TU 7 Uddingsmn 0055- Uddlngswn- 8—9.25pm. Archie Fisher presents folk-based band.

9'1 1-45Pm- £150- "Flame Ham” and records. news and live recordings. I The Globe West Port. informal session. Ollie Blanchilower. Contemporary vocals 9.3 m_

- Glas ow 0" I Booby Wishart Group Halt Bar. and ha” duo: . _ g I North Sea Gas Platform 1.Rutland Woodlands Road. 332 1210. Evening. :lrgrcgamfnykiqlk EV“) I Victoria Bar Bridgegate. 552 6040. 9pm. SUCCL 225 2433‘ Evening scmmh mlk Leading Glasgow saxophonist. '0“ "Lu’ , “F din it" i "T ‘7 ' Weekly session. duo' . . . . . . .- 8pm Mabsant W clsh Inn W ho have lust . I Kevin Tait Trader Vic‘s. Victoria Street. IJazz nght Boswell Hotel.Mansion V W ‘. U) j. Id. d ' b h . . . House Road Langside 8pm Trumpeter mkdswéhfilr {gum} 'Mng 0 an. no“ 99"" F"Ik5'"gmg°m°"amcr- . . ‘. ' ' . . .‘ inrzn 'v ar . ‘in"rtinzi.’u1tar.

George Ogilwc leads Trad and Dmc “3‘33... p u U" E I Linlithgow Folk Club Black Bitch Tavern. TH U R 3 DAY 2 mghf' I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. off We“ pon- L'm'thg‘i‘i“ Ppm‘ "3| wa'w Ed | nburg h (‘Ivde Street. 248 3144. 9pm. Doors open I “(19'9" “"115 Gmmdrkci ‘H IPm- g

8p'm_ £3. Busy w“.le venue. Scottish tunes on squeeze box and fiddle. . I Swing '89 Malt Shovel. (‘ockburn . ' ' I The Green Tree Cowgate. Evening. . shift)“ Club Glasgi’w‘smlfly 0i Street. 225 6843. Evening. Django-based Session till 12.30am. 3“?le illrgcfgcgldc H.’ _ i a. ice eatre. m.'.( o sw ing foursome. I "of". Sea Gas Platform 1‘ Rutland I Rod Paterson L Att iehe basement of P

I Louisiana Ragtime Band Navaar l louse . T, - . . . Rutland Hotel. West End ofPrinces . “.....52 33. " . ' .‘h )k

Hotel. Mayfleld (iardens. 667 2828. 33;“ 4 tuning sum“ {(1 Street. 9pm. Free.

Evening. '

I Shore Music The Shore Bar/Restaurant. I I Shore Music The Shore Bar, Restaurant. The Shore. Leith. 9pm. Tonight Simpson 6 S E P The Shore. Leith. 9pm. Tonight Robert 2‘ ' Pirrie and iriends. fiddle and accordion. I

Pettigrew and Kenny Ellis. piano/double and gum" m the bar‘

I Kevin Tait Candlemakers Arms. . I. .. . W. bass“ Grassmarket. 9.30pm. Folksinging \/

I Edith Budge and the Rhythm Kings (‘afe a

entertainer. l'd Rondc. L01“flCf0lYt)1’l\ [)ldLL (And I

Broughmn Mice" 8—] lpm‘ ['rcc' Street. £6 (£5). 8pm. Support Ron Taltand I Paisley Arts Follt Paisley Arts Centre.

8 Jim comm New Street.887 1010. 8pm.The Corbies. Edinburgh

Glasgow R I Folk Music Nights Milnes Bar. Hanover

I Sandy Taylor/Alex Moore Duo Glasgow

Society of Musicians. Berkeley Street. 221 Strdcm' 8'3f0_1 1pm ’demislsio." frcc' Songs 61 12. 830 m. 5“ . Bar. Residcncv. . . an tunes rom regu ars. visitingmulelans _ p p ' I Thlfd world Aid Group §N0 ( Cmrcg and special guests. Tonight Sheena _ ._.-__ (‘laremont Street. Scottish cabaret wrth wellington. 70“) F'SH'W‘RKET CLOSE EDINBURGH 031 225 sazq

. . . . MacGreoor's Music (Ian MacGrcgor. Bob I Penicuik Folk Club NavaarHotel. Bo Isopl"? Bancmmsptl‘e Wilgmquo rm“: Nelson. Bob Simans). introduced bylain . Road 8pm. Singcrgmght. g b r a S S e r i e Tuns Wine Bar. 7—11 Hanover Street.225 McGlashan. £5 (£3) including snacks. In . Miro LAuachc‘ basement (“Rutland

5412. Fine young jazz singerand guitarist. did of Mozambi w w 1 . ~ - "T ""“_‘ T ‘- . . . ~ QUL dPPN- Hotel.WestEnd.Residentfolkband. '1? .Jazz “The 3"“ FlimtquntIHNL‘l- IWest Coast Folk Blackfriars.45 Albion flutes. fiddlcsand mainlvlrjsh Open seven days {Due/egsferrtv)‘ Rozidzr3..39 4350. 8—llpm.Fay Street.Mcrchamcny‘ssg 5934. ' food served all day iri 8: sat 3W anny oman "0‘ Afternooninformalsession. ‘IPhi'BancmflnioBuV‘UT‘MCl‘ZiHC IRah McLellan and FozziePorters Lounge 1 S U r G n 1. Street. 226 3404. 8.30pm. Sax. gurtarand Bar‘ 392 sauchichan Street, .__. -__-__-.. -___ _. .. ___.._ him l2.30—4.30pm. Free pub folk tuesdav- soturdav 1900 - 2200

I At Fairweather and Friends Youngs

. H entertainment. I20th Century Music Club (‘ity Lights. . . Hotel. Leamlngton Terrace. 229 6481. I scotia Music Scum, Bar‘ 113 Stockwc” Clyde Street. 204 3329. Singer/songwriter ‘00. 8.30pm. Trumpet star‘s weekly blow. Strcc1‘552 8681. 8‘30pm. Mejanje Harold club. All welcome. Pass-the-hat Q . X L

I Charlie McNair's Band Preservation and Ollie Blanchflowet admission. Free drinks for performers. Hall. Victoria Street. 226 3816. Evening. I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. FOX 5"ch Off Must be own material. Edinburgh bandleader and trumpeter. Clyde Street 248 3144. 9.30 m_ £3_ I Merchant City Folk Club Blackfriars. 45 . - r I Fiona Duncan Fairmile lnn. Hillend. Régulm w“.le dance. p Albion Street. Merchant City. 552 5924. in assoclatlon wnr,‘ the 8.30—1 lpm. Fine jazz singer with band. I Victoria Bar Bridgegate. 552 6040. 9pm. 8pm Singaf‘mnd' Facuny Of MUSIC. TH U 9 Session I Folk Session Halt Bar. Woodlands (Edinburgh Universny) h Road. 3321210. Evening. Instrumental the Institut music on fiddle. accordion etc. Francais dECOSSG ' I scams“ Fiddle concert Usher 1 In“. I Scotla Folk Scotla Bar. Stockwell Street. t

I Blaclnriars Jazz Blackfrlars. BellStreet. Luthian Road 228 1155 7 mpm 552 8681- 830W" L'VC “COUSi'C mUSIC- press" 8 MCrChi‘m(71335535924- ()Pm~T0nlghl‘ £3 50—.{8 50 In 'iidofci'incerresei'irch h 23“” wealhe'byand spll‘e w'igm IWest End Hotel Palmerston Place. 9pm. -Th F B gm 8 lemurs-concert on

r Accordion/guitar in the bar. e 0‘" '0 9'3 Assembly R00er Afncan

I Kevin Tait Candlemakers Arms. GUPTSCSF’CCL 8'11Pm~5~5(i3)~T|CkCIS , I Melanie O’Reilly and Watch What Grassmarkct. 9.30pm. Folksinging madam? m advance from the UShCr i la” Happens Calton Studios. (‘alton Road. 556 entertainer. 8"" Officer Li’thlim Ri’iidr 228 l 155. 0N" oth 7066, 9.30pm (doms Open 9pm_ ) Free. S U N the Assembly Rooms from one hour w' Clever jazz vocalist with new five-piece hem” the Perfi’rmimcc- Band from M hand (,f pmm,‘ trumpet double hass‘ Zimbabwe with the first in a seriesof - ' drums and further percussion. World Music Concerts. (EthnomUSlCOIOQlSt) I ltlnsey Report Acanthus. Waverley I Paisley Folk Club New White House . Edtnburoh Fall‘ ClUb OSbOlJrne Hotel. d th Bridge-91"“- Fi’ur'Pli-‘CC VOCiilS amt Hotel. Blackhall Street. 8.30pm. £1 .50. YOFifi Place. 556 5577. 8pm. £2.5()(£l .50). an e cafe/jazz. Danny Ky|e_ TODIghl 3'8 a Cf!)th New Scottish duo ITemplehall StompersTempleHotel. I Black Bull Folk Black Bun How]. combining bouzouki-playing and singing Esplanadealoppa. 669 4264. Evening. Milngavie. 8pm. £2 (Mcmbers£l .25). (ff Alimhmcswith guitarofSandy Tradand Dlee residents. Membership £3.50. Tonight MalWaite. 5‘3"“89' and C(Wcringamdc rilngCOt Ihaeroda Swing Maxres Bistro. West I Victoria Bar Bridgegate. 552 6040. 9pm. 5""85 and inS‘YUfY‘CmalS- (African Drummers) Nicolson Street. 9pm. Female vocalist in a Session. . "0d Paie'so" 5‘ Jam“ Oyster Bar- trlo w'lth Violin. guitar and percussion. 30s I Scotla Folk Scotia Bar. Stockwell Street. calm" Rm‘d- 9Pm- 535 'Club'8 vocalist . . 3 .

and 40s classics With some modern soul 552 8681. 8.30pm. Live music. solo. jazz. . I Allan Johnston Band L‘Attacbe. I CellarNo1 1 Chambch street. 2304298~ . basement of Rutland Hotel. West End of 3 1 JE‘ZUflamcm" “human: “'CCk-‘i- Blimpcn I L'Attache Basement of Rutland Hotel. Plinc“ Street 9'30pm‘12-303m. FYCC- 7 m u“ lam" West End of Princes Street. 3—6pm. S'ngcr/S‘mgwrllcr's electric and ilC()U$tiC ' p

I Neil Adams Three Tuns Wine Vaults. 11

. Informalsession. ' ST CEC'L'AS “ALL

Tickets (£1, £2) available at

9.30pm. Live acoustic music. Tonight . Carol Laula Singer/songwriter. K the Institut Francals

I Muckle Ado L‘Attache. basement of d'Ecosse

RutlandHotel. West End of Princes N (Tel 031 225 5366)

Street. 9.30pm—12.30am. Free.

I Absent Friends Fairmile lnn. B E N N l N G s or at the door Fairmilehead. 8.30—1 1pm. Old and new _. songs from an acoustic/electric fiddle. T I c K E T s

keyboards and guitar-based folk band.



I "WOW" F0“ Club Rowantrcc Inn . by I Travelling Folk BBC Radio Scotland.

The List 27 October 9 November 1989 39