I His Latest Flame Pearce Institute.8-fl) (iovan Road. 8.30pm. £2.50 (£1 .25). A benefit gig organised by the (iovan Unemployed Workers (‘entre to raise funds for a youth exchange between (iovan and Dehli next year. Apart from a worthwhile cause. this is a good chance to hear songs from Ilis Latest Flarne's forthcoming album.

I The Bachelor Pad and The Church Grims Hollywood Studios. 9 Brown Street. 248 6606. 10.30pm. FavouritesofRadio Scotland's Beat Patrol. The Bachelor Pad play a fairly rare gig. while the Church (irims have always been a better than average band who have never really had much to show for the fact.


I The Inspiral Carpets Venue. (‘alton Road. 5573073. See panel.

I Bananas Fringe ('lub. 'I’eviot Row. Bristo Square. 226 5257 9. Midnight. Free with Fringe (‘lub membership (£3.50). Now down to a seven-piece. but still a fine way to round off the Festival. (iet down and get with it with sortie Afro-Caribbean sounds.

I Vatican Shotgun Scare and The Pralines Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. 8pm—midnight. Free.

I The Holidaymalters Basin Street. Haymarket Terrace. 337 1006. 8pm—midnight. Indie hopefuls at the currently happening venue around town. I After Eight Mince Palace I 10th. ('astle Street. 9.30pm—midnight. £2.50. Jazz-funk.

I Makossa (TBC) Negociants. Lothian Street. 2256313. 9.45pm. Free. Infectious reggae. soul and African-tinged group. I Fjaere Nilssen Trader Vic‘s. Victoria Street. 2256569. Free. Residency. Swedish-American folk singer gigging a lot in the coming fortnight. with a folky style that has its roots more in the States than in singalongs at the Rowantree Inn.. I The Brothers Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after9pm.

I Last Minute Lord Darnley. West Port. 229 4341. 10pm. Free.



I Inspiral Carpets and Bridewell Taxis Glasgow (‘ollege (ofTechnology ). 70 Cowcaddens Road. 3320681. 9pm. Last time round (February) the Inspiral Carpets pulled out of a gig they were due to play at Strathclyde with the Shamen. so this is a chance for them to make it ttpto their growing number offans.

I The Big Parade I Ialt Bar. 160Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Competent. and improving. local band who. for some reason. seem to play 90 per cent oftheir gigs at the Halt.

I Barky Barky Saints and Sinners. 272 St.Vincent Street. 221 5279. 9pm. £2. First gig in Glasgow since support slot with the Shamen.


I Balaam and the Angel Bedrock Club. Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. Survivors from the heyday of goth. Balaam have.of course. gone the same route as the rest of them and plumped for the chunkychords of mainstream heavy rock.

I Feel and The Refugees and Occasional Rain Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. £1 after 9pm. You mayalready have heard great things about Feef‘s vocal


prowess. and it might not be a bad idea to get along here before the rest of the world joins in.

I Sharlot and The Rogues Negociants. Lothian Street. 2256313. 9.45pm. Free. Deranged psychobilly. Iixcellent live act. I After Eight Mince Palace Hotel. (‘astle Street. 9.30pm—midnight. £2.50. Jazz-funk.

I Bulb Cormorant Lord Darnley . West Port. 229 434 l. Afternoon. Free. Laid-back listening to digest the lunch to. I Driving Sideways l,ord Darnley . \Vest Port. 22943-11. 10pm. Free. Rockand blues.


Glasgow I Hearts and Minds and Love State

Videodrome. 33 39 York Street. 221 0-14] . £2. Enough has been said here about Hearts and Minds. but this could be an important gig for them. Support band. Love State. come recommended.

I Field of Vision Minstrels. 67 Broomielaw. 20-13698. 8.30pm. Free. To quote frorn their press release: '(ilasgow techno-rockers unveil a new female backing vocalist and totally new show.’


I Holocaust Moshpit. Venue. ('alton Road. 557 3073. 7.30—11pm. ()neofthe more upwardly-mobile thrash combos around. ('entre-page spreads beckoning. I After Eight Mince Palace Hotel. Castle Street. 9.30pm—midnight. £2.50. Jazz-funk.

Slide, Barrowland, Glasgow, Sat 9. Playing hard rock may no longer be the social leprosy it has been in past years, but it’s a definite advantage to namecheck Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Sly Stone as formative influences, as Slide’s vocalist Grant Richardson does. The Glasgow group’s debut single on Phonogram Records, ‘Why is it a Crime’, shows how important it is to them that solid riffs are held up by hummable melodies. Elsewhere, they let their love of groups like AC/DC and the spacier Free pour out in a slurry of blues licks and suspended fourths.

‘lt’s like we’ve crossed the line between soul singing and keeping the edge from the rock backing,’ puts forward Grant, whose leanings towards black music are contrasted live and on record with the gutsier approach of guitarist Kenny Paterson, bassist Scott Fraser and drummer Richard Hynd.

The partnership has been in existence for three years, after Grant and Scott looked at the other members in their band and decided that they weren't as serious about what they were doing as Kenny and Richard. Luckily, Kenny and Richard felt the same way about their band. It is, Grant claims, a democratic set-up, with all songs co-written.

Along with Gun, with whom they've just finished touring around the North of Scotland and parts of England, they're at the forefront of the city’s current wave of melodic rock bands, and as Gun were before them, they’re the support group on their labelmates Texas’s current tour. Over the past year and a half, since they were signed to



Phonogram, they’ve been concentrating on recording their first album, which should be out next month, entitled ‘Down So Long’. Being based down south much of the time, they found their first attempt at recording it didn’twork out, ‘so we just thought we’d get back to our roots and record in Glasgow with the producer we’d recorded our early demos with. So it was much more natural because we were working from home, and we were able to work much faster, recording the way we wanted to record.

‘lt's hard recording away from home. Both times we recorded it was in a residential studio, which was recording, eating and sleeping in the same place for six weeks solid. And you lose your perspective, and can't think what you’re doing eventually.’

What they’re doing now is gathering up as large a ‘fan-base’ from live shows as possible, and Grant is especially looking forward to the Town and Country Club in London. He likes the hustle and bustle of the metropolis, but since the band’s repertoire currently stands at about fifteen or sixteen songs, eleven of which are on the album, he should maybe cool it down a little.

‘We just write whenever we’ve got time,’ he admits. ‘Like a day here or there when we’re not doing anything else. When we get a day off we’ll start a song, and finish it the next time we’ve got spare time.’

If they’re hoping to emulate the success of their friends Texas they’ll find spare time a cherished memory for the next few months. (Alastair Mabbott)

MONDAY 4 Edinburgh

I The Indian Givers Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. ()n the very day that their debut album is released by Virgin. the (rivers play the set that they'll be playing on their upcoming support slot to Danny Wilson. plus all the material that they won't have the time to fit in.

I Storm Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263816. 9.30pm. Free.

I Johnny Sunbeam Negociants. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free.

I Ian Foster St James ()yster Bar. (‘alton Road. 557 2925. 9pm. Dylanish folk.

I Seven Eleven ()asis. Victoria Street. 8.30pm. Free. Residency. Rock and blues classics.



I Up Napoleons. I28 Merrylee Road. 637 5328. 9pm. Free. Hopefully the recent spate of gigs will have produced the necessary progress to make l'p serious contenders.

I Radium Cats and The Creeping Charlies Saints and Sinners. 272 St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 9pm. £1. Plus demo disco. Now featuring one (ilasgow band and one Iidinburgh band. with the same two bands playing in Iidinburgh later. The Radium (‘ats are rockabilly from Iidinburghwv hile the ('reeping (‘harlies have been around (ilasgow for ages. I remember seeing them support Kevin McDermott in the (iorbals (‘ommunity ('entre on a freezing cold night three years ago. So there.

I BUDDY Wishart I Itilt Bar. 160\Voodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Residency.


I Black Sabbath Playhouse 'I‘heatre. (ireenside Place. 557 2590. 7.30pm. £9. £8. With Tony Iornrni and ('ozy Powell in the ranks. you can expect a decent turnout along with a horde ofwide-eyed youngsters. eager to pay their respects to the band that introduced Satanisrn to metal and changed their lives forever.

I The Rootsie Tootsie Band Preservation Hall. Victoria Street. 2263816. 9.30pm. Free. Rockin' blues.

I The Tex Fillet Five Negociants. Lothian Street. 2256313. 9.45pm. Free. Spoof country.

I Los Supremos St James Oyster Bar. 557 2925. 9pm. Free. Wide range ofcovers from blues-based band.

I Hoakie Finoakie ()asis. Victoria Street. 8.30pm. Free. Southern Hillbilly.


I Bobby Bingham Fixx. so Miller Street. 248 2859. 10pm. Free. ()ne-time bass player vocalist in Facade (remember them?) now embarking on a solo career. I Naifan Halt Bar. 160 Woodlands Road. 332 1210. 9pm. Free. Residency.


I Firehose Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. (iood to see the former Minutemen (plus Iid-from-Uhio. who turned upon their doorstep demanding to fill the late Dennes Boon's shoes) back in town again. Both times they've played in Scotland they‘ve turned in superb sets. with an intelligent and totally unclassifiable hybrid music. If you‘re keen to know why bassist Mike Watt is the missing link between hardcore and jazz. 1 leave you no choice but to come here tonight.

I Dave Robb Negociants‘. Lothian Street. 225 6313. 9.45pm. Free. Folk-influenced

The List 1— 14 September 1989 51