Dick Champion was TOUGH! SPUD ofamanlfle had to be. He wasa Royal Bank of Scotland Manager! "CASH!!!" he roared, hugging a packet. "I LOVE IT!" Then, tipping his

toupe to a rakish angle, he lingered his button and laughed.

And that's when Pat squeezed in. She was a student. She had a hairdo and several boxing trophies.

"OOOF!" gasped Dick, clocking her GRANT CHEQUE. "OI!" he yelled. "GIZ IT!" "Why...?" she went throbbily, noticing him. He was the first REAL Bank Manager she'd ever met. "We'll give you a FREE OVERDRAFT of up to TWO HUNDRED


3" h‘

A AND FIFTY GUID!” Dick relaxed unexpectedly. "PLUS! Interest on your Current Account!"

"CRIKEY!" Pat shuddered noisily. "Are all Bank Managers like you?"

Dick bit a quid and ripped out his wallet. “Fat chance PAL! What other bank would give you... THESE!" Snarling, he brandished FOUR FREE BIG BLUE BEAUTIES. legally.

"OOOF!!!" Pat gasped bashfully. “FIVERS!”

Then, eagerly opening her account, catapulted out.

Dick wilted behind his desk a tear in his eye. It was a ioyless, thankless, profit- less job. But it was worth it.


The Royal Bank of Scotland

Ot'l'cr open to first your full timc studcnts opcmng .m .u “mm .m. \ c n t I I r 1 Overdraft up to £250. For turthcr IllinrlllJIlUll \\

\l ll]; . .II I \ nuimt ~!l(' RUVJ! “Jilk IIt-Sfl(){


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pr \':.!1nuprnnltl‘..rt tmtmn lc‘t'snn‘MungpaltHWSIillm'J 1 EA. St Amircw Square, Edinburgh H l2 ZYB.

The List 15 28 September 19899