I EDINBURGH FILM HOUSE Lothian Road.228 2688.

Children's Saturday matinees; all seatsfl. bookable. Films start at 2pm.

The Wizard of 01 (U) 28 Oct. Skip along that famous Yellowhrick Road with Dorothy. the Tin Man. the Cowardly Lion andco.

The Twelve Tasks ol Asterix ( L‘) 4 Nov. Nothing ventured. nothing gained asthe tough little Gaul rises to the challenge yet again.



Gulliver in Lilliput Mon 30 ()ct. 5.30pm. Lambeth Children‘s Theatre Company are touring nationally with theirfantastic one-man production. loosely adapted from the political satire ofJonathan Swift. Performer/writer Raymond Cook combines mime and physical and vocal huffoonery with life-size puppets (a la Spitting Image). and colourful shadow puppets. Further details on 031 554 3481 . The production will tour the following yen ues: Roysion Wariliebarn ( 'enire Tue 31 Oct 6.30pm; (‘lor'ensione Community Centre Wed 1 ()ct 6.3(lpm15ig/ilhill Primary School Thurs 2 Nov 1.30pm; Triangle Arts ( 'enire. l’illon Thurs 2 Nov 7pm; Mair/rouse Primary School Fri 3 Nov 1.30pm.


De Courcy's Arcade 5 Cresswell Lane GLASGOW GI 2 041 339 5373

Penguin Keeper Robert MacLeod has selected the following winners tor The List/Edinburgh Zoo ‘deslgn a penguin enclosure' competition. The winners will each receive a pack at goodies from the 200 plus a lamily ticket and a chance to teed the penguins.

1. Fiona Maclean: This was particularly chosen tor the original suggestion at an ice rink but we lelt that the llumes, igloos and rocks would also provide

good stimulus torthe penguins. We also admired the drawing, particularly at the penguins themselves.

2. Caroline: Penguin Land we lound most interesting lor the detailed thought and ideas that went into it. The water iountain, ice mountain llumes and secret tunnel are all excellent ideas, and 2m is a sulticient depth lor the water.

3. Daniel Gerrard: This we lound light-hearted but again, there are some good ideas such as the underwater viewing by lift and the jacuzzi Penguins love turbulent water.




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72 The List 27 October 9 November I989