will lilter out the clichés, cut away the obvious, and in his case reveal a remarkable talent.

Lines, his last album, was inspired by the late aruce Chatwin's beautltul book Songllnes, which wove a story around the song myths oi the aboriginal Australians.

\ g. Allied to his songwriting. Taylor has a line, clear and clean guitar style with a warm voice and a comiortable way with an audience, and as last week’s sold-out concert at the Edinburgh Festival's Acoustic Music Centre attested, remains a lavourite ol all ages. He plays Glasgow (Black Bull Hotel, Mllngavle), on 8 Sept atapm. (Norman Chalmers).

York Place. 556 5577. 8pm. £2.5t1(£1.5()). Great opening night after the Festival has a superb group from the North that includes Gaelic singer Christine Primrose. pipers Duncan Macoiillvray and Davey Garrett. iiddlers Duncan Chisholm and lain Macaeath. and mandolinist and tunesmith David (Dagger) Gordon. Collectively known as I Highland Connection.

I Rod Paterson St James Oyster Bar. Calton Road. 9pm. Easy Club‘s vocalist.



Early ’tll Late

37 Queen Street

041-221 8758


I Feel Queen Street Oyster Bar. corner of Queen and Dundas Street. Evening. Young North American female songwriter. with second guitarist.

THURSDAY 7 Glasgow

I Star Folk Club Glasgow Society Of Musicians. 73 Berkeley Street. beside MitchellTheatre. 8pm. £1.50. Tom Gillellon is a fine singer from Northumberland.


I East St James Oyster Bar. Calton Road. 9.30pm. Free. North

American Scandinavian songwriter now resident in Edinburgh. here solo with guitar.

I Nitten Folk Club Dean Tavern. Newtongrange. 8pm. Gaberlunzic.

I Absent Friends L'Attache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West lind.



I Rowanlree Folk Club Rowantr‘cc inn. By Uddingston Cross. L'ddingston. 9—11.45pm.£1. Martin-Lynn Close harmony duo George Martin and Phil Lyncss with friends.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. oil Clyde Street. 248 3144, 9.3(ipm. £3. live band. Very popular.


I Maltese Folk Festival Corn taxetittiige. Melt'ose. 8pm illlll. Concert and Dance with lloitviit's Awatiitus and the l‘tllilltll')’ liar Band.

I elssm Jenny l’lutlot'rn 1.1tutlunti Street. 225 24.1.1. livening l’ub tolk banti

SATURDAY 9 Glasgow

I Traditional Music and Song Association Session Scotia Bar. Stockweli Street. 552 868i . 2.30—5.31)an

I Scottish Fiddle Orchestra City 1 iails. Candleriggs. 8pm. .lohn Mason leads the bunch in the ‘l‘iddier's Party‘

I Victoria oar Bridgegate. 552 61140. 9pm. Live instrumental music.

I Scotia Folk Scotia Bar. StockwcH Street.

552 8681. 8.30pm. Live music.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. of! Clyde Street. 248 3144. 9.30pm. £3. Regular weekly dance.


I Melrose Folk Festival (‘orti i-Lxehunge und'l'own Centre venues. Melrose. All day event with Morrisduneers. Nortlunnbrittn pipe workshop. pipe bands arid concerts including Dick (iaughun and Seannachie. Late night dance to world music outfit Los Pedritos.

I West End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. Gaels hotel in the capital. Accordion/guitar in the bar.



I Victoria BarBridgegate. 5526(14(1.9pm. Session.

I Scotia Folk Scotia Bar. Stockwcll Street. 552 8681. 8.30pm. Live music.


I Melrose Folk Festival Sation Hotel and Town Square. Melrosc. l 1.45am—4pm. Free. Mummers play. singaround and dance. tor last day ol the ics‘tivai.

8pm-- 1 am.

I Youngs Music Club l.eamington Terrace. 9.30pm. Slip. Live acoustic music. lnfo662 430‘).

I Muckie Ado L‘Attachc. basetnent of Rutland Hotel. West iind oi' Princes Street. 9pm. Free. Cheerful singalong pub iolk.


I Travelling Folk BBC Radio Scotland. 8—9.25pm. Archie Fisher presents

Giords news and live recordings. asgow

I Victoria Bar Bridgcgate. 552 6(14tl,9pm. Weekly session.


I Linlithgow Folk Club Black Bitch Tavern. West Port. Linlithgow. 8pm. Tonight singer mandolinist and very good concertina player Steve Turner.

I Session Night The Green Tree.

Cow gate. Evening. Bar till 1am.

I FolkAt L‘Attache l.‘:\ttache. basement of Rutland Hotel. West [ind oi Princes Street. 9pm. Acoustic traditional music round the piano.

I Fiddlers Arms (irassmarket. lis cning. Scottish music on squeeze boxes and fiddle.

TUESDAY 12 Glasgow

I Glasgow Songwriters Cooperative Glasgow Arts Centre. \‘t'ashington Street. 221 4526. 8pm. 2nd ottssovyccki)‘ meetings. Definitely not restricted totolk song. All songwriters welcome. l-'ormorc details phone Brian Rutbei'lord. 956 1783 or Danny Carroll. M? 2814.

I Paisley Arts Folk Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 llilli, 8pm. i‘rec. aanlo Cocktail.


I Jiveass ( ~ciiat .\'o l.(‘iianibets Street. ‘ipni. (iuilui . keyboards and blues vocals iii great new iutsettieiit wine bar eaie music venue.

I Penicqu Folk Club Nuvaui lloiei. llog Road 8pm. Singeis' night

I 8esnnachle liltstgll taunt-t. l.lthllllitl‘kcl. near the Castle. 9 12pm. Free. Songs and instrumentals from top Scots i'olk band.

I Feel Canny Mans. Morningside Road. livening. North American icmale songwriterand acoustic guitarist. and (‘aiaison second guitar.

I Folk Music Nights Milnes Bar. lianover Street. 8.3(1—1 lprn. Admission free. Song and tunes from regulars. visiting musician

48 The List 1 14 September 1989