Performance I GLASGOW ARTS CENTRE 12\\'ashington

Street. 221 ~152o

Centre Ocean Stream and Kathakali i ll 1.1 ()ct. ".Nlpm. Donation programme lioth these lusciouscompanies retuinto Edinburgh though thistime pcrtormingm the same programme. ls'athalsah is an ancient Hindu tribal dance set apart troni other Indian dance drama styles by .t\l\ id use otmake-up. ('entre ()cean Stream ate a modern dance company w ho share an interest in colour. moy ement and music IMITCHELLTHEATRE(iraiiyille Street.227.‘511.

Joel Hall Dancers yy'eti35~ Sat 3stit~t 7.3Ilpm, £5 (13.5111. Prolicient and entertaining Jan dance trom America. though not bristlingwithoriginahty.


I DANCE FACTORY 142 ( 'alder Street. 42394311.

The Dance I‘actory is open tor a \ ariety oi classes during the week. both ey eiiiiig and day time. For example. Jazz ( Beginners 1 at 6.45pm on Mondays Ballet at itJFpm on Wednesdays and Ballroom and Iatm at 7.3ilpm on Fridays. There are classes tor children from pre-school age 111 ballet. tap. modern theatre dance. Highland dance. baton twirling and RAD Ballet. Phone tor more details.

I GLASGOW ACADEMY OF DANCE 2 o. 1‘) Queen Street. 221 NW.

(‘lasses are held throughout the week ma

“scintillating” o. TEL.

Plus THE PRISONERS by Peter Darrell and Divertissemerits from the KJROV BaJIet repertoire

Tue 7, Wed 8 Thu Ib-Sat 18 Nov 7. IS

also 2. I5 Sat 18 Nov






52 The List 13 2(i()ctober1k)tsi)__


mirroredandbarredstudio. Thetollowing

isa selection of w hat’son otter. Phone t'or detaiIsotdaily classes

Open Elementary Balletsiontiays “Sit—Qprn

Lunchtime Stretch'i‘aestiays

12..‘~tipm~ 1 . 15pm. (iood tor city centre workers.

BeginnersJazz \Vednesdaysix“) \pm. BeginnersTap'iiitit'stiaysifio (t311pm. Advanced Ballet'l'huisdaysoRH Spm. Contemporary Beginners/“Elementary I-ridayso .111 \pm.

I SCOTTISH BALLET STUDIO 2o1 \Vest Princes Street. 2‘2‘1 2".” Steps 0UIL‘I.1\\t‘s are run on a casual basis; adults L21 L1 5111. iuniorszl 511,

Contemporary itiestiayst» "pm

AdultJazz Iuesdays“ 15 S .illpm. Beginners Contemporary iiititsaays

o " 15pm

Beginners Ballet 11yearsaiidaboyc Saturdays Ill 11.15am.14yrs adult. Beginners Jazz 14 y cars and aboy c. Saturdays 11 Siliilit 1pm.

I T'AI CHI CLASSES Phone 1.arry llutlcron 3343511‘ tor details Beginners. lunchtitiie and children's classes ay ailalile. plus residential weekends

I HILLHEAO SECONDARY SCHOOL ()aklicld .-\‘.ciiuc. nearest tube Isely 111 Bridge.

Contemporary Dance w ith .lane Simpson. Mondaysfi is .‘illpni. L2 Phone 31133-111 tordetails

Jazz Dance with Karen Past Ihurdays

(i 31) Spm. £2,711 Phone 3.W-1"“itir details.

Dance Acrobatics with .loanne liorthwick Thursday s S 11pm. 12,

I WORKSHOP WITH GURMIT HUKAM .-\ teacher at the Northern School ot Contemporary Dance. liukam pertormcd w ith Spiral Dance Company and is a tounder member ot .\Iantis Dance

magical N . v. TIMES Plus SYMPHONY IN D by jirn Kyliaii HSIKI'Kli/fi, vsifty Ll'ltl very funny "


Fri IO, Sat |I

Mon I3, Tue I4 Nov 7.15

also 2.15 Sat |I Nov BOX OFFICE

Tel: O4I-33I 1234 or 04I-332A9000

(‘ompany . The classes take place on Sat 14 1

and Sun 15 ()ct. Illam~ 5pm at the (ilasgow .-\cademy ot Dance. t'ostz'2ll (1151. Numbers are limited so book in ads ancc on 33-1 45%.

I WORKSHOP WITH LLOYD NEWSON from the y astly energetic DVS Physical 'I‘heatre. '1 he classes w ill take place on 25 and 2b Noy. Illam 5pm at tIie(iIasgoyy .-\cadam_\ ot Dance 'I'he cost is L2IIIL151 thouin numbers are limited; contact Sheila \Ict ‘ubbiii on 334 Jsfso to book in

ady ance


Classes I ASSEMBLY ROOMS '1 he Dance Base.

(icoi ge Stieet. phone 55“ 21M) tor details. Dance Base I)aiit'c classes tor .iII agesand abilitieswith some goodtcachers. including the L'llL‘dtlllltI Sheridan Nicol (l'tliriliiii'ith‘sI)aiiccriii‘Rcsidcncei.

I at 11 up tilteeri minutes bctorc each class iiicoiiitortable. uiiresirictiycclothing. All classes are 11111 oii an iiitormal basisaitd cost LI 1 LI per session. LunchtimeJaZZwiili Sheridan Nicol. Iuesdays lpiii

Children's Jazz ‘1 y is and alioy e. with

Sher idan Nicol liicsdays 5pm

Open Jazz (Level 2) with Sheridan Nicol. lucsdays o 15pm; \‘y'edncsdaysopm AdultTap (Beginnersiwitli siieritianxieol. I tit‘sdays " Rtlpiti

Jazz (Advanced/Pro) w ith Sheridan Nicol. \\ ediit‘sdays I lam

Lunchtime Tap with Sheridan Nicol.

\‘y c‘tiiiestiays 1pm

Children's Tap ‘1 y 1's and alioyc.yyith SlieiidaiiNicol \‘y'ednesdays5pm. Contemporary w ith y at ious teachers. I no experience necessary 1. Wednesdays “Slipm.

Absolute Beginners Jazz with Raymond

\\ AA A



byJames Scotland Directed by Jeffrey Daunton

One of the most loved Scottish

comedies otalltime

4 - 21 OCTOBER

Evenings at7.30pm

Matinee Saturday 14 October at2.30pm






ACCESS and VISA accepted

Qox Office (031) 665 224”

Kaye. Thursdays 5.3(lpm. Contemporary(Intermediate) with Marilyn w'iiiiams. Fridays 12.30pm. ' JauIElementary) 14 yrs and aboy'e. with Sheridan Nicol. Fridays. noon. JuniorYouth Dance Company withSheritian Nicol. Fridays 5pm. ExperimentaI/lmprovisatlonal Dance with .-\Ian(irieg. Saturdays 11am.

I EPWORTH HALLS NicoIson Square. phone 22‘)1tl"‘1 torint‘o.

.-\11 classes are taught by Tracy IIaw kes. director ot SPRING and a member ot Khorous Dance Theatre. and are L2 511 (£2) per session,

Contemporary/Jazz tor Adults Mondays (v.3tlpm; Saturdays 12.45pm. TapIorAdults'I‘uesdaysofitipm. BalletlorAdults(Intermediate) Wednesdays b.3(lpm.

Anyone interested in joining SPRING Lothian Youth Dance Company should phone Tracy Ilaw kes at the aboyc number foraudition details.

I MARCOS LEISURE CENTRE (iroyc Street. phone 2291071 for into.

These classes are also tatight by Tracy Ilaw'kes ot Khorous Dance Theatre . and are £2.50 (£2) per session.

Childrens Ballet Sateen-am.

Childrens Tap Sat 111.3llam.

Childrens Modern Jazz Sat 11.15am. AdultBalletS-at noon.

AdultJazz Sat 1.15pm.

I GRACEMOUNT LEISURE CENTRE 22 (iracemountDriy'e.0581940.Allclasses are £1.75 (911p) per session and are heldon a casual basis tor women only

Aerobics Monday III—1 lam. Pree creche. Fitness Weightstoroverdfls Mondays. Illam—noon.1:ree creche.

Fitness Weights 1448 yrs. Wednesdays (y7pm.

Aerobics Beginners. Wednesday s Cispm. Aerobics Intermediate. Wednesdays SLOpm.

Fitness Weights Wednesdays. "Npm. Aerobics Fridays. lil.llI—lll.511arn. l’ree creche.

Stretch and Tone Gentle Exercise i-ritiay s. 11—11.3Ilam.15ree creche.

Fitness Weights Saturday's. Illam noon. Free creche.

I CRAIGLOCKHART SPORTS CENTRE 1“ ('olinton Road. 443111111.

There are a variety or adult coaching sessions on offer including Women's Actiy'ity .‘onrnings. x‘serobics. l'itness Training and Yoga, Phone the centre tor more information.

I ELCHAT A variety of classes and yy'orkshopsin creatiy'e and contemporary dance. tor all ages and abilities. are ay‘ailable throughout Iias't I.othian. Phone Stephanie Sellie on (131 665 371 1 cxt244 tor details,

I MOVEMENT AND THE INNER MIND 4 West Hayfield. Southside. Freelance dance teacher Kedzie Peiilield and treelarice moy'ement educator I-‘ran Layendel lead a seriesolelasses which iny'oly'c moy ement. games. iiiiproy'isation. drawing and body awareness. The course is open to anyone and iny'oly'es eight Wednesday L‘y'L‘lllliil classes 7pm~‘)pm. from 18 ()ct o Dec and costs £75. Contact Kedzie Petitield on (1751132213 torfurtherinformation.

I ARTS CONNEXION Wilkie I louse. (‘ow'gate Phone 228 1 1 1‘) tor details. 'I‘hisgroupot‘professionalpert’orming artists hold ten w eek courses in acting. singing and dance. I'sing art instructional method known as ‘team teaching' . the courses are led by a specialist w ho is assisted. at certain times. by all the other

specialists in Arts Connexion. The courses

began in the tirst week ot'Uctober. ContemporaryJazz/Dance Mondays ".15pm.£251123). A combination ot dance techniques with emphasis placed on breathing and body placement as well as on haying tun.

Movement Improvisation Saturdays 12.30pm.£251£231f1he course is designed to deyelop a strong senseoi personal moy'ement style.