FIXX, ltlllEll StliEEt. GLASGOW. the people

who serve the Stella at this basement

' bar say “the Fixx" is t_hg centre for ' Scottish rock music. the gig, in fact, where many a mega famous band cut its teeth. But whoever heard of Wet Wet Wet, llue and Dry and Deacon Blue? And who are texas when they’re

at home? Surely, then, they can’t be trusted when they say this used to be a jewellery warehouse, and the scene of a famous robbery. Believe what you like, there’s a real buzz here and a life size rhinoceros' head sticking through the wall. No, really!

CAFE GDNtlllElltkl. lllll. PUGE. KIBKDAlDY. In Kirkcaldy's latin quarter, not a million kilo- metres from the nouvelle Go-op, you’ll discover a veritable continental haven. Step inside and they’ll pour you (pour vous?) the best cafe au lait this side of Paris and one of the coolest pints of Stella this side of Brussels. Served across one of the longest bars - on a clear day you can just about see the end of it. Visit the intimate restaurant through the back where you can sip wine and mange, too. Definitely the best thing to come out of Kirk- caldy since

liaith Rovers.

PkPlilGD, BAtll StllEEt. ouseol. strange name comes from the oldhi‘?‘ Glaswegian word for parrot, parently. (Footballers, in those days, “‘ were probably sick as a papingo.) And

they certainly have a penchant for our feathered friends at this bust- _, ling cafe, restaurant and sandwich "

deli. A giant metal bird sculpture greets you as you enter, and parrot paintings line the tasteful semi- caged restaurant area. Grab a perch and you’ll be served a Stella in no time by the happiest staff in Glasgow. they’re open from breakfast at eight ’til late. And it’s not far from the theatres. Brilliant if you’re feeling peckish before a show.

GDURtYAliD, BAGKVALK, StlllllllG. Derek (name changed) is the last remaining member of the Court- yard’s famous gnome family. the others escaped but he won’t. Because he’s been glued to the top of an indoor fountain. Beneath him, young fools attempt to toss coins into a sub. merged wine glass to earn a free drink. Outside the fountain there's a great come-one-come-all atmosphere. there are two bars to prop up that serve Stella, plus Rosie D’Grady’s Food Emporium, home of the famous Orange Blossom Special. Well, who wanted to spend the afternoon up at the castle anyway?


D’ARGY'S, PlilllDES SDIlkliE, GlASGDV. At last, a bar that knows its Bonchester Bridge from its Bobrock. A place where you can order half a pound of Yarg with llettles without being ridiculed. D’Arcy’s, you see, isn’t just a modern wine and food bar that spills out into the basement at Princes Square. llor is it simply a beautifully designed restaurant where continental style food is the order of the day. It’s also a deli which sells a rather adventurous selection of cheeses. Such class isn’t altogether unexpected, though. D'Arcy’s is just downstairs from llamnett and Sassoon.

And they do serve Stella.

llEBDlellt’S, lDtlllAll StliEEt, EDINBURGH. llégociant’s is a cafe/bar/restaurant that has travelledtheworldandbroughtthebesthits

3cm home. At lunchtime the menu has a

lalayslan/lndonesian slant whereas,ka the

y. f . (0w the Nepalese chef.) m m hail from three the coffees are Eastern. And the beers are frequently strong and Belgian. Stella being one of many. But a word of advice. If you have to get up early tomorrow don’t drink 151 Shooters. A visit to Negociant's, like travelling, broadens the mind. But sometimes blowsit altogether.