Not since the Mahabharata has the Tramway been host to such a spectacle. Alastair Mabbott hopped over to Hamburg to witness the savage legend of Gododdin, an epic tragedy beaten out by the musicians of Test Department

and the unorthodox theatre group Brith Gof.

Technicians constructing the 'Gododdln' set in Cardlll's disused Rover factory last December. The production utilised 50 pine trees. 30 wrecked cars. 600 ions at sand and 22,000 gallons oi water. Scenographer crm McLucas sees to It that the ‘slte-specitlc' work adapts to its surroundings. in Hamburg. the warriors met their maker ‘CIose Encounters'-style, through a colossal steel door lnthe tactory wall.

5 The List 1— 14 September 1989