‘I accidentally found Kathaltali by getting of the train at the wrong stop,‘ says Barbara Harrow, director of Centre Ocean Stream and the inspiration behind the joint tour of these two performing groups. On discovering the 400 year old dance form in India, she stayed to study Kathakali make-up for two years, a valuable training which couldn't be compared to the limp equivalents back home.

Alter stressing the separate nature the two groups, both pure in their own form, the most prevalent parallel is use of strong, vibrant coulour. It takes around four hours to prepare the make-up for a Kathakali performer, which involves preparing a rice-paste base with embedded paper shapes. Determined neverto emulate the noble art form, Harrow has borrowed only make-up techniques from Kathakali.

Centre Ocean Stream was born out of the notion of living sculpture, unique in the fact that the movement comes from the visual background of a painter rather than a dancer. ‘When a new dancer comes along it takes a few days to chop the dance bit off and turn it into more sculptural stuff.‘

Harrow is full of respect for Kathaltali and feels it is a brave but exciting move to present her own company in the double bill. ‘They're a hard act to follow—they’ve had four hundred years behind them.‘ (Jo Roe)

Kathakali and Centre ()eean Stream are tourin g allover Britain and can be .seen at the Churchill Theatre. Edinburgh front 6—7 Oct. 7. 30pm and the Glasgow Arts Centre on 13 ()et. 7. 30pm.

Centre Ocean Stream and Kathaltali Fri 6—Sat 7 Oct. 7.30pm. £3 (£2). Both these luscious companies return to Edinburgh though this time they perform in the same programme. Kathakali is an ancient Hindu tribal dance set apart from other Indian dance/drama styles by a vivid use of make-up. Centre Ocean Stream are a modern dance company who share an interest in colour. movement and music. The double-bill moves to Glasgow and tours Scotland after Edinburgh. See Preveiw.


I ASSEMBLY ROOMS The Dance Base. George Street. phone 557 2480 for details. The Edinburgh Dance Project The new season of dance classes for all ages and abilities involves top quality teachers. including the engaging Sheridan Nicol (Edinburgh‘s Dancer-in-Residence). Turn up fifteen minutes before each class in comfortable, unrestrictive clothing. All classes are run on an informal basis and cost £2(£l ) per session. Lunchtime Jazz with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 1pm. Children's Jazz 9 yrs and above, with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 5pm. Open Jazz (Level 2) with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 6.15pm; Wednesdays 6pm. AdultTap (Beginners) with Sheridan Nicol. Tuesdays 7.30pm. Jazz (Advanced/Pro) with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays 11am. Lunchtime Tap with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays 1pm. Children's Tap 9 yrs and above, with Sheridan Nicol. Wednesdays 5pm. Contemporary with various teachers. (no experience necessary). Wednesdays 7.30pm. Absolute Beginners Jazz with Raymond Kaye. Thursdays 5.30pm. Contemorary (lnterrnediate) with Marilyn Williams. Fridays 12.30pm. Jazz (Elementary) 14 yrs and above, with Sheridan Nicol. Fridays 12 noon. Junior Youth Dance Company with Sheridan Nicol. Fridays 5pm. Experimental/lmprovlsatlonal Dance with

Alan Grieg. Saturdays 11am.

I EPWORTH NALLS Nicholson Square. phone 229 1071 for info.

All classes are taught by Tracy llawkes. director of SPRING and a member of Khorous Dance Theatre. and are £2.50 (£2) per session.

Contemporary/Jazztor Adults Mondays 6.30pm; Saturdays 12.45pm. Tap for Adults Tuesdays 6.30pm.

Ballet for Adults (lnterrnediate) Wednesdays 6.30pm.

Anyone interested in joining SPRING Lothian Youth Dance Company should phone Tracy Ilawkes At the above number for audition details.

I MARCOS LEISURE CENTRE Grove Street. phone 229 1071 for info.

All classes are taught by Tracy Ilawkes. director ofSPRlNG and a member of Khorous Dance Theatre. and are £2.50 (£2) per session.

Childrens Ballet Sat 9.30am.

Childrens Tap Sat 10.30am.

Childrens Modern Jazz Sat 11.15am.

Adult Ballet Sat noon.

AdultJazz Sat 1.15pm.

I GRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE 22 Gracemount Drive. 658 1940. All classes are £1 .75(90p) per session and are held on a casual basis for women only.

Aerobics Monday 10—1 lam. Free creche. Fitness Weight: for over 40s Mondays. 10—noon. Free creche.

Fitness Weights 14—18 yrs. Wednesdays 6—7pm.

Aerobics Beginners. Wednesdays 7—8pm. Aerobics lnterrnediate. Wednesdays 8—9pm.

Fitness Weights Wednesdays. 7—9pm. Aerobics Fridays. 10.10—10.50am. Free creche.

Stretch and Tone Gentle Exercise Fridays. 11—1 l.3()am. Free creche. Fitness Weights Saturdays. 10—noon. Free creche.


Colinton Road, 443 0101.

From September there are a variety of adult coaching sessions including Women's Activity Mornings, Aerobics, Fitness Training and Yoga. Phone the

centre for more information.

I ELCIIAT A variety of classes and workshops in creative and contemporary dance. for all ages and abilities. are available throughout East Lothian. Phone Stephanie Sellie on ()31 665 3711ext244 for details.

I MOVEMENT AND THE INNER MIND 4 West Mayfiels, Southside. Freelance dance teacher Kedzie Penfield and freelance movement educator Fran Lavendel lead a series of classes which involve movement. games. improvisation. drawing and body awareness. The course is open to anyone and involves eight Wednesday evening classes 7pm—9pm. from 18 Oct—(i Dec and costs £175. Contact Kedzie Penfieldon 0750 32213 for further information.

I ARTS CONNEXION Wilkie Ilouse. Guthrie Street. Phone 228 1119 for details.

This group of professional performing artists hold ten week courses in acting. singing and dance. Using an instructional method known as team teaching‘. the courses are led by a specialist who is assisted. at certain times. by all the other specialists in Arts Connexion. The courses begin on the week starting Sat 7 Oct. Contemporary Jazz/Dance Mondays 7.15pm. £25 (£23). A combination of dance techniques with emphasis placed on breathing and body placement as well as on having fun.

Movement Improvisation Saturdays 12.30pm. £25 (£23). The course is designed to develop a strong sense of personal movement style.

I KATHAKALI AND CENTRE OCEAN STREAM -WORKSHOPS Assembly Rooms. George Street. Phone 225 2424 extoo25/6623 for details. Tue 3—Wed 4 ()ct. mam—3.30pm. This two day workshop provides a unique opportunity to explore the traditional art of South India and the modern work of Centre Ocean Stream. The workshops involve rhythm. movement and colour and costs £3 for the two days.



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food served all day fri 8r sat


tuesday— soturdoy 1900 e 2200


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TENTH ANNIVERSARY SEASON WHISKY GALORE by James Scotland Directed by Jeffrey Daunton One of the most loved Scottish comedies of all time 4— 21 OCTOBER Evenings at 7.30pm Matinee Saturday 14 October at 2.30pm

TICKETS ON SALE NOW AT THE BOX OFFICE. £4.25 (£3) Special First Night Prices: £2.75 (£2.25)

Access and Visa accepted.

kBox Office (031) 665 22401



()I'R \‘A1'1.'t's ARI-l 'I’IIl-i liliS'I' timer: ’I'() (il-Z'l' A l)()s‘l{ or 't‘tils RUBI'S'I' RH) \V'l.\'l{ l-‘R().\f l-‘RANCIa's .\Ill)l (.(MS’I‘.


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