‘Vx'hen yntt‘re in a hand ynti dnn‘t use

all ynttr ereatiy e energies within the hand enntext. and when the pereentage ynti enntrihtite tn the hand is ntttweighed hy the pereentage ntitside. say in a snln alhttm. then ynti’y e really gnt tn split with the hand.~

And sn he lelt. lish. lnrmer wearer

nlmake—tip arid l’eter ( iahriel sntindalike. is laid-haek. talking at

ease nl‘ his mtieh-ptthlieised split with

swirling snl't-rnekers \larillinn. “lhey didn't w ant me tn gn arntind dning snln prnieets. getting my nly ed in anything ntttside the hand. \Vliieh lentildn’t handle. it was getting tnn elattstrnphnhie.’

\nw he linds himsell releasing a single. with an alhtim tn lnllnw in the New Year. and emharking nn a mighty trek aernss the land. 'I here‘s nn laee—paittting my nly ed and the yneals are altngether mnre interesting. He is a snln perlnrmer and all rntind happy ehappy. lites tnn gnnd. .\lr l‘ish'.‘

‘l.eaying .\larillinn was my nw n persnnal reynltitinn. l‘\ e laid dnwn new rules. When I want tn tntir. l‘ll tntir. ll 1 want tn take twn mnnths nll l‘ll dn that. ll I want tn dn annther

alhtim. l'll dn that It‘s a lar healthier

way nl liy ing.~ he laughs. 'the maehine w as starting tn get a little tnn mueh. it w as tnn mtteh in enntrnl.~

Yet lnr all his new—lnttnd lreednm. the issues nl enntrnl and liherty nhyintisly trntihle the l-ish mind. lnr instanee. w hats this ‘Vigil lit the Wilderness nl .'\lirrnrs~ t the natne nl the alhtim) lark all ahnttt‘.’

‘( ienerally the theme nl the alhttm's gnt tn dn with the danger nl' prnpaganda and media enntrnl. the hall-truths and the lies nl it all.‘

.‘ylueh as it sntmds like the title M a dndgy Yesalhttm. 'Vigil . . .'aett1all_\ enmes lrnm l’eter \‘y'right‘s ‘Spyeateher’. a tnme l‘ish ennsiders ‘quite gnnd~ httt he preters

\Vnndward‘s ‘Veil' hnnk nn the (il.-\.‘

'l‘here is ennsiderahly tnnre In this man than magpies. lay ender and a strange name. He wnrries. t'nr instanee. ahnttt Britain as w e apprnaeh the I‘M ts.' .espeeially with a (‘nnsery atiy e gnyernment in pnwer. l leel that they ‘re \ ery guilty nl‘a lnt nli. ynu entild say . stthyersiy'e aetiyities. I think that in the last lew years we‘ye had a litt til wttnl pulled nyer ntir eyes. \Ve‘y e heen hntight

Derek William Dick nt' Dalkeith aehieyed lame under his mom (/6 mar as lVlarillinn‘s singer. Sinee leayingthem in Septemher last year he's heen preparing a single. LP

and tour. and keeping the heer helly at hay. as he tells

(‘raig MeLean.

.-\nd l‘ish's griel dnesn‘t end there.

‘( ‘nalmining. the way the mines haye all heen shut dnwn. I find really depressing. .\l_\ grandlather was a miner. and w hen l haye kids and I tell them ahntit their lamily. there are gnnna he nn pits. l was hnrn in

l)alkeith. that was a mining tnw n. nnw there are nn mines. It‘s all happened sinee the ( ~nnseryatiyes eame It) ptiw er. 'l'hey ‘ye enmpletely destrny ed the enal industry and nnw w eye a lUL‘ls'lltg' ntielear pnw er plant

a tew miles dnw n the rnad.‘

lle means a l'ew miles dnwn the rnad lrnm l laddingtnn. itist ntttside lidinhtirgh. tn where l’ish has reeently relneated. htiy ing a larm and generally ehillingntit: ‘l‘ye always heen a leryent patrint. and l‘ye wanted tn mnye haek tip here lnr a lnng time. hat the way things hay e gnne with .‘\larillinn. dnwn sntith was an easy way nttt. And it w as really last year that I had In return hnme lrnm a sntil pnint nt \ iew f

l ley l‘itslt. we knnw ytttt gut snul. But the musie. what nl' the milsie‘.’ ‘l‘ye gnt mnre ennl'idenee in my lyries nnw.‘ he say s. admitting that preyintisly he lUUItLl himsell hiding hehind the elahnrate. theatrieal lyries that heeame the .\larillinn trademark. 'l‘he mttsieal and lyrieal dil'l'erenees that led In his departure lrnnt .\larillinn haye heen hanished and with new writing partner Miekey Simmnnds. l‘ish says the ereatiye spark is htirning hrighter than eyer hel'nre. Hell. I helieye him. he‘s enthusiastieenntigh.

"l'here‘s a lnt nl light and shade nn the alhttm. eyery traek is \ ery dill'erent. l’y e gnt hrass nn the alhttm. l‘ye gnt l)ayey Spillane nl .\lnying l learts playing. :\ndl thntight. rather than gn with the eliehed ttp-letttptt t‘nek single. git with snmething dillerent. .»\ndl think “State nl Mind” shnws tltatl haye ehanged direetinn. and I‘m tint ittst sitting haek nn the lattrels nl Marillinn.‘

'l‘he nhyintis ttttestintt is. w hat nt Marillinn nnw ‘.’ ‘lt‘s tint lnr me tn entntnent.~ \nt eyen nn the lyries nl' their new alhtrm'.’ ‘.»\ll l ean say is that lwntild neyer hay e dnne that alhtim with them. l entild ney er haye ptit lyries tn that mtisie.~

(‘an this reasnned. enntemplatiy e. pnlite t'neker he the same lish whn has heen deserihed as. amnng nther things. garrtilntis. tinenmprnmisirig. and liery-tempered. a larger-than lile eharaeter knnw n tn harhntir mnre than a passing lnndness lnr a

wee tipple. 'l‘m getting a hit nld lnr that?‘ he says nnly hall—serintisly, ‘Naw. I like gning tn eltihs httt l ean dn that in lidinhtirgh ll 1 want. I ittst heeame allergie tn the Sntith nl lingland. it was starting tn make tne

leelahit haaaad.‘ l

SH I'tll'ttl ltliss lttt' l'ilslt is here [U l stay. alnng with squash. hadmintnn. reading. gning tn see l lihs. and a thnrntighly satislaetnry snln rnek star : existenee. ‘l‘m tint really enneerned with the image I put aernss. l itist get nn with my lile. I‘m a lnt happier nnw than I ha\ e heen lnr a gnnd tew years. liy e git! l‘ettet‘ Iltiltgs In LlU with my time than gn and get pissed eyery hntir.‘

What a sensihle gee/er that l'iish is. I’M/i p/uyx Hie Queen '\ Ila/l. lit/nihurgli n21 Unit l“ and The ls’urmw/imtl. (i/usgnw m1 .l/(Ul .‘Vl. /11\ new y/rig/i'tmi/tI/htmt are

umt/uh/e n/i [1.1/1 Minn/M j 7

lhe list 13* :h()etnhet l‘lfl‘)