Matthew. 2nd Year Student, Royal Holloway &

Bedford new College Maths 8: Chemistry. Shirt at Bedlam

in Lincoln:

£2. 95

Jeans found

in Oxfam shop:

£6. 99

Boots from Kensington Market: £29. 99

Tie found in Portabello Market: £3.00

Sleeve grips bought in Sa_ng Mghtclub,

Charing X Rd: : 2


Wrist bracelet

"0m flppfl

£5. 00 Monogrammed watch a present from Mum and Dad:

No charge

Glasses from Nicos Nicolaides, Larnaca Seafront


About £35 (Q’priat/ Cash provided

by savings

made with

Student Coach g9 over

several journeys. Student Coach Cord:

£425" 1

valid for 12 months Fares:

Lower than other forms q/‘rransporr. Discount allowed: 330::


2nd Year Student The London Studio Centre.

Diploma in Performing

Arts and Dance Leather skirt from Kensington Market: £25

Top from Du Du Du Sale:

about £12 Lace-up boots from Bertie sale:

about £40

Fish net tights from Pineapple Dance Studios:


Black leather belt: Unknown


Wristwatch given by MW

No charge.

Rings are all presents from Mum, Mew Emmi; No Charge.

Earrings sent

by Sa_ncfl from Trinidad:

No charge.

Cash provided

by savings made with mm W over several joumeys. Student Coach C_arg valid tor

12 months:



[0112? than other

" _/£ )rmx (r/‘lrunxport.

Discount allowed: ’U


Lower fares o The cheapest Travel Card - 33% discount

*Available at the above DfICe until 3i December 1989

The List 15 28 September 198911