Andy Goldsworthy, Graeme Murray even floating on water. Successlul pieces are anecdotal, distracting. arches rise like whales' iawbones, Gallery, Edinburgh. works are photographed; lor the Rather than deline the work through a constructed lrom blocks ol ice like viewer, the art work is almost always central idea, they tell a story about its llying buttresses. Four spikes are the photograph ratherthan the making. placed on the lrozen plain in homage to Andy GOMSWMNV makes lfallile, sculpture itsell. This places Goldsworthy has worked with ice and a mountain ridge behind them. An llanSienl SWIPlu'eS "or" natural Goldsworthy in the tradition at Richard snow belore (he recently exhibited a irregular line moves lrom hollow to mamflals diSCOVeled in the Places in Long and Hamish Fulton but, whereas huge snowball, melting to reveal its reliel, lrom light to dark, across eight Whictl the Pieces are made; Long and Fulton characteristically contents at the Old Transport Museum, large blocks in a remarkable play on constructions 0' M98. 01 leaves sewn travel through landscapes, leaving Glasgow), but working in the Arctic, the opacity and translucence oi ice. At 1098")!" Will! Stalks, Finn“ down With markers, Goldsworthy immerses where there was no problem with the North Pole itsell, in a line lhomsi Stu“ together With 80“. piles Ol himseil in a particular place. His work melting, allowed him to work on a conception superbly realised, tour precariouslv balanced stones, lines is more responsive, lyrical, less monumental scale. Aline ol arrows large rings lace each other, a new and Wills laid "at 0" the ground. or conceptual —the texts within earlier marks the direction at the wind; live Stonehenge in ice. (Alan Woods)

exhibitions (mounted in lnverlcith House) I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACADEMY The Mound, exhibition for Scottish architects with scouts" Pllomfll'aphers A gallery Mon-Sat 10am-5pm; Sun 11am—5pm. 225 6671. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. Sun invited artist Sir Eduardo Paulozzi representing lh? "10:51 “Citing No exhibitions until 4 October when 2—6pm. showing some or his work. contemporary Scottlsh photography- Aborigines ol the Amazon and Monroe open. Architect Artists 23 Sept—6 Oct. An open I SCOTTlSll CRAFT CENTRE 140 There '5 8 Permanent Prim holding giving Canongate, 556 8136. Mon—Sat a varled display. On sale from the gallery 1()am_5.3()pm_ is David Williams‘ book Pictures From N0 TH E Muriel McIntyre 2()--30 Sept. Ceramics. Man '5 Land and the Raymond Moore T1- I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY 94 George Photogravurc entitled Air 1 979. H Street, 225 5955. Mon—Fri mam—6pm; Sat I SCOTTISH RECORD OFFICE West

10am—1pm. Register House, Charlotte Square, 556 EX H I B O N O F Major 20th Century Scottish Paintings Until 6585. Mon—Fri 1(lam—4pm. 4 Oct. Many of the big names in Scottish Friends ol Liberty Until 22 Sept. Written A E R N v E painting that the gallery has exhibited in records dating back to the time ofthc the past go on show as well as some new

French Revolution record its effectson

acquisitions in the Main Gallery. Scottish society and politics. The display M E D I c I N E Harry More-Gordon: Recent Paintings Until eoneentratingon the period from l789to

4 Oct. Watercolour portraits and still lifes 1830, a time of great political unrest in this over 100 exhibitors from an artist who has worked as an country, which had the ruling classes dis I in I, as acts f illustrator and deSlgncr but nowtravels terrified that events here would followa p 8y 9 a p a the world undertaking commisSloned similar course to those in France.

rt ' 't 2 Stran e Revolutions: Scotland 1688-89 N u I H h giintrsdtiysTessa Beaver and Inger Lawrence 9

Until further notice.

' Until 4 Oct. The two present abstract I STEP GALLERY 39 Howe Street, 556 & m I images in embossed etchings and 1613. Mon—Fri Ham—5.30pm; Sat woodblock prints in the Back Gallery. 113m.4pm; sun 12_3pm. LECTURE SBOGRAMME ’NCLUDES Borders Crafts Association Until 4 Oct. Ten The Gallery will be closed until an M.E., Stress, Arthrltls, Migralne, Back Problems 8t 0mm leading gamers at craftwmk from exhibition by Demk Robertson on 4 Jan de Vries Will speak on New Approaches to Cancer, the Borders will be exhibiting theirwork. November. FREE TALKS/DEMONSTRA "CNS I scomsu PHOTOGRAPHS wonxs 14a - STILLS GALLERY 105 High Street 557 ArognatherapflAcuguncgugt: Homosstiathg, Rpfletxology, Nelson Street’ 556 4017 (phone for l 140. Tue—Sat Ham—5.30pm. . 0 our ea ln , oun era , a er on ma lon, . - . . Crystal Sewing, Dietarypgupplemems & Pointmnl). I Bodies ol'perience Until 14 Oct. An [I Visualisation Techniques. 'jleff. . V .4 I 1 >7, glib—l" ' ORGAN/CALL Y GROWN HERB DISPLA Y. MOTHERS ROOM 1 - .. ' er 1‘ 5‘1“ " SATURDAY 30th SEPTEMBER " ' 8t SUNDAY 1st OCTOBER 1989


Admission - [2.50 U840's 72- 16 years/OAP’s - [1.50 Children under 12 - FREE Lectures- [ 1.00 each For further inlOrmation contact The Organiser:

Geoffrey Keyte on 0253 723735

Full admission as the door to £2.60

but bring this voucher wish you and you'll pay only £2.00 P Ono voucher per person



RLEY TAYLOR GALLERY Marcel O'Conner: Recent Work

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56 The List 15 28 September 1989