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One otlreland‘sgreatestand best-loved lolk singers, Christy Moore. returns to Scotland as part of a nationwidetourtollowingthe release of his latest solo single and album, ‘The Voyage‘—histirst tora couple ot years, lollowing a period of illness. A toundermemberot Planxty and Moving Hearts, bands atthe toretront ot traditional musicthroughoutthe 705 l and 805, Christy remains a driving force in Irish music. A persuasive solo performer, capable otholding an audience entranced with only his assured voice, a guitar and a bodhran. he is equally athomewithtraditional ballads , anecdotal songs and more serious contemporary material. Some of his own songs have a topical and persuasive political edge.

As powertul as he is on his own, he is accompanied onthistourby some of the distinguished instrumentaliststhat played onthe album—Donal Lunny (keyboards), Declan Sinnott (guitar), Eoghan O'Neill (tretless bass) and Paul Moran (drums). Donal Lunny also co-produced the album, which teatures recording an acoustic session for the guest appearances by Elvis Costello ‘Beat Patrol‘ radio programme. (Rose and Sinead O‘Connoron backing Martinl vocals. ChristyMoore, ThurstQ, Pavilion,

Support on the dates is provided by Glasgow; Sat 21, Usher Hall, wait-like American singer—songwriter Edinburgh.

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Cindy Lee Berryhill, whose second album is releasedthis month underthe title ‘Naked Movie Star‘. Ms Berryhill, who writes songs with a wit that many otthe currentwave otwomen singer-songwriters would mortgage their homes tor, is becoming known in the United Statestorher‘anti-tolk‘ stance as much as her music. The authentically ethnic music coming out otAmerica now, she feels, is hardcore rock. While in Scotland, she is

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jazzers). but he and Berg are increasingly concentrating on their work together. which includes both the current touring quartet with bassman Lincoln (ioines and powerhouse drummer Dennis Chambers, at huge hit in these parts when he ViSiICLi with guitarist John

i Scofield. plus recording projects.

! The latter have borne recent fruit. j in Berg‘s (ye/m set on Denon. which


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includes the surprise addition of Jerry ()‘Sulliyan‘s Uileann Pipes amid its bright. clean. contemporary

jazz textures. and Stern‘s new

Atlantic release Jigsaw. which adds a more overt rock feel to that same Brecker—ish sound world. Both records are jointly produced by Berg and Stern, and I wonder if you can

guess the name ofthe respective

guitarist and saxophone player on

each record‘.’

Meanwhile. Stern's early mentor

Pat Metheny. one of the biggest—drawing names in jazz. has

been added to the heavily—guitar

oriented Assembly Music

programme. Metheny‘s slick outfit

play at the Usher Hall on 18

December to absorb the anticipated


Bob Berg/Mike Stern Quartet.

Queen '5‘ Hull, Edinburgh, 20 Oct. 8. 30pm.

The line-up includes a dog called Maurice and a listotnamesthatreads like a charge sheet from a police trawl through the Metro. Zeze the pianist; drummerGaby le Magnitique; les temmes Julo and lza, backing singers and percussionists; Cheb, the singer; L'Ami Ro, Sirinix, Paulo, Mathias and Helno.

Les Negresses Vertes drape the stage with old rugs and affect a worldly, degenerate, sometimes cynical pose, somewhere between punkand disorganised crime, a Parisian multicultural street-wise street-theatre musicgroupwith international appeal.

The club mix ol ‘Zobie la Mouche‘ was Radio One‘s record of the week. they sold outat London‘s hallowedjazz temple, Ronnie Scott's, and now they're coming north to bring some colourto staid Edinburgh and grey Aberdeen.

Retreshing and exuberantrhythms,

' [Lumiflllie

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lyricsin patois, Arabic sounds. accordion waltzes, and full blooded dance numbersin all mannerot syncopatedtime, this close-knit, Paris-based band‘s music is a mélange olintluences withthe allure olallthe barsinallthe world.

The accordionist explains. ‘lt‘s music lrom the streets today. We all grew up withdilterentpeople who mighthave ditterent roots butwho are, nevertheless, French. Our musical hybrid wasn‘t a deliberate policy, it‘s the way we are. It mirrors the reality ol Francetoday.

‘We were given the name during an argument ata party. Some rockers started shouting it at us because ol the way we were dancing, like blacks, but looking punky. Theythoughtwe'd be offended. calling us women. Butwe liked it. We use it.’ (Norman Chalmers)

Les Negresses Vertes, Queen‘s Hall, Edinburgh, Saturday14.

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