IIL‘ I.l\l It) ( )e'ltiltgr‘ IVS”


painted in both the I Irinalay as .Illtl the “(SI ( Ii‘asl i‘l \ei‘llaiirl Feather. Fin and Fur 1 ii i._r

Beat seiilr Jean \LIIlt‘

presents wot ‘tIeIll\ .r‘al lllli‘e‘IIs 11‘srir: «I “y



WORKSHOP iii liirll_'j1_,rr_.'l\I‘\‘._ ‘1 aridteatrrreiakrrs. .\tghantribesmenarrd I‘ll'r lae S ll rwwr. “or; the Begirrn or Bhopal in this iiehly \ar'ied Baby Sittingsl 1I1I I; it Lt Il s; 1' ~.i . \s'IL‘elll‘lli‘l eain photographsol thelewel loirrialasy‘HI it WM. 3111:: p :11.::: rrrthetiowri

pirating: rpfl‘. so. l‘... : ,e. Vinita I PRINTMAKERS WORKSHOP GALLERY): eoIIexirwnrfi I::r:i.l s. ri IIIIII‘II\IILILII._\\T:'1TII\Itlll Sat l‘itllfallsi‘l I“ :I'i'. vii: 1‘ ' 13.111 Illairi I‘llpiri

isrrrtri‘: Prints Fromthe Edinburgh Printmakers

David Williams: lS Ecstasres l-XXI





‘\0\ Stirail

“Ia. .s and w hire photographs

ty -\:bse\irrbrtslitswoorlen

ttirzesotanrnrals IPORTRAITGALLERY(.IrreerrStreet.95b Hislop'sFlorence 1 111.1 i \«W \ sail \Iiir‘. sai loam Spin-Sim: 5pm. lagsljip ‘.\1ll‘. .i ‘. 11'” Ie' iii rs Ieee‘ltll\ AVISIOR OI IROIa :III )et .I‘I .ILIII. l‘lL'tI

nerl two: i}; lyrlgrr .ii; Hui i1. ;\ litetrrner wasonee a highly siieeessttil

ray he: e are rnorler n platinum ones riiade

Workshop1 rrtrl 81 i let

er I\ \m. I: 1. 1,. s :1 it: llirsexlrrbrtrori rrieliirle Sam -\iirsIre..lohn 1}.” “Her an. J11. q \. 11 Is’eilaris.Ilrlltrear.lsertlr \lelntyreaiid ‘I,.rst.:i‘. 1St\l..g'r:.1s\_in Ir liafltarals’ae

p.11“ ;‘ -r1_.fi_i.,ig-._ 111311.2er l' 'HALLIIIe'lIsSIle'e‘l. liii\()lllee


4 An Exhibition of Illustrative Drawings

.; ' f3 ‘-__'r,u¢ 17 Oct-Sat4 Nov 1989 ' SEE LISTINGS FOR DETAILS HILLSIDE STREET

EDINBURGH EH7 SHB Tel: 03] 556 6440

.ieaIs w ith a period spent ieeoyei‘rngtroni

IIIII.e ss and Likes the tor 1n ot a set otsmall

photographer in india I he printsonshow

1:11:11 Breniriei Isoriginal glass negatry es

I ligli Street). >5

1 hose iriony ed in




We went back fOr his clothing.

I.rr Inst. \lair \t rviiinrrg «Iatrrlari rirzil ill' lirsl llllt'lll IiiiriiIr'i‘iIs

.srr .11 \r ilI.Il‘ril s rrrr isi last rriatrrigr'slrrbrtiiiii

\I.IIII ()lI .\ \ \III()\

': Ct The Royal Bank of Scotland

:otiS ZIII‘I. Mon Sat Illam 5pm. (life. Anne Devinet'nii1311()ei. .-\nexhibitionot

the work reeently shown in (il‘asgow. Iler

pair‘tings in oil. gouaehe drawingsand

lithographs blend elements of Indian and

Western imagery.

I RIAS 15 Rutland Square. ZZ‘I'IZIIS. Mon I'Iri‘lfillam 5pm. Architecture in Shetland limit 3‘) ( m. A

photographie exhibition of building styles

in the tar. far north.


Blaektriars (Ihureh. Blaektriars Street (otIlI

(l7ll7. .‘ylon Sat

Illam opm.

DerekJarman t’rriil Eisner. ()y'erthirty works in a yariety' ol media by the tamed einematographer. The exhibition ineludes

someyery speeialworksthat he has piodireed annually.onthe date he

diseoy'ered that he had eontraeted AIDS. Michael Peckham lIntil ls ()et. Reeent paintingsby a doetor whohas speeialis'ed in the treatment oleaneer. partieularly in young adult patients. Ile is also one olthe tounders oIIthe Bob (‘hampion (Ianeer Trust and aetiyely iriy'oly'ed in supporting seyeral more.

Jewellery by Anya Galuszka LIntil 2.s‘ ( m.

I ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN 552 717] . (iardens Mon -Sat 9am sunset; Sun

1 lam sunset. I’Iant houses and exhibitions t mounted in Iny'erleith I louse) .‘ylon Sat Illam 5pm; Sun 1 lam 5pm. Aborigines olthe Amazon: The Yanomani l'ntil lo \on An exhibition olstunning photographs reeording the way of life of the largest grotrp otI uneultured lowland Indians in South Ameriea. The photographs by \Iietor Iinglebert are aeeompariied by text Irorri the President oI Sury'iyal International (the group that organised the show). Robin lIanbury-Iension. There will also be a small exhibition of Indian artelaets. some brought oy'er from South Ameriea. whilst others haye been riiade by l.othian sehoolehildren Irom authentie materials. Maraca I IntiI lo Noy . The photographie results or a year-long expedition w hieh irryoly ed two hundred expertstIromthe Royal (ieographieal Soeiety‘. who tray‘elled to and then disseeted a Brazilian rain torest. on an island in a tributaryol the Amazon.

I ROYAL SCOTTISH ACAOEMYIIIhe .‘ylound. 225oo71..\lon Sat Illam ropm. Sun

3 (rpm.

William McTaggart lIntil 2‘)()et. .‘yleIlIaggartIs early work was intltreneed by the brilliant eolour and detailotthe l’re-Raphaelites. btit he soon ey'oly'ed an expressiye and tree manner. disregarding eritiersms ot sketehiness and Iaek oltinish. like his e1internporaries. the I'Ireneh Impressionists. he beeame interested in the eIteets ot light and moyement; hislater work dealt only with the eeaseless moyement ot the Atlantie breakerson West (Ioast beaehes and sliotild not be missed.

I SCOTTISH CRAFT CENTRE 14H (Ianongate. 55o .s'lfiti. .‘slon Sat

Illam 5,_‘\llprrr.

New Work: Open lIntiI 32 ( )et. An open exhibition tor iny‘ited artists.

I THE SCOTTISH GALLERY ‘M ( ieor‘ge Street. 225 5955. Mon Fri Illam trpm; Sat Illam lpnr.

William Littlejohn lIntil 1 Nos. Watereoloiirs ol interiors and still lites on his tayorite themes: Iish. mirrors and .lapanese tans.

Alberto Morrocco t‘niil 1 Nos/this seleetion oI watereolours. pastels and drawings ineliide nudes and interiors with Ilg‘tll'e‘s.

Philip Reevest'niil 1 Nos . .\ ttl‘rtjiit' inlluenee on the dey elopriieiit ot modern pr intnrakrng in Seotland. his new works retleet time spent reeently in Turkey and Portugal,

Surtace Riches t Intil 1 Nos: l’leatetlsilk tabriesand textured pi'eeioiismetalwork torm the basis ot this exhibition oi work by Jane I Iarris and Alison Bradley: 1

Guy Taplin: A Scottish Journey Limit 1 Nov.

lntrrgurrrg ears ings made Irom driltwood that the artist eolleeted trom Seottish beaehes,

I SCOTTISH PHOTOGRAPHS WORKS 1.1.1 Nelson Street. 55b 4III T (phone tor appointment).

Scottish Photographers .\ gallery representing the most exerting

eontemporary Seottrsh photographers There is a permanent print holdrnggiy mg

a varied display. On sale Irom the gallery is l)ay id WilliamsI book l’rr [Itl'r‘y [Tu/)1 I\o Muir's lamrlaiid the Raymond \Ioore photogray'ure entitled .‘Ill' WW,


Register I louse. ( Iharlotte Square. “It

tiSSS. .‘ylon I'Iri Illam 4pm. ' Strange Revolutions: Scotland1688—89

l’ntil turther notiee.

I STEP GALLERY 3‘) I low e Street. 5% lol}. Mon Fri 1 lam 5.3llpni; Sat

llam 4pm; Sun 12 3pm.

The gallery will be elosed until the eridol ()etober. It will then reopen w ith a display

ol work by Derek Robertson on -1


I STILLS GALLERY IIIS I ligli Street. 55“ IHII. Tue Sat I lam S..“IIPIII.

Bodies ot Experience t'niil ii ( )et. An exhibition that addresses the inipaet that the AIDS \‘Il‘lls has had on soeiety and indiy'iduals through the medium oI eonstrtteted pieees as w ell as related

stories and prints, There is also to be aone

day eonterenee on HIV at the ( IraIIery on 2o September. IIor details eontaet the Gallery.

Picturing Women 31 Net is Sm. llie trrst haltot a major two part exhibition w hieh sets out to examine the way that Seottish women hay'e been pereer ed in photography sinee the end or the Seeond World War. (Iommissioned work irom Andrea ( Iringean on the theme ol I Iealth and Beauty . l‘rankr Rattles on Women and Work. l.orna Bates on the Tamils Album and l)e|la .‘ylathieson on Seottish Asian Women.

I'Iree guided tours ol the exhibition are available.


lIniy'ersity oI lidinburgh. South Bridge. (m7 llll I. .‘ylon Sat Illam 5pm itipm and Strn Z-opm during l'Iestiy'all

There to Remain lIntiI IS \on Spanning the entire lell years sinee the Ioiindingot the Old (Iollege and its library. the exhibition eonsistsol aneient books. mantiseriptsand arehiteetural drawings Irom the dustiest sher es or the l Iniyersriy library.

I THEATRE WORKSHOP 34 I lamrlton I’laeeQZtySJJS. Mon Sat Illam Sprnand late during perIornranees

In the Club I Intil .‘il ( )et. II he Workshops tirst photographie eommissron is an original look at bands irom l‘tllllI‘lll'g‘ll

I 369 GALLERY :33 ( Iow gate. :35 .Itlll I‘ .‘ylon Sat lllMlam 5.3llpm. 57 10' North I Intil 35 \on II he exhibition ol reeent work Irom lsIate l)ow nie. l’hrl l)uthie. Brian .‘ylaebeath. Ian Robertson and ( iraeme Sw anson. all graduate-sot (iray Is Sehool ol Art a deeade ago. that has been on show in Aberdeen. I Ieiiee the title. lIntortiinater the billing is now geographieally ineorreet.

Paintings by Tina Leppanen-Ritchie t IntiI 3s ()et. Reeently tinished work tronr this l-Iinnish artist.

Common Causes t’niri 3s ( )et. Drawings and paintings ol tigures. part real and part sy mbolie by (IriIlian I‘;tl rrrer.

. .I‘II‘ l )tllliltts Street.

SSooRoo. Mon In 1 Iain bpnr; Sat Ill..‘stlairi 4pm.

The New Scottish Embroidery Group 1 IrlllI 1-1

()et, II he group was tor med in NM w ith the speeilied aim ot making embroidery more aeeessible to the pirblie

Edinburgh and Beyond :3 ( let i Sm. lhe exhibition teatures the work ot Alexander Bell and John Walker . w ho despite their names eoneentrate on ertyseapes and Iandseapes in w ateieolour rather than telephonesand whisky.

The gallery also otters a pieture training