I You Don't Have to Die (BBCZ) 9.40-10.05pm. Moving and hopeful Oscar-winning documentary ofa six-year-old boy from Minnesota who suffered from Burkitt's Lymphoma and survived to write My Book for Kids with Cansur.

I The Sweet Smell of Success ( BBC‘Z ) 1005—] 1.45pm. This week‘s Moviedrome isthe 1957 larger-than-life film ofa megalomaniac gossip columnist (Burt Lancaster) who enlists an ambitious press agent (Tony Curtis) to break up his sister‘s romance with a jazz musician. Tremendous photography recommends it. I Play itAgain. Sam (C-l) 1 lpm—12.4t)am. One of Woody Allen's most successful comedies. in which he stars as the film critic obsessed with Humphrey Bogart. Stalwarts Diane Keaton and Tony Roberts are by his side.


I Hudson and Halls (BBCI ) 3. til—3.35pm. Yes. those camp cooks are at it again. in the most watchable food programme since Floyd realised that hitting the bottle could be a career move. Guest today ts former Navy cook Ernie Wise. who once rejoiced in the name ‘King ofthe Dumplings’.

I The Krypton Factor (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. New series of the toughest quiz showon British TV.

I Watchdog (BBCl ) 7.30—8pm. What is toxoplasmosis. why is it dangerous to pregnant women and why does the British medical establishment take it that much less seriously than its European counterparts?

I Cody ( BBCZ) 7.40—8. 10pm. The flamboyant showman-turned-aviator who made Britain's first powered flight. 81 years ago. is the subject of this two-part film.

I Iran: The Other Story (C4) 9—1tlpm. It may seem surprising. but Iran has always had an active left wingopposition. mobilised by the disgraceful reign of the Shah. Since his return. Khomeini has purged the left that did so much to depose the Shah. This film. tnade by lranians. isa timely shedder of light on an issue that raises strong emotions.

I Panorama (BBCl ) 9.30—10pm. Mrs Thatcher has seen to it that Her Majesty's Government are one of the TopTen advertisers in the country. Panorama investigates the campaigns to sell water privatisation. the ‘Action forJobs’ campaign and the launch of this year‘s NHS review.


I Wildside (BBCI ) «1.35—5pm. Ecology programme aimed at children who want to know more about how they can protect their environment.

I The Vet (BBCl ) 8.30—9pm. A camera crew followed Highland vet George Rafferty on his rounds fora year and came up with a full series in which the vet treated everything from hamsters to bulls and donkeys.

I Taggart (Scottish) 9—10pm. The staggeringly popular Glasgow crimefighter. played by Mark McManus. returns for a three-part story on the murder of a social worker.

I Beautiful Days (C4) 11.30pm—2.20am. There's a documentary feel to Fritz Lehner's film about growing up as a farm labourer in rural Australia. and sympathetic handling ofthe non-professional actors in the film as the central character of the young boy goes through hardships and humiliations.


I Dr Who (BBCl ) 7.35—8pm. Time Warp.’ Not only does the haughty Brigadier make a comeback. but the Doctor is also reunited with his old Model T Ford. Bessie. Warlike beings from another universe pop in to give them all a hard time. but that‘s par for the course.

I ScreenPlay: The Hen House (BBCZ) 9.25—10.3()pm. Frank McGuinness. winner of the London Standard Most Promising Playwright Award. penned this play. set on a remote Eire smallholding in the 1950s. Sinead Cusack is Lily. a widow with a horrific past. Judging by the programming this week. she was probably an SSagent.

I Bounty Hunters(BB(‘1)9.3()—1t).2()pm. The bounty hunters of the title are agents who repossess people who‘ve jumped bail. Leonard Padilla. the Sacramento-based bounty hunter interviewed in the film. underwrites around 40 million dollars of bail a year. and claims 100 per cent success rate. Many cx-felons join up forthe adrenalin rush of doing a perfectly legal job like this.


I In Sickness and in Health ( BBCI) 8.30—9pm. Seven more slices in the life of the immortal Alf Garnett. no less than 23 years after his first TV appearance. Alf plots marriage to his downstairs neighbour to get a cheap house from the ‘loonv left'council. '

I Brass (C4) 8.30—9an The country will resound with impressions ofself-made Northern men once Timothy West gets into his stride as Bradley J lardacre in this 13-episode repeat ofthe Granada comedy.

I Coded Hostile (Scottish) 8.30—10pm. The Korean Airlines Jumbo: was its destruction by Soviet fighters a mistake or deliberate provocation? Tonight‘s ‘real-life drama‘ professes to have some of the answers.

I Police Squad (BBCZ) 9—9.25pm. Well. I don't know about anyone else. but my sense of humour's basic enough for me to laugh like an idiot at the Airplane movies. That’s why this new American comedy. from the makers of that and Tht'Naked Gun is welcome to drop in.

I A led and Two Houghts((‘4)<)—11.15pm. Watching Peter Greenaway's seriously weird movie is like finding oneself in a labyrinthine zoo of decomposing corpses. The constant obsessions with decay. duality and symmetry are not for the timid. but it's a hell ofa rollercoasterif you can take it.

I A Vision of Britain ( BBCI) 10.15—11.35pm. Another chance to see the Prince of Wales‘ documentary on British architecture that raised so many hackles within the profession but struck such a chord in the British public that his popularity rocketed overnight.

I NB (Scottish) 1035—] 1.05pm. Withthe Festival over. Bryan Burnett. Alan Campbell and Janice Forsyth return to a more general look at the artsand entertainments in Central Scotland.

I Tales Out 01 School (Scottish)

1105—1 1 .35pm. Muriel Gray. Tom Conti. Margo MacDonald. Douglas Weir and others get together to discuss Scottish education. and how it might be improved.

A Zed And Two Houghts, Thurs 7 Sept.


I Five Women Painters (C4) 6.30—7pm. The first subject is Winifred Nicholson. who attempted to balance her life with art. and is the only artist of the series to have children. whatever that implies. I Autobiographies: The Enigma oi Bobby Bittman(BBC2)10.05—10.35pm.Firstof three showcases of new American comedy talent. Bittman is the adopted identity of comic Eugene Levy. I Saturday Matters (BBCl) 1035—1 1 .20pm. For the next 10weeks. Sue Lawley talks about a different theme with various guests. Tonight. the Duchess of York. Cliff Richard and Roald Dahl discuss childhood. I Eureka (BBCZ) 10.35pm—12.50am. A new series of Film Club. introduced by critic Nigel Andrews. begins with Nic Roeg‘s seldom-screened 1982 movie about a gold striker murdered by Mafia hoods. I extord Blues (Scottish) 11.05pm—12.50am. Rob Lowe didn't do himself any favours by agreeing to star in this 1984 American film about an LA casino worker who wins enough money to go to study in Oxford.

1 ' | I American Football (C4) 5.30—6.30pm. Back for an eighth season. presented by Mick Luckhurst. Highlights in early evening. with the showing ofa fullgame between Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals at 10pm. I Bread (BBC1)8.35—9.05pm. Seven more slices of the Boswells. with new actors Graham Bickley playing Joey and Melanie Hill playing Aveline. I Bryan Ferry in Europe: New Town (BBCZ) 9.05—10pm. Bryon his first European tour for five years. I Screen One: One Way Out ( BBCI) 9.05—10.40pm. New season of plays. or ‘feature film dramas'. this one starring Bob (Edge of Darkness) Peck. Denis (Local Hero. Dead Head) Lawson and Lesley Nightingale. I The Trouble with Joan Collins (Scottish) 1010—] l . 10pm. The glamorous granny lets Michael Aspel and an invited celebrity audience into her confidence. and talks about her ‘trouble‘. I Sunset Boulevard (BBCZ) 10.40pm—12.35am. Moviedrome‘s last gasp in the current run isthe l9508illy Wilder classic.


I The European Artistic Bollersltatlng Championship (C4) 5—6pm. No doubt the next pursuit to be popularised by Channel 4. Hope you‘re all doing this at home.

I Del II: Gimme Eight(BBC2) 7.10—7.40pm. Eight great youth TV shows from around the world. Don't miss a single second ofthis for the next eight weeks. Well. you can ifyou like.

I Atterthe Earthquake (C4) (Htlpm. The earthquake in Mexico City a few years ago did more than wreck the city; the upheaval


overturned half a century of political domination by the ruling party.

I St Elsewhere (C4) 10—11pm. Sixth and last (already!) series ofthe popular hospital drama begins.

I The Still of the NIght(BBC1) 10.10-11.40pm. Robert Benton directs Meryl Streep and Roy Scheider in Hitchcock mode in this 1982 murder thriller.

I Warhol Cinema 1963—68: Mirrortorthe 608(C4) 11pm—lZ.lSam. Documentary with self-explanatory title. followed by the film My Hustler(1968).

IThe Late Show (BBCZ) 11.15—1 1 .55pm. Returning after the Edinburgh Nights sojourn.


I Love. Women and Flowers (C4) ‘Flllpm. The flower industry is Colombia‘s third largest industry (see if you can guess what the other two are). This documentary by the late film-maker Jorge Silva (d. 1987) is on the 60.000 women that make up its labour force.

I The Last ol the Blue Devils (C4)

12.30—2. 10am. Bruce Ricker‘s film about Kansas City in the 203 and 30s. taking asits subject musicians like Count Basic and and Big Joe Turner.


I A Dilterent World (C4) 6-6.30pm. Spinoff comedy from The Cosby Show returns. and Denise Huxtable is hanging in there at college.

I The White Man’s Burden (C4) 6.30—7pm. The next part of The March of Time chronicles. with newsreel film. the decline and fall ofthe British Empire 1935—5 1.

I Survival Special (Scottish) 9—10pm. 10.30—11.30pm. Should Antarctica. the Earth’s final frontier. by preserved or exploited? Stunning photography and the measured narration of Anthony Hopkins. I Matisse. Vovages(C4)9.15—10. 15pm. Award-winning film tracing the effect on Matisse‘s work of his journeys to Tangiers. Tahiti and New York. The following two programmes look at Dufy and Cezanne.

I Inside Story (BBC1)9.30—1().20pm. Yuuucchh! A dream consultant listens to the dreams ofchildren from across racial and religious boundaries and finds the most common image is Freddy Kreuger! Creepy stuff.

I What's Up, Doc? (Scottish) 11.35pm—1.20am. Relatively amusing Peter Bogdanovich comedy in which a very straight musicologist played by Ryan O‘Neal finds himself constantly dogged by trouble brought on by a Bugs Bunny in human form. Barbra Streisand.

I The Jews at London ( C4) 2—2.30pm. First national screening for this four-part series. which has already been seen in London.

I No Comment (C4) 6.30—7pm. First of eight programmes from Ireland in which young people talk about their problems. This week: Smack.

I Billy the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire (C4) 9—10.45pm. Rescheduled date for the Film on Four Take Two which was pulled to make way for an Olivier tribute. Weird snooker musical. thought of more kindly now than when it was first released onto an unsuspecting world.

I Question Tlme(BBC1)10.20—11.20pm. Peter Sissons takes over from the great British institution Robin Day. and to keep the mood light goes to the SL0? conference.

I Beauty Ho. 2 (C4) 11.55pm—lam. One of 17 films Andy Warhol made in 1965.

I The Birth at The Beatles (Scottish) 11.50pm. Valiant attempt (at least) to dramatise the early years of the band's struggle and success. Doubtful that it will square historically with the version presented in Albert Goldman‘s Lennon book. out in paperback this autumn.

The List 1— 14 September 1989 65