1984) Arnold Schwarzenegger. Michael Biehn. Linda Hamilton. Slickly paced. violent thriller about a killing machine sent back in time to murder the motherof a future liberator of the embattled planet earth. Arnie is perfect as the emotionless cyborg terminator. and Cameron handles the action with real flair and aslightly distrubing zest for carnage. also evident in his subsequent Aliens. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Thing ( 18) (John Carpenter. US. l982)JeffBridges. E.G. Marshall. 96 mins. Scientists on an Antarctic research station thaw out an alien creature able to change its shape and horribly murder humans. Extraordinary effects in this tense shocker. which utilises the central gimmick from the original short story in the way that the 1950 version did not. Edinburgh University Film Society. I Three Fugitives (15) (Francis Veber. US. 1989) Nick Nolte. Martin Short. Sarah Rowland Doroff. 96 mins. Yet another chucklcfcst with the word ‘Three‘ in the title. this time following the fortunes of ex-con Nolte. inept bank robber Short and cutsey 5 year-old Doroff as they escape from the authorities who are somehow convinced that the the three have pulled a heist together. So it‘s two men and a poppet really. This time the people at Touchstone have actually brought the French director over to remake the French film in Ilollywood as opposed to simply redoing it themselves. The result is some eyecatching slapstick (albeit sub-Tati) and of course sentimentality in abundance. Reasonably entertaining though it may be. this is a particularly cynical act of commerce. Glasgow: ()deon. I Tln Men ( 15) (Barry Levinson. US. 1987) Richard Dreyfuss. Danny dc Vito. Barbara Hershey. 112 mins. Baltimore. 1963. A minor car accident is the beginning ofa major tit-for-tat feud between two aluminium siding salesmen. returning to the gently autobiographical territory that he mined so well in Diner. Levinson has produced a thoroughly refreshing warmhearted character comedy with top notch performances. Glasgow: Gr‘osvenor. I Torch Song Trilogy (15) (Paul Bogart. US. 1988). Harvey Fierstein. Anne Bancroft. Matthew Broderick. 119mins. The story of Arnold. a New York drag queen's search for acceptance of his sexual orientation from his mother (Anne Bancroft) and a steady relationship with his lover (Matthew Broderick). Adapted from the hit stage show with writer Fierstein taking the lead role. it‘s theatrical roots lead to a sucession ofsharp one liners and knock 'em dead musical numbers. The result is a heady mixture of laughter and tears. Central: MacRobert Arts Centre. I Trading Places ( 15) (John Landis. US. 1983) Dan Aykroyd. Don Ameche. Eddie Murphy. 116 mins. A ‘Prince and the Pauper‘ lifestyle-swapping comedy sparked. once again. by the dynamic presence of Murphy. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. I True Stories (PG) (David Byrne. US. 1986) David Byrne. Spalding Gray.John Goodman. 88 mins. Writer/director/star and Talking Heads frontman Byrne isour guide to the mythical small town ofVirgil. Texas, where we are introduced to the various charming and idiosyncratic inhabitants.

A lightly humorous. endearing mosaic of non-narrative fiction that some may find a little too ‘precious‘ for its own good. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The 12 Tasks of Asterix (U) (France. 1975) 82 mins. Further animated adventures of the plucky little Gallic warrior. aided. as always. by Getafix‘s magic potions. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Twentieth Century (PG) (Howard Hawks. US. 1934) John Barrymore. Carole Lombard. Etienne Giradot. 91 mins. Temperamental Broadway producer Barrymore coaches untutored

Two Moon Junction (18) (Zalman King, US,1989)Sherilyn Fenn, Richard Tyson, Louis Fletcher, Burl Ives, Kristy Mctiichol, Juanita Moore. 104 mins. Young Southern belle April Delongpre (Fenn) is only two weeks away from marriage when the carnival comes to town. Fresh from peeping into the men’s locker room, she soon finds herself attracted to the moody and insistently shirtless merry-go-round attendant Perry (Tyson) who apparently has something that her conventional clean-cut fiance can’t provide. When her parents go off for the weekend, Perry arrives unannounced in the shower and soon the pair are grappling in the usual movie style to the accompaniment of a thumping soundtrack and with a video camera (seemingly this year’s key accessory) pointed at them for good measure. The passionate affair continues via various public and private encounters and much unconvincing argument through to a final assignation at Two Moon Junction the night before the wedding.


‘From the creator of "9% Weeks”,’ this is an unintentionally amusing jumble of cliched dialogue, glossy fashion plate visuals and above-the-walst coupling which combines calendar-style sex with all the trappings of the worst TV mini series you ever saw. April lives in a fine big mansion and gets advice from her worldly wise grandma (Fletcher) and affectionate black mammy (Moore); Burl Ives (who unforgivably doesn’t sing) is on hand as a very old sheriff and Tyson’s Mr Virility signals his prowess by such subtle means as holding a pool cue and rubbing his tent pole suggestively. Mills and Boon with nipples, it’s supposed to be ‘sensual’ and ‘erotic,’ but comes across instead like an x-rated shampoo advert which - despite the publicist’s claim of taking passion ‘beyond the limits’ - remains a mostly head and shoulders experience. (Tom Tunney)

From Fri 3 Nov: Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street.

actress Lombard. who very soon proves a match for him. Memorable early burlesque comedy with a breezy second halfset on the New York-Chicago train of the title. Edinburgh University Film Society.

I Two Moon Junction ( 18) a (Zalman King. US. 1988) Sherilyn Fenn. Richard Tyson. Kirsty McNichol. 104 mins. See review. Glasgow: Cannon Sauchiehall Street.

I Withnail And I ( 15) (Bruce Robinson. UK. 1987) Paul McGann. Richard E. Grant. Richard Griffiths. 107 mins. 1969. Two out of work actors surviving through London giro squalor take a break in a picturesque Lake District cottage. where one of them suffers the attentions ofthe ageing homosexual owner. Reasonably entertaining British comedy with a tendency to rely on the all-too-easy targets of drug-taking and gay stereotyping for much of its humour. Edinburgh: Cameo. I The Wizard 0102 (PG) (Victor Fleming. US. 1939) Judy Garland. Frank Morgan. Ray Bolger. Bert Lahr. Jack Haley. Margaret Hamilton. Toto. 102 mins. Miserable Dorothy runs away from home but is soon whisked up into a magical land where her adventures teach her that happiness is to be found in her own back yard. Classic stuffindeed. just chockfulof great songs characterisation and garishly memorable design. Perhaps marginally less enjoyable for the curmudgeonly element rooting for the Wicked Witch Of The West though. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

I Young Einstein (PG) (Yahoo Serious. Australia. 1989) Yahoo~Serious.Odi1e Le Clezio. John Howard. 97 mins. Wild-haired Mr Serious writes. directs. produces and takes the title role in this irreverently inventive biopic of the genius' early life. This Albert Einstein. born in Tasmania. not only split the atom. but also invented the electric guitar and hence rock‘n‘roll.

Like it or love it. this wildlysilly romantic comedy looks set to be Australia‘s second most successful film to date. and its sly charm has won the hearts of audiences around the world. Glasgow: Cannon The Forge. Cannon Sauchiehall Street. Edinburgh: Cannon. Central: Allanpark. Caledonian. Regal. Strathclyde: Kelburne. UCI Clydebank 10.

I Young Guns (18) (Christopher Cain. US. 1988) Emilio Estevez. Charlie Sheen. Kiefer Sutherland. Lou Diamond Philips. 117 mins. One William Bonney aka Billy The Kid (Estevez) becomes a member ofa gang of hired bodyguards working for an English rancher (Terence Stamp). but when their boss is ambushed at the behest of a rival (Jack Palance) it's not long before a bloody gang war erupts. This ambitious stab at breathing life intothc Western‘s bullet-ridden corpse gains much from the bankable casting ofits brat-pack stars. but the overall impression is that they have more fun playing at cowboys than the viewer has watching them. Glasgow: GFT.


Friday 27—Thursday 2

This section gives details of programmes showing at cinemas in central Scotland over the next week. Readers are advised that programmes may be subiect to late change at anytime.

Cinemas Operating a family discount scheme allow an adult accompanying a child to ‘U’ and ‘PG’ certificate programmes to gain admission for the same price as the child up to 6pm.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 2641. £2.30 (Child/OAP£1 .20). Family discount scheme operates.

‘I. The Abyss ( 12) 1.40pm (Sat only). 4.40pm. 7.45pm.

2. Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier (PG)2pm (Sat only). 5. 15pm. 8. 15pm.

3. Cinema closed until further notice.

I CANNON The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282/4343. £2.80 (Children and all tickets for shows commencing before 6pm £1.75). [D] (please telephone beforehand). [E] (screens 1.3 and 5).

1. Shirley Valentine ( 15) 1.10pm. 3.40pm. 6.10pm.8.45pm.

2. The Abyss ( 12) 2. lllpm. 5. 10pm. 8.10pm.

3. Young Einstein (PG) 1.40pm. 3.55pm. 6.20pm. 8.55pm.

4. Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier(PG) 1.15pm. 3.45pm. 6. 10pm. 8.35pm.

5. Dead Poets Society (PG) 2.25pm. 5.25pm. 8. 15pm.

6. Lady And The Tramp (ll) 1.1(1pm.

Lethal Weapon 2 ( 15) 3.35pm. 6.05pm. 8.30pm.

7. K-9(12) 1.25pm. 3.55pm.6.10pm. 8.25pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.

I CANNON Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592. £2.80 (Child £1.40). Twobarsopcn 6—9.30pm (Mon—Sat); 6.30-9.30pm (Sun). Family discount scheme operates. 1. Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier (PG)2pm. 5.15pm.8.10pm.

2. Shirley Valentine ( 15) 1.50pm. 5pm. 8.05pm.

3. Young Einstein (PG) 1.20pm. 3.30pm. 5.40pm. 8.25pm.

4. Old Gringo ( 15) 1.30pm. 4.45pm. 7.55pm.

5. Lethal Weapon 2 ( 15) 1.50pm. 5.05pm. 8.05pm.

I CANNON GRAND 18 Jamaica Street. 248 4620. £2 (£1 ).

Adult movies. Phone for details.

I CITY CENTRE OOEON Renfield Street. 332 8701. Licensed bar. Adults£2.95. Under 15s and OAPs £1.75 (£2.251ast performance). Student/U840concessions £2.25 available as advertised. Lunchtime bargain shows (starting before 1.30pm) £1 .75. [D] cinemas 2. 3 and 4. Advance booking available from box office (11am-7.30pm)or by Visa/Access hotline (3339551).

TheAbyss(12) l.25pm.4.45pm.8.15pm. Dead Poets Society (PG) Noon. 2.30pm. 5.20pm. 8.25pm.

Asterix And The Big Fight ( U) 12.15pm. 2.40pm.

HenryV(PG) 1.45pm. 5pm.8. 15pm.

The Bear(PG) 12.45pm. 3. 15pm.6pm. 8.45pm.

Three Fugitives (PG) 1pm. 3.3opm.

How To Get Ahead In Advertising( 15) 6.20pm. 8.50pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.

I GHOSVENON Ashton Lane. Hillhead. 339 4298/7814. [D] with prior notification. £2.50 (Student/U840 £2; (‘hild/OAP £1.50). Seats can now be booked forIast evening and late screenings: the box office


The List 27 October 9 November 1989 25