The List guide to what's best on the box overthe next fortnight.


I A Question of Values ( ( ‘4) s. 9pm. with Mrs Thatcher's sttpport dropping at the polls. this programme asks ifslte will adopt the methods ttsed with alarmittg success by the Repttblicans iii the l 'S.-\. that is. the skilfttl manipttlation of ‘traditional values'. American elections are often fotight and won now on single issues. such as abortiott or homosexuality. and it wouldn‘t be ntttch ot a leap for Mrs Thatcher to do the same. We hear from people who think she has every rigltt to occupy the moral high ground. arid others who don't.

I Public Eye ( BBCZ) S— S.30pm. With reported incidents of cltild sex abuse rocketing. l’ultlic live looks at how we punish and attempt to treat offenders. including the so-called 'chemical castration'.

I GreatJourneys ( BBC:)‘).3lL-lll.3llpm. It may have a familiar ring. but this isa new series. in which travellers set offon ‘historic highways‘ wltich hold significance for them. Tonight. writer l lttgo \Villiams journeys down the Pan American Highway. Future travellers include Miles Kington. Naomi James. Billy Bragg. William Shawcross and Andy Kershaw. I Omnibus: Ronnie Scott. . . and AllThat Jazz(BB(.‘l) 1020—] 1.20pm. Believe itor not. Ronnie Scott's is 30 years old this week. Musicians. playwrights artd politicians unite to pay homage to the country‘s most famous jazz clttb.


I Dance International (BBQ)

8.05—9. 15pm. The T\' premiere of Changing Steps by choreographer Merce Cunningham. created in 1973 and danced to ‘Cartridge Music' by John Cage.

I The Secret Policeman's Biggest Ball

(Scottish) 10.204 1.30pm. Another dollop

of the tremendously successful Amnesty International shows by some ofthe top stars of British comedy. John Cleese and Jennifer Saunders are the hosts. and there's Python arid Pete and Dttd galore. Well. just a bit. Remember to put your clocks back tonight. folks.

I The Film Club: The Lineup t BBQ) 10.25—11.50pm. Fifties crime thriller directed by Don Siegel. who later went on to do Dirty Harry. set in Frisco and featuring one of cinema‘s earliest car chases.

I The Eurythmics Live in Rome (C4) llpm-l2.3liam. The only televised gigof the tour. and the last night in Europe. Recorded only yesterday evening.


I Land at the Giants ((4) 1—2pm. What better show to take the place of l.()_\'llll Space than this Irwin Allen sci-ft ltoktttn of the same vintage? When their spaceship crashes. the crew find themselveslittle people on an Earth where everything. or so it seems. has been replaced with an identical but 100 times larger replica. I The Smash Hits Poll-Winners Party (BBCl ) 3.30—5pm. The most accurate barometer of teen taste. and a lot of

untaxing fun it you cart handle it. Live from the Docklands Arena.

I The Great Gatsby (1313(2) 3.3o-Spm. .\'ot the Robert Redford movie. btit a version tnade in l‘M‘). starring Alan [add and Betty l‘ield.

I The Blue and the Green t Scottish)

6 (v.30pm. The first programme in a series exploring the religious divide in Scotland takes its not to lbrox. btit to lona and I.indisfarne.

I Equinox (C4) 7—8pm. In a programme entitled Rohoropia we get a look at Japan. and are reminded that the worldwide robot population is expected to multiply ten times iii the next decade. Spooky!

I The Magnum Story ( BBCZ) S.tl5~-‘).10pm. A rare interview with Henri Cartier-Bresson is part of this three-part documentary on the tnost distinguished co-operative for photographers iii the world. Formed in 19-17. the societyhas been able to boast the best.

I Slim Gaillard’s Civilisation (BBCZ)

t). 10-10, 15pm. 'l'o Slim (iaillartl the world was my! (me big orooni. ' With the helpof Van Morrison. the jazz legend re-enactsa famous meeting with Jack Kerouac.

I Mother Love ( BBCl ) ‘).05~l0pm. Diana Rigg and David MeCallum star in this four-part drama from the team that brought tis A Very Peculiar Practice. A mother's love for her son is equalled only by her hatred for her ex-husband. whom the sort continues to see. unknown to her. Bttt. of course. things can't stay that way forever.

I The South Bank Show ( Scottish)

10.35 -l1.35pm.()neoftheworld's greatest living authors. (iabriel (iarcia Marquez. talks about his work asa screenwriter arid his little-known love of the cinema.


I Through the Looking Glass ( BBCZ) 8.30—9pm. A six-part history offashion since the 1860s.

I Panorama (BBCI ) 9.30—10. 10pm. A report on the ecological state of the USSR and it's not looking healthy. particularly itt the area around Chernobyl. or in L'zbekhistan. where port towns have been stranded 50km from the sea by irrigation schemes. with disastrous results.

I NB Presents. . . (Scottish) 10.35—11.05pm. Dick Gaughan. Michael Marra. Rab Noakes and Archie Fisher get together for an informal jam for the very first time anywhere.


I Garlic is as Good as Ten Mothers (C4) 2.45—3.40pm. American documentarist

Les Blank sets out to challenge garlic‘s bad

press and promote the slogan ‘Fight Mouthwash Eat Garlic‘.

I Tomorrow's World: Water Special (BBCl ) 7—7.30pm. A briefinvestigation into the state of the water supply. over which the EC is suing us. and what moves are being made to improve it.

I The Last Launch (BBCZ) iii—8.30pm. A BBC film crew stayed by the River Wear for six months after the Government announced the closure of North East Shipbuilders Ltd and recorded the reactions ofthe workers. who were being made redundant at a rate of250 per week. I Matte in Latin America (BBCZ) 9.30—ll).25pm. An eight-part investigation into the art. culture. music and literature of Latin America. The first part looks at how the European ideal of the New World has always been at odds with the reality.

I Cambodia YearTen (Scottish)

10.35—1 1.35pm. John Pilger‘s classic and chilling report Cambodia Year Zero was broadcast ten years ago this week. The update looks to be no less gripping.

I The Future otThings Past (C4)

12.20--l .45am. To celebrate l’lallowe‘en. C4 show two of Elizabeth Wood‘s films back to back. showing how ‘primitive' customs still retain importance for many thousands of people in Britain today.


I Reportage (BBCZ) 6.50—7.40pm. The successful Def/l news programme for young people returns. fronted yet again by Magenta dc Vine and Sanka Guha. An updated edition will appear on Sunday.

I Past Exposures (BBCZ) 7.40—8. 10pm. The first of five programmes looks at the fashion photographers of the Sixties and Seventies. like Norman Parkinson and David Bailey.

I Timewatch(BBCZ)8.1(L—9pm. It‘s not widely realised. but there was never an Italian equivalent of the Nuremberg Trials. Of 1200 Italian war criminals. not one was ever extradited to stand trial. Part two. next week. looks into the British and American part in the ‘cover-up‘.

I One Day in the Life olTelevision (Scottish) 9—10pm. 1035—1 1 .45pm. Thisis the result of a day's intensive filming by numerous film crews around the country on 1 November last year. who followed what programmes were being made. who was watching them (from prisons to fishing boats) and what the viewers'

reactions were. The kind of inward-looking self-aggrandisement TV loves and that we. (iawd bless us. lap up. I Signals (C4) 9. 15— 10pm. This edition profiles five British contemporary arts companies competing for the £100,000 Prttdential Award. including Scottish company Communicado.

I Summer's Lease (BBCZ) 9.25— 10.20pm. John Mortimer‘s adaptation of hisown novel starsJohn Crielgud. Running over the next four weeks. it's a comedy/mystery set mainly in the hills ofTuscany.

I Johnny Staccato (C4) 1.40—2. 10am. As seen on The Late Shift. re-runs ofthe black-and-white American series starring John Cassavetes as the jazz-playing detective.


I Secret Nature (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Interestingly. large numbers of endangered species have flourished on MoD artillery ranges. Secret Nature looks at the wildlife living in the shadow ofthe guns.

I Friendship‘s Death (C4)9L10.25pm. Bill Paterson and Tilda Swinton star in a political science fiction film. wherein Paterson. a journalist in Amman. Jordan. finds himself allied with an extraterrestrial on a peace mission to Earth.

I Forty Minutes (BBC2)9.3()—1(). 10pm. Last year. 2.000 people were shot in Washington DC. a city with a raging crack war. Military surgeons learn there what they would need to know about gunshot wounds in the event ofan actual war—and even in active war. says emergency treatment centre Medstar‘s founder. you don‘t see the number you do in hisclinic. The Government is now thinking of opening a similar trauma centre here.

I True Stories: A Tale of the Wind (C4) 10.25—1 1.50pm. This autobiographical fable earned the now-deceased Dutch film-makerJoris lvens a 15-minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival this year. A mysterious allegory, it concerns his quest for the wind in China and his failure to findit.

I Scottish Books (Scottish) i1.05— anthology of science fiction from Scottish writers. is under scrutiny this week. as are Alan Massie's Glasgow. Roger Billcliffe‘s book on the hotly-debated Scottish Colourists. and Canongate Classics.


I Going Hollywood. The Thirties (Scottish) 1.35—3pm. A documentary made in 1984 on the stars of the 30s. which also provides glimpses at the early careers ofthe likesof John Wayne. Bette Davis and Bogie.

I Elvis on Tour (BBCZ) 6—7.30pm. The King‘s 1972 tour. with plenty of both on and off stage footage.

I Public Eye- Cervical Screening (BBCZ) 8—8.30pm. Are the country's smear screening clinics delivering the best treatment to the women who need it most? I Catching Allght (C4) 8—9pm. Using drama. documentary. reconstruction. old films and graphics. pupils from Leamingtort Spa explore the best and

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