worst in our education system. IDmnibuS(BB(‘l ) 1().3ti-ll.2()pm.Tim Rollins and Kids of Survival. a groupof mainly Hispanic teenagers from the Bronx classed as having learningdifficulties. have created a storm in the New Yorkart world. They produce compelling paintings. but some critics speak of dangers and exploitation.

I Norbert Smith -A Lite ((‘4)

lii.3ii—l l.3(ipm. Melvyn Bragg introduces this spool tribute to one ofthe non-existent bastions of British cinema. played by Harry Iinfield. I’astiches include clips from ()h. .Ilr Bankrobber (1936) and the grittily realistic kitchen sink drama It 's (irim L'p .\'()rt/t( 1959). Written by [infield and (ieoffrcy Perkins.


I Truffaut on Truffaut ((‘4 ) 9— lllpm. A frank and personal account of his career.

vv ith extensive footage. forms part ofthe director's (‘4 season.

I The Dame Edna Experience (Scottish) Hill) ll.iI5pm. Barry I lumphries slipson

his glad-rags for the first in a new series. to greet Chubby Checker. Douglas Fairbanks Jr and Ronald Reagan Jr.

I Tales From Marquez ( BBCZ)

10.25-1 1 .40pm. The first of five lavish dramas from the pen of Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This one was made in Brazil and rejoices in the title. ‘The Fable ofthe Beautiful Pigeon Fanciers‘.

I The Lady Eve (BBCZ) Time unconfirmed. This week‘s Film Club presentation. introduced by Terry Jones. is a classic romantic farce directed by Preston Sturges. the first of five Sturges films in the season. ICannon(BBC1)11.25pm—1am. Nostalgia buffs will be staying in for this one the pilot ofthe William Conrad ‘big is beautiful“ tec series.

I I Was Monty's Double (BBC1)3—4.35pm. True story of how an imposter distracted German troops in the desert. Good solid fare. I say. and the Colonel agrees.

I One Hourwith Jonathan Ross (C4) ‘FlOpm. The Man with the Plan gets back in the chair. Sounds an awful lot like The Last Resort if you ask us.

I The Flamingo Kid (BBCZ) 10—1 1.40pm. The 1984 Matt Dillon vehicle is this week‘s Young Guns screening. Inauspicious.


I Talk of the Eighties (BBCZ) 4.30—5pm. repeated 11.30pm. Events shapingthe decade are remembered in 30 conversations with people who were there. Every weekday. and the first is with Arthur Seargill.

I About Face (Scottish) 8—8.30pm. Maureen Lipman plays a different character each week in unconnected comic stories. In the first. the hypnotic allure of flamenco dancing changes a woman's life. I In the Highest Tradition (BBCZ)

8—8.30pm. In what sounds like an eye-opening series. journalist Ian Wooldridge looks at the strange traditions of some British Army regiments.

I Purple Haze (BBCZ) 9—10.30pm. Not about Hendrix. but about how people coped with the era. specifically one expelled student. Directed by acclaimed director David Burton Norris. a fact which raises hopes of good dialogue.

I Scottish Women (Scottish)

10.35—1 l .(iSpm. The first of six debates with a female studio audience and guests talking on controversial subjects. Anchored. as usual. by Sheena MacDonald.


I Advice Shop (BBC2) 5—5.30pm. Hugh Scully looks at the poll tax in the first of2() advice programmes.

I Vertigo (C4) liipm— 12.25am. Classic Hitchcock. with James Stewart. Kim Novak and Barbara Bel Geddes.

I First Tuesday (Scottish) 10.35pm. Cameras follow one woman‘s 14-week endurance test as she endeavours to be the first female firefighter in the South Yorkshire brigade.

I Slow Dancing in the Big City((.‘4) 12.45—2.5()am. An emotional. romantic drama. starring Paul Senino as a NY journo who falls in love with promising young belly-dancer.

I The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance (Scottish) 1.05—3. 15am. Classic John Ford western. with James Stewart. John Wayne. Lee Marvin. etc. Nuffsaid.


I Prime Time (BBCl ) 3.05 3.40pm. [)efll for senior citizens? A topical magazine programme with news and live music. hosted by David Jacobs. with the emphasis on experience.

I Byker Grove (BBCI ) 5. l()—5.35pm. Written by Adele Rose (a veteran of23

years on Coronation Street). a new children‘s drama set in and around a youth centre on the Tyne.

I The Invisible Man (BBC2) 6—6.50pm. Defll repeats the David McCallum version. Written. interestingly. by Steven Bocheo. who went on to Hill Street Blues and LA Law.

I Scottish Action (Scottish) 6.3(i—7pm. The campaigning programme returns. with a series on money from millionairesto those who‘ve killed to get it.

I The Free Frenchman (Scottish) 9L10pm. A new drama set in pre-War France.

I Signals (C4) 9. 15—10. 15pm. The Arts are the most valuable source ofinvisible earnings in the UK. but their potential does not seem worth investment by the Government. Signals investigates.

I Sitting in Limbo (C4) 10. 15pm—12.05am. This week‘s Cinema Canada isJohn Smith‘s study of a group of black teenagers in Montreal. Reggae soundtrack. which at first seems incongruous. given the location.


I And Roses Grow There How (C4) 3—4pm. Irish housewives' choice. Gay Byrne. takes a wander to the Irish National War Memorial in Phoenix Park.

I Blood Red Roses (C4) 9— 10pm. Welcome repeat ofJohn McGrath‘s three-part saga spanning 30 years in one woman‘s life.

I Inside Sellatieid (C4) 10—1 1 .35pm. The film crew spent nine months overcoming hostility from the workforce after being granted unprecedented access to the reprocessing plant. including places where they filmed while exposed to radiation. I N8 (Scottish) 10.35—1 1.05pm. The return of Bryan Burnett. Alan Campbell and Janice Forsyth as they sift through what‘s worth seeing in Central Scotland. I Off the Page (Scottish) 1 1.05—1 1.35pm. Noted Scots author David Daiches recalls his childhood.

DDT now,

‘Hey Farmer, Farmer, put away the

give me spots on my apples but leave me the birds and bees.




031 557 4191

BIG YELLOW TAXI foni Mitchell 1970


As the architects add their final flourishes to the great cathedral, Culture City 1990, Arnold Brown has set up a hot-dog stand in the portico. In Arnold Brown and Company (Radio 4) this week, the catatonic comic boasted of his familiarity with the great buildings of the world. He’s seen them all, the Empire State, the Pyramids, the Taj Mahal by moonlight— lengthy pause while the punchline inches forward - perhaps Glasgow's most beautiful Indian restaurant.

When Glasgow comes face to face with its moonlit reflection, CultureCity, everyone expects a bit of a barney. Pre-empting the event itself, Radio Clyde next week launches a series of five programmes which may shed some light on the likely outcome. Glasgow- City of Culture? is an investigation into the native culture of the city and an attempt to discover what the man on the Maryhill bus will make of the twelve-month jamboree.

In an exercise which appears to have eroded personal prejudices but stopped short of changing the habits of a lifetime, reporter Mike Lloyd and football writer Hugh Keevins have stepped out of their cosy cultural enclaves and into the unknown. For Keevins, the world apart is the inside of concert halls and art galleries. As he

said himself, ‘When I was growing up the definition of an intellectual was someone who went into Kelvingrove Museum. When it wasn’t raining.’

Mike Lloyd’s voyage of discovery has landed him in video shaps, a country and western club, and in conversation with Terry Butcher. ‘I believe it's wrong to be judgmental about how people get their enjoyment. If the programmes do anything I hope they will stimulate ~ people to go and try things they haven’t tried before.’

Going in with prejudices to the fore, both men seem to have had them eroded. Lloyd was quietly enthusiastic about the atmosphere at the Grand Ole Oprey, but doubted whether he would become a regular. Keevins found that ballet-dancers are macho, orchestral players are totally down-to-earth and Rachmaninov is as good in concert as Van Morrison.

After videos and visual art, football and ballet, social clubs and Scottish Opera, Lloyd and Keevins will question Bob Palmer, Director of 1990. The idea is not, says Lloyd, ‘to put Bob Palmer in the stocks and throw rotten eggs at him. It's not a hard-edged thing. We can’t come up with all the answers. We can only paint a picture.’ The picture is one of a worrying hybrid. Glaswegians, the statistics suggest, spend their days at the Burrell then go home to watch blood and gore on the video. Or perhaps not.

Glasgow- City of Culture? is broadcast on Thursdays at 7.05pm, beginning on 2 November.

70 The List 27 October 9 November 1989