Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh. The Open Eye is a great gallery tor browsing in, particularly Ior collectors oI ceramics. The most exciting works on show at the moment are three raku bowls by lan Henderson and two ceramic works by Derek Miller. Miller Ignores all boundaries between art and crait, ceramics and sculpture; ‘The Book oi Aaaaa . . .’ and ‘Prejudice at a Sieve’ are surrealist table top Installations, juxtaposing objects in nge marriages of scale and sociation.

The major exhibition Is at paintings by Hazel Nagl, mostly watercolours; proiessional, accomplished, accessible, often impressive, they

belong in the mainstream oi the Scottish colourist tradition. One obvious iniluence, not least in the occasional, unobtrusive use oi collage, is Barbara Rae. Nagl however lacks the sense at history which intorms Rae’s landscapes; the basic motiis irom which Nagl sets out to pursue lorm and colour are generally picturesque - house plants, conventionally pretty views. In the more abstract pictures- and the strongest works, including some line small sketches, are those in which the activity at painting is given tree-est rein it sometimes comes as a slight disappointment to discover a lace, orsome realistic detail. (Alan Woods)

patrons range from the Anglocracy in the South of Scotland to the Grant ofGrant.a traditional Highland Iaird who had his entire court recorded on canvas by Richard Waitt.

I PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP GALLERY 23 Union Street. 557 2479. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Madrid Prints Until 16 Sept. Eleven

Spanish artists loosely affiliated to the new

Realist School of Madrid and interested in the print medium are gathered together in this exhibition. which includes the work of Roberto Gonzalez Fernandez. who divides his time between Scotland and Spain, and Carlos Diez Buntos. The Gallery will thereafter have its usual display of Prints From the Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop Until 31 Oct. Also


For exhibition details, see listings page

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 1050-350

Admission Free

56‘) Gallery is subsidised by the Scottish Arts (Iouncil and the (Iity of Edinburgh District (Iouncil

there will be a weekend of Open Workshops 30 Sept and 1 Oct. With sessionson lithography. etching and screenprinting. I QUEEN'S HALL (‘lerk Street. Box Office

668 2019. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm. Cafe.

Captive Commuters Until 30 Sept. Anne Hodge encapsulates the loneliness ofthe long distance commuter in her paintings. I RIAS 15 Rutland Square. 229 7205. Mon—Fri 9.30am-5pm.

AWild Romance L'nti122 Sept. An exhibition of the work of Frederick l’ilkington. 1832—1898. who was once named as one of the ‘rogue architectsof the Victorian era'. Pilkington designed tenements. private houses built in the central belt of Scotland. and churches. including the wonderful Barclay Church which presides over Bruntsfield Links. His energy and imagination were considered outlandish in his day and made him the subject of much ridicule. It was said of Barclay Church that it was ‘the most disorderly buildingin the city. . . ltlooks like a congregation ofelephants. rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses. with their snouts in a manger and their posteriors turned to the golf players on the Iinks.‘

Architecture in Shetland 29 Sept—29 Oct. A photographic exhibition of building styles in the far. far north.

I RICHARD DEMARCO GALLERY Blackfriars Church. Blackfriars Street (off High Street). 557 0707. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm.

Independent Schools Art Until 26 Sept. Ten works of art from each of the 58 fee-paying schools in Scotland were submitted for this exhibition.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 552 7171. Gardens Mon—Sat 9am-sunset; Sun 11am—sunset. Plant houses and

Hunting the Big Fish

Alan Watson Travelling Time

by members ofthe Scottish Craft Centre


SubsaiSUd by the Scottish Arts CounCIl

Work by Doug Cocker in the Sculpture Court ADMISSION FREE

(0334) 74610

EXHIBITIONS 16 September— 15 October

mixed media exhibition

Four on Tour Sculpture on display

10am—5 daily; Sunday 2—5pm


work on the theme ofwhaling by


next to Maryhill Burgh Hall, 24 Gairbraid Avenue, Glasgow 041 946 5912


ANNE DEVINE Paintings, Drawings and Lithographs inspired by her visit to India

let—23rd September

Sponsored by Emmerson Chartered Surveyors

PATRONS AND PAINTERS: Art in Scotland 1650 - 1760

"I was bowled over ...Congratulati0ns to everyone concerned with this fascinating, quirky exhibition” DAILY TELEGRAPH

"Splendid a must" GLASGOW HERALD

“Rumours that gold is to be found in Scotland can certainly be confirmed in aesthetic terms” I N T E R I 0 R S

"'I‘riumphant, full of surprises often brilliant” THE INDEPENDENT THE SUNDAY TIMES

"Should not be missed” T H E S C O T S M A N

"Patrons and Painters is more than a good exhibition. It is a brilliant and glittering slice of Scotland's past” SCOTTISH FIELD

SCOTTISH NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY One Queen St, Edinburgh untiIBOctober only

The Royal Bank of Scotland

5" “(

“A significant exhibition something ofan artistic relevation"

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l l l

The List 15 28 September 1989 55