disappointed and disillusioned with themselves and their lives. (Was Diane Keaton happy in any of his films?) They seek comfort, self-discovery and re-assurance through interaction with others, who always turn out to be equally miserable and frustrated. The ‘healing’ processes which ensue from such encounters lead either to simply establishing that there isn‘t really that much more to life (Woody Allen in Manhattan) and one might as well make the most ofit. What I can’t understand is why more people don't like these sorts of films. They‘re supposedly about real life. His films make money but not that much. Hannah was his most successful but poor by Hollywood standards. Then again, Hollywood doesn‘t have many standards.

Another Woman concerns itself with the life of Marion (played sensitively by Gena Rowlands). She is 50 years old and still a strong willed woman who is taking time off from her lecturing job to write a book. As with most ‘normal’ people she requires peace and quiet to accomplish this task but this is soon broken when she discovers she can hear a psychiatrist‘s patients through a ventilation hole. One patient in particular- Hope (Mia Farrow) is close to suicide stating that ‘emotions have always embarrassed

To build up a picture of her realisation. Allen interweaves very carefully; elements from her distant childhood. her recent past. her present life particularly with her husband Ken (played coldly and precisely by Ian Holm) and with a series ofcinematic devices where her thoughts are played out by other characters. They talk about her and she imagines herself as she is through their discussion. Sounds theatrical? It is very much so and one very convincing dream sequence is set in a darkened theatre where once again. her friends and lovers act out her problems. displaying what misery she has brought to herself and inflicted on others.

Another Woman is a visual poem (pretentious huh'.’). Marion discovers herself through silence which forces her to think. The hand ofdestiny allows her to encounter people from her past history who state such things as ‘your lecture on ethics and moral responsibility it changed my life‘ and ‘to be capable ofsuch a lack of feeling‘ followed by a passionate kiss while she is wearing a mask. Symbolism such as this is short and occasional but enhances greatly the message that we should constantly be examining ourselves. The film may sound depressing but its script. pacing and impeccable performances (including Gene


On the British release of Woody Allen’s 17th film Another Woman, Trevor Johnston wonders why more people won't like it.

Another Woman is the seventeenth film written and directed by Woody Allen. What is so unsettling about this fact is the rate at which he churns his films out and the standard of excellence he manages to maintain

recently September a tear-jerking melodrama set entirely in one house. Woody’s films fall very broadly into three categories; outrageous comedy involving slapstick or satire (Sleeper, Bananas. Zelig. Annie Halletc), the


ANOTHER WOMAN (PG) Woody Allen. in serious mode once more. directs this stark drama that sees Gena Rowlands as a middle-aged academic confronting her life‘s emotional emptiness. Mia Farrow. Gene Hackman and Ian llolm fill out a fine cast. Edinburgh Filmhouse. 13—23 September.

MY LEFT FDDT(15) Credible performance from Daniel Day Lewis in

throughout each. Another Woman however. will undoubtedly disappoint many Woody Allen followers in that it is the third of his ‘serious’ films containing material devoid ofalmost any humour. the first being Interiors and most

this moving. unsentimental account of Dublin artist (‘hristy Brown‘s battle for self-expression despite suffering from paralysing cerebral palsy. Glasgow Film Theatre 21—29 September. Edinburgh Filmhouse 34 September—4 ()ctober. TALK RADIO ( 15) Oliver Stone‘s expanded version of Eric Bogosian‘s stage success stars the

actor playwright himself in a searing look at the antagonistic world of American late-night radio chat and the freetlowing prejudices of the great

‘straight‘ but funny works (Radio Days. Hannah and Her Sisters, Manhattan) and the aforementioned serious films.

The common theme that links almost all his works and has become a trade-mark are characters

American public. Glasgow Odeon from 15 September.


DEALERS ( 15) Faltering British attempt at a Wall Street has Paul McGann as a Machiavellian city type discovering the price of success. while visiting American starlet Rebecca [)eMornay offers immoral support. Glasgow Cannon The Forge from 15 September.

me‘. Her self-hatred for being a failure provides the catalyst which brings Marion to realise that she too has many faults, is very unhappy and the shocking realisation that she has made everyone else around her




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DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILISATIDN PART II ( l8) Affectionate documentary look at the wunncrful world of heavy metal. from director Penelope Sphceris. features Alice Cooppcr. Gennc Simmons and Ozzy Osbourne as themselves. A straight Spinal Tap. ho ho. Edinburgh Filmhouse September 16. 10.30pm only.

LETNAL WEAPON 2 (15) Mel Gibson and Danny Glover return as the cops who er. shoot People. Patsy Kensit supplies the love interest. Now that's what we call



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as SV‘

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entertainment. Wide release from 15 September.

MAJOR LEAGUE ( 15) It's baseball movie time (again)! Charlie Sheen and Tom Berenger star in

Hackman as Marion's ex-lover) make it completely absorbing. What is frightening is that you will identify with traits ofevery character. not just Marion. A remarkable and moving film.

1, 1 ,l/

WILD/MARRIED TO THE MOB A pairof effervescent Jonathan Demme comedies. .yuppie-in-peril drama meets comic mafioso. One works. the other doesn't.

a comedy caper about one . Double bill at Edinburgh

ofthe country‘s least succesful teams from the pen of David S. Ward. who brought you The Sting a few years back. Glasgow and Edinburgh Odcons from 22 September.



Cameo 23 September 11.15pm. PELLE THE CONDUERDR A good two and a half-hour : wallow in immigrant ! hardship and great acting ' from Max Von Sydow in . this prize-laden Danish , literaryadaptation. Perfect fare for the Jean de y Florette crowd. Glasgow .' Film Theatre September t15—23.

14 The List 15 28 September 1989