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With supermarkets responding to the huge growth in public demand for ecologically sound products. The List reports on squeeky green 'ashing.

As long ago as l‘lbl. Rachcl (arson in ‘Silent Spring‘ was warning tts ol the dangers in oyer'-using detergents. but it has only been in the last twcly e months that concerns abotrt the eny‘ironment haye tttoy'cd otrt ot the specialist shops and into the popular arena. liy'en the big producer's ol detergents. such as l ~niley er and l’roctcr‘ ck (iarnblc. haye shaken oll their initial reluctance to get inyoly'ed in the market tor alternatiy'es.

l'nlor‘tunately . truth seems to haye become an early casualty in an escalating war ol words as the competition begins to hot tip between the manulacturers ol conyentional and alternatiye brands. At the same time. consumers are

manulacturer. and easily the most popular ol the alternatiy e brands. stands ottt as the ottly range ol( ireen

A way round the contusion would be to establish rigorous guidelines on labelling and mold the prolileration ot halt-truths and inl'uriating slogans which are increasingly becoming the

Should phosphates get into the water sy stem. they can encourage the growth otoxygen—ctinsuming algae to such an extent that the ability ol micro-organisms to break

cleansers which lists all the ingredients contained in each

becoming increasingly contttsed. lissentially . the contusion centres on two areas; lirstly .the chemical propertiesolconyenttonal and alternatiy‘e cleansers. and secondly". the inl'ormation ordisinl‘ormation contained in their labelling. Phosphates. en/y'ntes and bleach are common ingredients in many conyentional cleansers. Phosphates solten water. making it easier to dislodgedirt1en/ymes can digest stubborn stains ey en at low

down detergents can be reduced and plant and lislt lite threatened. lin/ymes can cause skin irritation. as well as being potentially dangerous to the people producing them. Bleach is another skin irritant and takes a long time to bio—degrade into harmless matter.

‘liliminating these ingredients and replacing them with ecologically more acceptable ones might be tine.‘ says Sheena l’hillips. ol l‘riends ol the lfar'th. 'but one olthe problems is

‘l'ir'iends ol the liar‘th are particularly keen to see a labelling system which uses strict and ctimprehensiye criteria to determine whether a product deseryes a ( irecn stampol‘appr‘oy‘al.‘ continues Sheena l’hillips. ‘\\e are concerned that the criteria assess the eny‘ironmental impact or cleansers l‘rom their production through to their disposal. and we would like labels to giy‘e supplementary

product. .-\rk. on the other ltand. lor'esake a lull listing lor' other inlor‘mation. including a quote lr'om [.inda .\Ic( artney.

.'\s yet. the rrnpact ol alter'natiy es on the eny ironrnent has not yet been lully monitored. l’erhapsa concentration ol the natttral acids used in the likes ol lpcoy er might be eny ironmentally harrnltrl in one way or another. Nonetheless. it would be sale to assume that they will not be nearly as damaging as the

inlormation detailing all the ingredients and whether the product is energy ell‘icient.‘

licoy'er‘. the name ol a Belgian

temperatures; and bleach giy‘es the that some cleansers are now being

illusion ol‘ clean. unsullied ady'ertised as being lree ol one or two whiteness. l'nl'or‘tunately'.allthese ingredientswhilst retainingother


phosphates. cn/y mes. toytns and

bleaches w lticlt are presently being thrown dow n the country 's sinks arid

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IThe GranaryM Bushy Road. ('larkston. (FMS lHllll Some licoy er products.

I Grassroots tyismear \\ estern Road. 3.14 lS-H. lull range ol l1coy er products.

I Hannah's Health Foods :b New Kirk Road. Hearsden. ‘14: 2V3 l’till l'coy er range

I Health Food Store to Dixon .A‘xyenue. 433 SW5. Some lzcoy er products. I Health Foods “3 St Vincent Street. 231 “of

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I Holland & Barrettttt Satichiehall Street. 331 llSS‘ Wide range ol

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I Pure Necessities l .1 (ircat \Vestcrn Road. 33‘) lbo‘). l‘ull range ol lieoycr products.

I Simply Healthy t-t Skir‘ytng Street. (filllttoJ Full range ot l;coy er products.


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