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Belore Test Department disappear trorn sight alter ‘Gododdin’, they will be participating in an event instigated by themselves, dancer Lindsay John and company and a new pyrotechnical and environmental theatre group, Elemental Arts, at the Doulton Fountain on Glasgow Green at 8.30pm on 29 and 30 Sept.

Built as an advertisement tor the Doulton Factory at the International Exhibition of 1888, and transferred to Glasgow Green a year later, the terracotta lountain has fallen into serious disrepair in the last 30 years. All attempts to renovate it have tailed, and the estimated repair bill at the monument—which represents Queen Victoria ruling her dominions, and bears the motto ‘Let Glasgow Flourish' —is 521.5 million.

Satety regulations prevent anyone climbing onto the lountain itselt, but the performers will, with the help of 20 local people, stage a procession and concert on Glasgow Green as a reminder of the importance of the monument. The pertormance is intended as a lead-up to ‘the delinitive Test Dept show in 1990 with 20 or 30 local people.’

The List 15 28 September 198913