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Despite the fact that Edinburgh and I Glasgow lack food markets and old style greengrocers. there are a


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taking the hint and these days provide a healthy. ifpricy selection offresh produce.

Most retailers are supplied by the

number ofshops which display an I impressive array of fresh fruit and I veg. Even the supermarkets are

Edinburgh and Glasgow

Fruitmarkets in (‘hesser Avenue and

Blochairn. Unfortunately. many shops buy on a small scale so that prices can be dear and variety sparse.

Organically grown vegetables provide an ozone-friendly alternative. Although the criteria for defining foodstuffs as organic are still hotly debated. the general principles are that the plants must be untouched by artificially produced fertilisers and pesticides. Organic Farm Foods in Bathgate are the main suppliers for the Central Belt. though the bulk ofgrowers and importers of organic foods are based in Wales. Their largest and most lucrative outlets are the supermarkets. which have begun to set aside space for organic products. Most shops also have an inconsistent supply from local growers. though the dry summer has caused problems for many farmers.

Don‘t be put off by dull colours and irregular shapes. Not only are organic vegetables more tasty. but their farmers are kinder to the environment. though it must be said I know ofone grower who lays funeral pyres of boiled slugs to intimidate any herbivorous relatives. The main drawback is cost. which ranges from a third again to double

general consensus is that prices will come down the more people buy.

Whether vegetarian or not. a variety of fresh produce is essential for imaginative cooking and a healthy diet. ()f the more unusual specimens. kolil rabi can be grated in salads. steamed or boiled. and mooli. a kind of radical radish. makes a good side salad kick. (Mn: is delicious boiled or steamed in a spicy tomato sauce. and mulok/iay'a. an Egyptian green-leaved vegetable. best boiled in a lemon stock. is very tasty ifsomewhat ectoplasmic. Do not forget the underused root vegetable turnips smashed or pickled and parsnips baked in butter. Fresh herbs and spices such as ginger. chillies and coriander. (the latter is often available on request when not on display). can transform a standard dish. The lime makes a cheap. zesty alternative to the lemon; yellow courgettes. watercress and different kinds of lettuces provide a colourful variation. and at last new potatoes are in season. delectable with fresh mint. Remember to ask when confounded by a strange looking species. your local greengrocer is sure to put you on the straight and m2ITT()W'.

the price you would pay for non-organic produce. though the



I BANANA JOES 715 (ireat Western Road. Recently opened. this small. brightly decorated shop offers cheerful service and an impressive array of fresh produce. They have a small stock oforganic vegetables. seasonally produced by local growers. They operate a strict apartheid-free policy.

I MARKET TRADERS Byres Road (bottom oi(ieorge Street) and Argyle Strcct (various pitches). Stalls offering bargain fruit and veg appear unpredictably in the main shopping areas. Prices vary dramatically depending on the trading time. with great bargains to be had at the end of the day: lookout for boxes of mushrooms which can go for a quarter of the shop price. The drawback is that the produce tends to be unadvcnturously' selected.

I PAK ORIENTAL SPICE CENTRE 337 (ireat Western Road. The Aladdins (‘ave ofexotic vegetables at everyday prices spills its spiccy aroma onto the streets. Stock includes dhariny'a. methi. kadu. planteens and yams.

I ROOTS AND FRUITS 457 Great Western Road. The most popular fruit and veg

shop in (ilasgow. famed for the extent and competitive pricing ofits stock. The range changes seasonally; at the moment they are stocking Yellow Pumpkin at 35p lb. They offer a great selection of fresh herbs including

special. and includes red

pepper and cashew nut

roast. leek and mushroom filo parcels and black olive and red wine pate. Specialist diets can be catered for such as


chcrvil and edible flowers.

and a wide selection of organic produce including french beans. cherries. olives and melon.

I SAFEWAYS Branches throughout (ilasgow and Edinburgh. Having pioneered the sale of organic food in 'fs'l . they now have fifteen lines available to all stores. The non-organic produce is always good quality and there is an adventurous selection ofexotic varieties. but pre-paekaging inflates the price.


STORE A large selection of standard and contintental produce which is both cheap and ofimpressive quality. Melon 25p. carrots 5p lb. tomatoes lSp lb.


I BASILS Dumbarton Road. 337 1416. Sun. Mon. Wed noon—9.30pm; Tue (rpm—9.30pm; Thurs. Fri Sat noon~l lprn.

(ilasgow'sonly vegetarian

restaurant. run as a co-operative. offers an exciting menu at very reasonable prices. The basic menu is accompanied by a daily

or macrobiotic.



Marchmont. So many fruit and veg shops have sprung up in this street that the place has become the closest thing to an Edinburgh market. bustling with activity on Saturday mornings. There is a wide range ofproduce which can be exceptionally cheap. though sometimes lacking in quality.

I CHINESE SUPERMARKET Leith Walk. You can find a wide selection of unusual vegetablesand spices here and it'sa fascinating shop to browse in.

I DE LUCA 73 Ncwington Road. ()ne ofthe last bastions of the traditional greengrocers. you will find a wonderful selection of top quality produce with impeccable service to match. though you won't find bargain prices.

I NICOLSON SOUAREoff .\'icolson Street. Several Pakistani grocers stock a variety of unusual vegetables worth experimenting with.

Prices are low and advice is free.

ITHE ORGANIC VEGETABLE SHOP Lauriston Place. Most of the organic produce is grown in Sprout Market Garden at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. as part of a training and work experience project. Because of the non-profit making nature ofthe enterprise the produce tends to be very reasonably priced. but the shelves can be sparse as a result of irregular supply I REAL FOODS Brougham Place and B roughton Street. All the vegetables are organically grown with an impressive though tin-exotic selection. Real Foods pioneered the sale of organic produce in Edinburgh and must be one of the few shops in which vegetable prices are going down.

Restaurants I HENDERSONS94

Hanover Street. 225 2131. Sant-~l().3()pm Mon—Sat. A wide selection of delicious salads and wickedly tasty puddings and a few hot dishes such as lasagne and spinach tian provide a fulfilling treat. but don't expect cafe prices.

I KALPNAS 2 3 St Patricks Square. 667 9890. Mon—Sat noon—2pm. 5.3(lpm—l 1pm. This vegetarian Indian restaurant serves gorgeous. delicately

spiced dishes in a comfortable though formal setting. A recent addition to the menu is Khoya Kaju cashews and pistachios in a reduded cream sauce. as well as old favourites such as Morhal Kufta— vegetable fritters with cheese curd. The price isa little inflated compared to other Indian restaurants. though definately worth it ifyou like vegetables.


Nicolson Street. Mon—Sat 10am—8pm. A relaxed atmosphere and imaginative. solid cooking at very reasonable prices make this cooperative a popular restaurant for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Typical dishes are chestnut roast in red wine sauce and vegetables in spicy peanut sauce and

they‘do a mcanlinein soups.




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