years to arrange this interview. We haven‘t seen it, but await Ms Fonda’s reaction to his rampant M C Piggcry.


I Diamonds Were Forever (C4) 8—9pm. A documentary on the locomotives built in Glasgow. once the Steam Capital of Europe. and where the remaining locomotives (28.000 were built. 18.000 exported) are today.

I Mushroom Magic (C4) 9.30—10pm. i was once acquainted with someone whose life's pass ion was studying and covering his walls with photos of— mushrooms. He would even give impromptu slideshows at the drop of a hat. which 1 fortunately missed. I tell you this to give some idea of the kind of person that could be behind this six-part series on the joys of fungi.

I Under Airican Skies (BBC2) 9.3()—10.30pm. A five-part documentary series on the music of Zimbabwe, Ethiopia. Mali. Algeria and Zaire both traditional and modern forms.

I Omnibus: Raymond Carver(BBC1) 10.20—1 1.20pm. Carver. who died in 1988. was one of the greatest American writers of his time. concentrating on the lowlivcs ofthe country.

I Son of the Incredibly Strange Film Show (C4) 10.30—11.30pm. Broadening his brief to cover the wonderful low-budget films made in Mexico and. in this programme. Hong Kong. where he meets ‘the new Bruce Lee‘. Jackie Chan. But it‘s back to the States for most of the series. to meet the makers of mini-masterpieces like Plan 9 From Outer Space. Beverly Hills Vampires. Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers and Re-Animaror.

I Fritz Lang in America (BBCZ) 11.20—11.45pm. A cineast‘streat— seasons by Truffaut. Hitchcock and Lang all running at once. Critic Philip French and director Christopher Petit examine Lang's American career. and present. . .

I The Big iieat(BBC2)11.45pm—1.20am. Fritz Lang‘s 1953 classic. which brought a new element of gritty realism into the crime thriller.

I Aretha (C4) 1.15—2.15am. The Queen of Soul in concert in Detroit with Springsteen saxman Clarence Clemons. The Primadonnas and The Saint James Baptist Church Choir.


I The Red Dynasty (BBCZ) 8. 15—9.()5pm. The first part ofa trilogy looking at the emergence ofthe People‘s Republic of China through the eyes of the people who live there. This week; the emergence of Mao.

I In the Lion's Den (C4) 1 1pm-midnight. The pilot for a new confrontational talk show sees Pattie Coldwell bringing columnist George Gale, known for his forthright views on homosexuality. face to face with gay men in the surroundings of an Aids centre.


I Africawalch (BBC1)9.15—9.45am. 4—4.3(lpm and 11.35pm—12.25am. You‘ve got to admire the BBC‘s nerve forthis one. They‘ve got a camera crew on a patch of land in Africa waiting for a migration of wildebceste on their way to the Serengeti. which they‘ve predicted will reach that spot on exactly this day. Considering they didn‘t even bother migrating last year. this is one hell of an assumption. I Soul of Survival (C4) 2—3.()5pm. When a Dutch-American Washington DC woman donated her collection of choral work to Stanford University. California. it was found that they were written by women prisoners in Japanese camps in 1942. This programme shows the songs being recreated after 45 years. IJulte Box Jury (BBCZ) 6.45—7. 15pm. The legendary pop show. enshrined in all the great mythologies of the world. returns

- Wednesday and Thursday. 9.25—1i).25pm.

with the debonair Jools Holland at the helm.

I The Accountant (BBC! ) 9.05—10.4()pm. One-offdrama starring Alfred Molina (Ken Halliwell in Prick up your Ears).

I Young Guns: Taps (BBCZ)

10. 15pm—12. 15am. The second in the series of brat pack movies stars Tim Hutton. Sean Penn and Tom Cruise. 80-50.

I The South Bank Show (Scottish)

10.35-1 1 .35pm. Tonight‘s topic. Dustin Hoffman in the RSC's Merchant ofVenice. I Adolf Hitler- My Part in his Downfall (Scottish) 1—2.40am. Commendable adaptation of Spike Milligan‘s anarchic book. with a few blacker moments than might be expected.


I Just an Inch Away (C4) 9—10pm. Four young people from Britain take a trip to

South Africa to see the situation for themselves.

I Windmills oi the Gods (Scottish) 9—10pm. 10.35-1 l . 15pm. Sydney Sheldon‘s novel. now the latest blockbuster to come lumbering across our screens. Part two on Wednesday.

I A Wanted Man (BBCZ) 9—1().3()pm. The first in a trilogy ofplays by Malcolm McKay about a psychopath who is brought to justice has been seen before. but two sequels written since then can be seen on


I Capital City (Scottish) 9—l()pm. The first ofa 13-part drama set in the high-pressure world of a London international bank.

I Through the Devil's Gateway ( (‘4) 11—11.30pm. Helen Mirren investigates views of women held by the four major religions in Britain today. and sees how they leak through into the secular world as well.

I Hockshow (C4) 11.30pm—1 .25am. A fab and gear Paul McCartney and Wings concert from 1976.


I The Rough Guide to Careers(BBC2) 6.50—7.3(lpm. The first of five programmes in the follow-up to the very successful Rough Guides to Europe and the World.

I Bookmark (BBCZ) 8. lil—9pm. You andl may never have heard of him. but Greek poet Yanis Ritsos. at the age t)f8(l. has written I9Ucollcctionsofpoetry. and scored great success with poems that have been set to music. These. and an interview. will be on show tonight.

I Inside Story (BBt‘l )9.3o—1i).35pm. James liarl Ray was convicted ofthe murder of Martin Luther King. but now witnesses are coming forward to say that a conspiracy took place. So who really killed him?

I Club X ((4) 1i). 15~1 1.50pm. The last in the series. and a compilation of the best and worst moments.


I Please Sir! (Scottish) 7.3(l—8pm. Welcome programme in the ('mnerly Classics series. This is what your big brothers and sisters used to watch for their funnies. kids.

I Business as Usual (C4) 9— 10.45pm. (ilenda Jackson and (‘athy Tyson star in the 1987 movie which starts with a case of sexual harassment in the workplace and leadsJackson's character to discover her own strength and self-confidence.

I Blackadder ( BBCI ) 9— 10.30pm. Rowan Atkinson reappears as absolutely the last of the Blackadder line -- a captain in 1917. Needless to say. the faithful batman Private Baldrick is around as well.

I Dilthe Page (Scottish) 11.35pm—12l15am. New seriesabout Scottish writers.

as well.

from local


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