In this issue the continuing re—emergence of Orange Juice‘s Edwyn Collins is scanned by Alastair Mahhott (helow). ()yerleaf Kenny Mathieson meets top jazz duo Boh Berg and Mike Stern. Stephanie Billen tracks down composer Michael Nyman and John Williamson chats to British funksters A Certain Ratio


Divine ' Guidance

Alastair Mahhott gets blue with Edwyn (‘ollins

lf lidwyn (‘ollins has hecome one of the most legendary figures to haye emerged from (ilasgow in the last ten years. he‘s still one of the most underrated songwriters around. 'l‘his year. after a seemingly interminable wait following the split of Orange Juice. his first solo alhum made it into the shops. Hopeund Despair ( Demon) didn‘t disappoint old admirers -— country hallads. spaghetti western guitar and reggae-like rhythms all melted together in the (‘ollins hlender~ and the first single proper. ‘l‘iifty Shades of Blue“ (the highly uneommercial ‘( ‘offee 'l‘ahle Song' was slung out as a limited edition 12in hy the ‘peryerse hugger“ to 'intrigue people) is out now.

l’rime Collins. it eyen holds lines which seem at first glance to hint at the mind ofthe Young lidwyn. lo wit: ‘l'i'e been blessed H'I'I/i some brig/11 ideas So brig/it [thought [hey it ere lzeuren

sent But now I'm six months in arrears Divine

inspiration sure (fun 'l/nzy the rent. '

l)iyine inspiration. lidwyn. or rash. hoastful youth'.’

~'l‘hat was intended to he ironic. I suppose. 'l‘he

(‘( )l 'R'riasy arrest 1 )’1‘i..\.\"i>

usual .self-deprecating nonsense I come tip with. Not diyine inspiration. hut. yeah. in retrospect I suppose we were fairly inspired. I think to this day that it‘s the only hona fide underground thing that actually happened in Scotland. that was deliherately fostered hy Alan llorne. who was just playing at heing Andy Warhol at the time. But it made for a good creatiye enyironment.‘

From the pin—up of a thousand poorly-printed

fan/.ines. (‘ollins now seems more of a figure who should he psyching himself up for fiye—page features in Q. ls he maturing into a songwriterly thirties‘.’

‘Yeah. I suppose so.‘ he laughs. finding the idea

a shade amusing. ‘otherwise I may as well just

giye up. When I was younger l didn‘t really know what I wanted out of()range Juice. and exactly what my expectations were. I was less prolific then. Before ‘Rip it [p I felt the need to have a hit single. and after that I didn‘t feel so much pressure. I found it quite hard to write then. heing the central figure and all the limelight falling on me. 'l‘here was understandath some hitterness and jealousy. ldidn‘t really like the group socially. Nowadays I find it really easy to write. If you like. like diyine inspiration in “Fifty Shades of Blue”. ideas come into my head as if I‘m the medium for them. .‘ylayhe l‘m romanticising it a hit I know the ropes really.’

Since he moyed down to London. the music scene in Scotland has flourished to a degree unirnaginahle in I‘M). and the discoyery has heen made that ‘Scottishness‘ can he a positiye asset when it comes to getting a record deal. lle's noticed this. and has an explanation.

‘Because one or two groups haye heen successful. the whole thing has hoomed. I think that all the talk in all the hars is of who‘s got what deal. and the A& R men encourage this. It’s got to he the centre of the music husiness in the specifically Scottish. Definitely around Postcard there was an entourage. a scene there. which was respect ofthe numher ofgroups heing signed up. I think that‘s why you get all these Scottish groups. 'l‘hey think “We‘ye got an entree into the music husiness”. just like when we started we saw punk as our entree.‘

Further sumptuous repasts await. lidn'yn (at/1m plays the Pair/ion. (i/usurm‘ on 'l'lz urs‘rluy 2f).

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Answersto Listen! atthe editorial address.

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bands are currently attemptingto putoutanEP to serve as a promotional tool for four different acts. The Hollow Horse. Tantara Blade and The Catherine Wheel have already agreed to participate and contributethe small initial investment required. However. they are still lookingforanother interested band to complete the quartet. and would like any interested bands to get in touch. The contact is Kenny Little. SScotstoun

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