I Nightlife is listed as a diary. first byday. then by city and then by venue. Special Club nights are listed under their club name followed by theirvenue. A separate venue llstlollows the diary listings. with addresses and phone numbers. N8 In order to be as accurate as possible. only those discos able to conilrm their prices and days are listed in the diary. The venue list may be consulted for , more nightlife locations - but checkwith venue. Please send information ten days before publication.

KEY: [S] students and guestsonly; [ND] no denims; [NT] no trainers;

[A] available for private hire on certain nights. please contact venue.


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221

I Ten Bob Bop at Fury Murry s. 11pm—3.30am. 50p. This is more like it! 50p entrance on a Friday night! All who remember the 1813 when it w as on Sundays will vouch for it being the best night ofthe week. let's hope this reincarnation can do the same.

I True Colors at Joe Paparazzi. 11pm—3.30am. £2 (£1 student ). With (‘olors now finished at Fury s. .ioes now do have the line (Mon at long last.

I Unity Reggae CiUb at Rooftops. l0.30pm»-3am. £2.50. Best reggae music in town. say the organisers.


IThe Amphitheatre 10pm lalc.£3.51|(ltalt price before 11pm). larger tltanlife uptown discotltequc playing comfortable dance tracks Frequent personal appearances]:\][NI)]

EDINBURGH - Venue 22 September

+ the IC- sugarcubes

GLASGOW - Barrowlands 7 October EDINBURGH - Usher Hall 9 October

Tickets inio - Usher Hall Box oiiice Tel: 031 228 1155 8. Just the Ticket Tel: 041 226 4679 8. TOCTA agents around Scotland Tel: 031 557 6969

Ben Elton

GLASGOW - Pavilion 15 October (9 Oct & 12,13, 14 Oct Sold Out) EDINBURGH - Playhouse 10 October

Tickets inio - Pavilion Box oiiice Tel: 041 332 1846 - Playhouse Box oiiice Tel: 031 557 2590 & TOCTA agents around Scotland Tel: 031 557 6969


GLASGOW Barrowlands 11 october


Ticket info - Just the Ticket Tel: 041 226 4679 & TOCTA agents around Scotland Tel: 031 557 6969


EDINBURGH - Assembly Rooms 2 Nov

GLASGOW - Barrowlands 3 Nov Ticket inio - TOCTA agents around Scotland Tel: 031 557 6969

10,000 MANIACS

EDINBURGH - Usher Hall 5 November The Only Scottish Appearance Ticket inio- Usher Hall Box oiiice Tel: 031 228 1155 Just the Ticket Tel: 041 226 4679 a TOCTA agents around Scotland

\' 0/ $532.

Concert Presentations by Dance Factory

WV S‘m’é

3260. 8pm—midnight. Free. The club where you get your money's worth.

I The Batcave at Henry Afrikas. 11pm—3.30am. £4 without ticket. llouse. hip-hopand. . .er. rock'.’

I Bennets 1 1pm—3.30atn. £2.50. Mainly gay with iii-NRC} music.

I The Choice 11pm-3.30am. £5. House and chart music for 'the Princes Square types'. Well. ifyou can afford the capuccinos. the entrance fee should be no big deal.

I Cleopatras 10.30pm~-2.30am. £3. Virtually the only late bar in the West End. ()h. and with accompanying disco. [Al

I Crash at the (‘otton ('lub. 11pm~3.30am. £3.50 (£2.50 with ticket ). Drinks promotions every week and music as diverse as INXS and Simple Minds.

I Divorced and Singles Night at Peggy Sue's. 1 1pm—3am. £1.50.

I Follies 10.30pm—3.30am. £3.50. Chart-based disco sounds. [ND] [NT]

I The Future at the Warehouse. £3. 11pm—3.30am.

I The Gold Coast Club at the Revue (next to Barrowland). £3. 10.30pm—2.30am. Reggae. soul. African. ska. soca. house. funk.

I Hard Rock Cane at the Venue. illprn till late. £3.50. Live music and disco.

I Hollywood Studios 1 lpm—3.30am. £3.50. Over 21 House disco. [N'l‘]

I Jay at the SubClub. 11pm—3.30am. £2. Guaranteed to be a good night with a generally sound crowd and music safe in the hands of DJs Orde and Stuart.

I Mayialr l 1pm—3am. £3.50. ()ver25s night in the ballroom and Radio (‘ity at the Cameo Suite. See below.

I Mr D’s 10pm—2am. £4. Fun atmosphere and games at Shawlands' one and only nightclub.

I Palomino Club 9pm~3am. £3.

I Panama Jax 10.45pm—330am. £3. Alternative and soul by the waterfront.

I Radio City at the Mayfair. 10pm—2am. £1.50. Psychedelic sounds to match the groovy wallpaper. Largely revivalist but then it sure beats the mediocrity on offer at most other venues in town.

I Rattles 10.30—3am. £3. Mediocrity on offer. [A]

I Savoy l 1pm—3am. £3.50. Possibly the busiest dance hall in Glasgow at the weekend. but definitely not the best.

I STOMP at Mardi (iras. 10.30pm~3.30am. £2.50.

I SWDS (Single. Widowed. Divorced. Separated club) at Rooftops. This runson Fridays and Saturdays and plays 60s‘ and 70s‘ music. Members£l (£5 tojoin); non-members £2.

I Bikini Club at Kasbar. Spur-midnight. Free. (ills. punk. psychedelic sounds. plus the extremely uncanny Spooks as resident band. A worthy trip down memory lane. I BusterBrowns l lpm~3.3llam. £2.25: half price drinks and admission before midnight. (‘hart and dance nttisic. .-\itnsat over 20s atmosphere].-\]

I Cate St James ( ’lub 25 Disco Fri and Sat Spin-2am. £1 members: £2 non—members. Membership £2. After 1 1pm priccsgoup by £1. A wide range of pop soundsplaycd to a relaxed. friendly crowd. INDHN'I']

I Chaplins at Finsbury l’ark's Night ('lub. 11.30pm «oam. £2. Free before midnight. the middle floor of Finsbury is now open serving snacksthroughout the night. l)ancingupstairs. [.'\]|N'1'|

I Cinderellas Rockertellas ‘lpm 2am. £1 before 10pm; £2 before 1 1pm; £3 after. L'no Due 'l‘re. hosted by popular [)1 ( iary Glover. Special nights are regular events with prizes and promotions commonplace I Disco lor Nicaragua at Liberty 's. 15 Sept only:. 10pm—4am. £3 (£2). SACI'I‘Disco in support of local radio and general relief for Nicaragua make for a great night with a compassionate attnospherc. Sec panel.

I Marley's at Shady Ladies. l0.30pm~3am. £2. Living up to the name of the venue. an older crowd get loose to mostly M()R reggae.

I Red Hot at The Red Hot l’epperC'lub. 10pm—4am. £3 before 11.30pm: £4 after. Still as popular as ever. maintaining a large following of discerning mature clubbers.

I Rock Night at Madisons. 9pm—3am. £1 before 1 1pm; £2 after. Busy and pretty much what you'd expect.

I The Universal Groove the Mission. 10.50pm till late. £2. Latin. Jazz. soul. played on the all-new system at the Mission (heck out the slide show when you‘re along.


I The Alhambra 31 Waterloo Street. 221 3200. Spur—midnight. Free. The club where you get your money 's worth.

I Bonnets l 1pm—3.30am. £3. Mainly gay withlli-NRG music.

I Brat Pack al Knightsbridge SW 1. 7pm~l0.30pm. £1.50with ticket;£2 without.

I The Choice at l’zau. 11pm~3.30am. £4. L'pfront music from ('olin Barr. Segun and the other one. What more could a punter ask t‘or'.’

I Cleopatras l0.30pm-—2.30am. £3.50. A late bar in the West Fnd with accompanying disco.

44 The List 15 28 Septem—ber 1989