Thursda 12th October Saturda 14th October Tuesda 1m. October

THE 8A LEFIELD BAND, JOHN MAHTYN, ANDY S . EPPAHO THEAT R ALBA presents WHUPPITIE STOURIE The MUSIC TICketSZ £6, £5. (£5, £4) Aberdeen Arts Centre 8pm Tickets; £4, Music Hall 8pm Tickets: £5. (£5 Conc.) Sponsored by British 'I‘clecom

Wednesday 18th October

Friday 13th October ay 14th October THE FALL JESUS JONES ITIONAL MUSIC CONCERT, The Music Hall 8pm Tickets: £5. (£4) Ritzy 8pm Tickets: £4.50, (£3.50) AIR FRASER, E ONEGAI. FIOOLERS Frida zmh October Frida 13th October ber een Arts Centre 7.30pm ART LAKEY's JAZZ MESSENGERS FEST VAL CEILIDH. DONEGAL FIDDLEHS. Tickets: £3.50, (£2.50) The Music Hall 8pm Tickets: £10. £8. (£8. £6) A" TEALLAC" . SWWW'Y"! b." Tum" Sponsored by British 'I’elecom The Northern Hotel 8pm Tickets: £3, (£2) Subsidised by Scottish ,tm ('oimcil Sponsored by Texaco Sunda 15th October Subsidised by Scottish Arts Council TRAN VISION VAMP Saturda 21 st October

Capitol 7.30pm Tickets: £8.50, £6.50. (£7. £5) THE TR 0 JAZZ BALL, Frida 13th October MAX COLLIE'S RHYTHM ACES, SAN UKTA PANIGHAHI Sunda 15th October THE SANDY WEST JAZZ BAND The Music Hall 7pm Tickets: £4, (£3) FAITH 0 MORE The Beach Ballroom 8pm Tickets: £6, (£5)

BIIZY 9pm TICketSI £4.50. (£3.50) Sponsored by British 'l'elecom

Friday 13th ober lNOO-JAZZ SIONS FEATURING JOHN MAYER Sunda 15th October s r :E: 21st October I s

8r STEVE WI AMSON LES N GHESSES VEHTES F D E S' RALLY, BILL McCUE, The Music Ha I 9.45pm Tickets: £6, (£5) The Music Hall 8.30pm Tickets: £5, (£4) A AIR FRASER

Sponsored by British 'I'elecom T e usic Hall 7pm

Subsidised by Scottish A rts ('oimcil Tickets: £5, £4. £3, (£4. £3, £2)

\ub Fest“! 3‘ c worksbops

Plus Blues 'N' Trouble. June Tabor, The Watersons, A Certain Ratio, That Swing Thang, John Otway, Simon Fanshawe and lots more! Free Festival Programme 8: Details of Accommodation from Aberdeen Tourist Board. 974 St. Nicholas House Aberdeen. Telephone 0224 632727 Ticket lnfonnation 8: Credit Card Bookings Telephone 0224 641122


Not physically of course. but by providing financial assistance and advice. ours is more a supportive role.

Thanks to the Government and you. the taxpayer. each year the Scottish Arts Council spends around £16m on the arts in Scotland. Without our support and contributions

from local authorities and business sponsorship. many arts organisations and events wouldn't survive and the , cost of an admission ticket would be "'3‘."- 2 .. much more. However. thanks to this a i " ' continuing support. the arts can continue to flourish and enrich the lives of us all.

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